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Haiku, HI

Phone: 808-269-7619
Email: paul@tortoiseinfo.org
Bee removal
Amiel Cabot
Haiku, HI
Phone: 808-344-3614
Email: amielcabot@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal, hive relocation, equipment, advice…
Titus Napoleon
Hauula, HI
Phone: 808-372-5232
Email: titusnapoleon@gmail.com
Comments: I Remove swarms and also established hives in structures, I have a contractor who I work with and has done years of work with me. Preferably the North Shore area of Oahu where I live, but I still service the whole Island of Oahu.
Kailin Kim
Hawi, HI
Phone: 808-386-9886
Email: savehealthrive@gmail.com
Website: https://www.savehealthrive.com/
Comments: We offer swarm catch and live bee removals on the Big Island of Hawaiʻi. Our ʻohana has over 15 years carpentry experience so we can also complete necessary repairs while safely relocating the bees. Visit our website for more information.
Honeybee Hotline
Honolulu, HI

Phone: 808-988-7203
Email: mmkliks@hawaii.rr.com
We offer safe and compassionate honeybee and wasp removal and control services by trained, experienced professionals on the islands of Oahu, Maui, Kauai, and Hawaii. Fees charged are based only on cost recovery of time and materials used for any work.
Ken Harmeyer
Honolulu, HI

Phone: 808-384-7357
Email: paden1@earthlink.net
Honey Bee Swarms or established colonies removed and relocated at little to no fee. Saving the bees is our first concern.
Lake Gibby
Honolulu, HI
Phone: 808-426-6881
Email: kokuabees@gmail.com
Comments: I remove swarms and also established hives in structures. I also do repairs. I Prefer to work on the Leeward side of the island (I live  in Manoa) but service the whole island of Oahu. I save all of the honey bees that I capture or remove.
Barry Lay
Kailua, HI
Phone: 808-285-4829
Email: barrylay1952@yahoo.com
Comments: I have 10 years experience in removing bee swarms and colonies from most locations. I then take the bees and put them into hives. Mahalo.
Max Towey
Kailua, HI
Phone: 808-255-3730
Email: hawaiianmeli@gmail.com
Website: www.hawaiianmeli.com
Comments: Island wide bee removal and rescue. I will travel to any part of the island at any time of day to keep the bees safe. I specialize in removing established bee colonies from buildings/trees/anything without cutting into the structure. I have seven years of working around bees. I’m no stranger to swarm catching or cut outs. Rates vary with the situation.
Adam Golden
Kailua Kona, HI

Phone: 808-937-5129
Email: rev.adamcgolden@gmail.com
I offer bee removal services and pollination services for the Big Island of Hawaii.
Annet Sumi
Kailua Kona, HI
Phone: 808-987-6689
Email: annety1@yahoo.com
Comments: Bee removal, swarms
John Carlstrom
Kailua-Kona, HI
Phone: 808-325-7818
Email: johncarlstrom@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal North Kona to Captain Cook
Laryssa Kwoczak
Kailua-Kona, HI
Phone: 215-645-2796
Email: laryssa@beehappyhawaii.com
Website: www.beehappyhawaii.com
Comments: swarm removal
Silas McClellan
Kamuela, HI
Phone: 808-217-7722
Email: hawaiipal7@gmail.com
Comments: Hive removals, 100$
Andrew Saia
Kapaa, HI
Phone: 808-212-6634
Email: BeeVomitKauai@gmail.com
Comments: I rescue honey bees, rehive & relocate them from unwanted locations. We sell honey from these rescued honey bees. Serving the whole island of Kauai. Swarm removal (no comb). Hive removal (has comb). Check us out on Instagram: BEEVOMITKAUAI.
James Severtson
Keaau, HI

Phone: 808-982-3780
Email: cconne2010@gmail.com
Big Island of Hawaii, east side: Swarm relocation, bee removals, honey, hive and colony sales. We save all honeybees that are captured or removed.
Ken Darr
Kula, HI
Phone: 808-878-1628
Email: gypsysmalia@hotmail.com
Comments: Honey bee and wasp removal fully insured been in business on Maui longer than all other bee removal specialist expect for tropical apiary
Bruce Terry
Kona Coast, HI

Phone: 808-238-0065
Email: bltflash2@yahoo.com
Bee removal, swarm or colony. Give me a call and see if I can help.
Ryan Anderson
Makawao, HI

Phone: 808-268-0712
Email: ryhoppster@gmail.com
state of the art bee removal service. Vaccume or off the grid ready!
Ryan Williamson
Naalehu, HI
Phone: 808-333-6895
Email: ryan@beeboys.org
Website: Beeboys.org
Comments: Swarm removal, free. Home extractions, removal of bees from infestations, may have a small fee involved.
Justin Duny
Oahu, HI
Phone: 808-260-7889
Email: justin_duny@hotmail.com
Website: http://www.absolutepesthawaii.com/
Comments: Professional bee removal. I save bees!
Howard McGinnis
Oahu, HI
Phone: 808-258-7296
Email: howard@nalo-meli.com
Website: www.nalo-meli.com
Comments: Fastest and safest swarm removal since 2004.
Miguel Vasquez
Wahiawa, HI
Phone: 808-321-3533
Email: mvasquez820@gmail.com
Comments: Bee removal, bee relocation, and swarm catch at an affordable price.
Shar Louis
Waianae, HI
Phone: 646-266-3894
Email: sha8000@gmail.com
Comments: Aloha- with years of experience and great respect for honey bees, I am now working with hawaiian not for profit farms to bring bees to the people on the westside. Please call if you can help us find bees.
Sarah Gray
Wailuku/Makawao, HI
Phone: 808-276-7673
Email: hivemindmaui@gmail.com
Website: hivemindmaui.com
Comments: Swarm relocation, hive moves and maintenance


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