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Nate Stahl
Arma, KS
Phone: 620-704-3681
Email: nstahl@crosslandconstruction.com
: All kinds of bee removal, swarms, trapouts and cutouts etc.. Some will be free depending on distance and difficulty. Please call to save the bees. I am also looking for feral colonies to trap around if you dont want them removed. Thanks in advance. Nate
Michael Sinclair
Atchison, KS

Phone: 913-367-1257
Email: mwsinclair@hotmail.com (PUT BEES IN SUBJECT LINE)
Comments: NE Kansas Atchison, Brown, and Doniphan Counties. Swarm removal, Colony extraction and no repairs. Price upon site inspection.
Rick Falk
Atchison, KS
Phone: 913-370-1583
Email: rfalk@benedictine.edu
Comments: Removal of hanging swarms, where possible in and around Atchison County Kansas.
John Dunbar
Baldwin City, KS
Phone: 719-239-0912
Email: johndello62@gmail.com
Comments: Free local swam removal. Baldwin, edger ton, Gardner Kansas
Kelly Harding
Chanute, KS
Phone: 620-212-8722
Email: Kellyharding74@hotmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal and also some hive removals in Chanute, KS and surrounding area. Call or text and I will get back to you as soon as possible.
Jones Bee Farm
Colby, KS
Phone: 7854620359
Email: matt@joneslandandcattle.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Jones-Bee-Farm/838670926183985
Comments: Swarm Removal in Northwest Kansas. If no answer, leave message or text and I will get back to you shortly.
Richard Abel
Derby, KS

Phone: 316-303-5739
Email: suerich@cox.net
Swarm removal. Wichita and surrounding area.
Steve Messbarger
DeSoto, KS
Phone: 913-226-2849
Email: smessbarger55@gmail.com
Comments: we do swarm removal from swarms hanging on tree limbs to removing from structures. We relocate them to a safe place were we can manage there needs. We work in the greater Kansas city area and surrounding counties.
Paul Splechta
Dwight, KS

Phone: 785-200-3256
Email: p.splechta@gmail.com
Colony and swarm removals.
Marietta Graham
Elbing, KS
Phone: 316-799-2849
Email: mrsr.graham@pixius.net
Comments: Swarm removal in Butler, Harvey and neighboring counties. Can do removals from buildings not repairs.
Steven Davis
Galena, KS

Phone: 620-202-0232
Email: kansasbeeman@gmail.com
Swarm removals from accessible areas will normally be free in Galena Riverton Baxter Joplin and surrounding area. If you have a established colony I will give estimates or be able to refer to someone that can help.
Greg Swob
Swobee Honey Farm
Hays, KS
Phone (cell): 785-623-3533
Email: gswob@mwenergy.com
Comments: Swarm removals only. Will not perform cut-outs from within buildings. Calls from Ellis, Rush, Russel, Barton counties. We reserve the right to refuse any or all requests as time, distance, availability, etc. permit.
Brandon Shaw
Holton, KS

Phone: 785-851-0002
Email: Brshaw@giantcomm.net
Swarm removal, bee hive from wall removal no repairs. Price upon estimate.
Sonja Parry
Holton, KS
Phone: 785-851-0645
Email: nanaparry@gmail.com
Comments: Honey Bee Swarm Removal only. I am not set up to remove bees from structures.
Sam Galliart
Hutchinson, KS
Phone: 620-899-6344
Email: smgalliart@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal and removal of bees from structures. Hutchinson, Wichita, and surrounding area.
Lee Smith
Hutchinson, KS
Phone: 620-899-1963
Email: leesmith45@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm Removal, Hive Removal
Mike McKinney
Lawrence, KS
Phone: 785-843-0995
Email: mchappycat@gmail.com
Comments: Swarms removed for free. Bees inside structures removed for a fee. I also offer repair services after hive removal. Serving Douglas and Jefferson counties. All bees captured are relocated north of Lawrence.
Robert Brooks
Lawrence, KS
Phone: 785-766-1374
Email: rbrooks@metaworldwide.com
Comments: I will collect swarms or remove bees from any place including walls,  trees or any place at no charge. I just want the bees to put into a hive. I will remove bees from interior spaces with no harm to the structure.
Layne Knight
Lebo, KS
Phone: 785-410-6895
Email: LRKnight2004@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal. Possible cutout or trapping.
Tom Kuhn
Lenexa, KS

Phone: 913-558-9109
Email: thkuhn@att.net
Swarm removeal Kansas City metro area.
Eric McCreight
Leon, KS

Phone: 316-640-7847
Email: ericm@sktc.net
Website: Butler-bees.com
Swarm removal and cut outs. In Wichita and surrounding areas. We are insured for your protection.
Longton, KS

Phone: 620-642-2005
Email: vinylredagency@gmail.com
free removal of swarms from the Montgomery and Elk counties for easy accessible swarms. will drive a further distance and do cutouts and serious removal for very reasonable price.
Patty Myers
Lyons, KS
Phone: 620-257-5606
Email: pmyers@usd405.com
Comments: Swarm removal. No cut out’s at this times.
Viktor Chikan
Manhattan, KS

Phone (work): 785-532-6807
Phone (cell): 785-341-6872
Email: vchikan@hotmail.com
Comments: Bee Removal Manhattan, KS
Tim Grauer
Marysville, KS
Phone: 785-562-7402
Email: kufans@bluevalley.net
Comments: Free swarm removal in Marshall County.
Raylin Burns
Moundridge, KS
Phone: 620-951-0087
Email: raylinburns77@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in the Hesston Moundridge and Goessel area. If I do not answer send me a text.
Micah Songer
Neodesha, KS

Phone: 620-325-3788
Email: masonger7@yahoo.com
Remove swarms
Alisha Weiser
Newton, KS

Phone: 620-367-3876
Email: jweiser@mtelco.net
We do swarm ($25) and established hive removals (starting at $100) in the Marion, McPherson, and Harvey county areas. Prices are subject to change.
Ryan Goertzen
Newton, KS
Phone: 620-747-0073
Email: ryan.goertzen@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in Harvey and Marion counties. I’m unable to remove established hives from structures at this time. Thanks!
Tracy Buchholz
Ogallah, KS
Phone: 785-743-8360
Email: beeman1969@icloud.com
Comments: Swarm removal in surrounding area
Greg Bohannon
Ottawa, KS

Phone: 785-242-6289
Email: gbohannon@earthlink.net
Franklin, Douglas, Anderson and Osage Counties. Easy Access Swarm removal and Colony extraction without repairs.
Don Semple
Overland Park, KS

Phone: 913-293-9260
Email: don-gaylesemple@sbcglobal.net
Kansas City metro area Bee Removals. Free swarm removals. Free estimates on Hive/Colony removals from structures or trees. Save those bees please.
Paul Niebergall
Overland Park, KS
Phone: 913-710-0428
Email: pnieb@burnsmcd.com
Comments: Swarm removal services in Jackson and Cass Counties, MO. Johnson, Miami, and Wyandot Counties on the Kansas Side
Bruce Blair
Pittsburg, KS

Phone: 620-249-6530
Email: bblair@frontenac249.org
: Will be happy to remove swarms or problem bees in the southeast Kansas area.
Merlyn Votaw
Quapaw, OK
Phone (home): 918 673 9913
Phone (cell): 918 961 0210
Email: mjvotaw@yahoo.com
Comments: Will remove bees in the NE area. Baxter Springs Ks, Quapaw Ok., Joplin Mo.
Matt Brock
Redfield, KS
Phone: 620-215-2110
Email: mbrock@ckt.net
Comments: Swarm removal (free), cut outs from walls, trap outs from trees or structures. Bucket trucks and lifts available for extended heights or tree removal. Insured.
Greg Wiens
Salina, KS

Phone: 785-201-5166
Email: gsbees1@hotmail.com
I specialize in all forms of bee hive removal, swarm removal, and swarm trapping. 5 years experience trapping seasonal swarms.
Brayden Carlgren
Scandia, KS
Phone: 785-374-4473
Email: braydenc@ruraltel.net
Comments: 50 mile radios will not remove bees in side a structure. we can work out price when there. thanks
Todd Preator
Shawnee, KS
Phone: 913-713-9342
Email: savethebeesrescueco@gmail.com
Website: http://www.savethebeesrescuecompany.com/
Comments: Eco-Friendly Bee Removal and Relocation of Bees in Undesirable Places.
Robert Burns
Shawnee Mission, KS
Phone: 913-481-3504
Email: rburnshoney@gmail.com
Website: http://www.rburnshoney.com
Comments: Free swarm capture and removal in the Wyandotte, Johnson, and northern Miami County areas. Free-of-charge, I will remove and relocate honey bee swarms found on bushes, structures, and trees that are less than 15′ high up, or clustered on the outside of buildings. I will also rescue abandoned or unwanted hives. I have been picking up swarms as a community service for over 35 years. I relocate the bees to various urban, suburban, and rural organic farm locations in the Kansas City, Kansas metropolitan area.
Allen Fox
Sterling, KS

Phone: 620-204-0333
Email: yamafox83@gmail.com
Swarm collection. Removal from Buildings
Paul Niebergall
Stilwell, KS

Phone: 913-710-0428
Email: pnieb@burnsmcd.com
Johnson County, KS – Overland Park/Stanley/Stilwell/Olathe and other nearby areas. Cass County, MO – Raymore/Belton/Harrisonville. Will remove swarms. Must be easily accessed (i.e. – not located 50 feet high up in a tree). Free, but tips are encouraged.
Ron Haag
Topeka, KS

Phone: 785-423-0704
Email: ron@rhconcrete.net
Swarm removal. Topeka and surrounding area.
Stuart Dietz
Topeka, KS

Phone: 785-969-6110
Email: stuartadietz@aol.com
Bee swarm removal, Topeka and surrounding vicinity.
Mick May
Topeka, KS
Phone: 785-783-8960
Email: Mick.May@penske.com
Comments: Swarm collection within 70 miles of Topeka.
Matthew Opitz
Topeka, KS
Phone: 913-226-7878
Email: haz_mat1@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal.
Valley Center, KS

Phone: 316-250-3705 (Please text me any time)
Email: Stworstell@gmail.com
Remove swarms on tree branches or other easily accessible not over 12 ft high.
Levi Schultz
Wathena, KS

Phone: 785-840-5485
Email: levischultzfarms@gmail.com
Capture swarms and cutouts-free, I will not do repairs.
Richard Ake
Wichita, KS

Phone: 316-550-4412
Email: richardake@gmail.com
Free removal of honey bee swarms and nests. Property owner provides access.
Dan Prohaska
Wichita, KS

Phone: 316-207-7227
Email: Danprohaska@gmail.com
Swarm Removal. No cut outs from buildings offered at this time. If you call and I don’t pick up I should be able to get back to you within 45 min.
Wes Rogers
Wichita, KS

Phone: 316-204-5702
Email: beewranglerks@gmail.com
We do swarm removal and full colony extraction from structures and just about anything but trees. We will work in most counties surrounding Wichita and Sedgwick County. As pricing changes from year to year please call us to schedule an quote.
Gene Garate
Wichita, KS

Phone: 316-239-5824
Email: gene.garate@flyeaglemed.com
Website: www.thegentlebeekeeper.com
Swarm Removal – free, Hive Removal – free, Cut-outs – free, Trap-outs – $100
Larry McCreight
Wichita, KS

Phone: 316-722-0255
Email: lmarjmccreight@att.com
Website: http://butler-bees.com/
Hive and swarm removal to the Wichita area.
American Bee Removal, Ask for Wes
Wichita, KS
Phone: 316-350-5733
Email: wolkenw55@hotmail.com
Comments: Bee swarm removal, bee hive cut out, and trap outs. Beginners bee keeping classes. Fee estimates.
Jeff Kinniburgh
Wichita, KS
Phone: 316-393-2080
Email: jeffkinni@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal and cut outs
Willis L Coyle
Wichita, KS
Phone: 316-259-3957
Email: coylewi@att.net
Comments: Free swarm removal in the Wichita area. Thank you for saving the bees.
R&J Bee Rescue
Wichita, KS
Phone: 316-516-5756
Email: a1av8ter@gmail.com
Comments: Swarms removals, Trap-outs and Cut-outs. We do good work at a fair price. Wichita, KS. and surrounding area.
Randy King
Wichita, KS
Phone: 316-308-6252
Email: randyking47@att.net
Comments: swarms, cut-outs, trap-outs and raw honey sales..
Tom Hibbard
Yates Center, KS
Phone: 620-496-8692 / 620-625-2867 / 620-637-2368
Email: hibbardtom@yahoo.com
Comments: Bee swarm removal. Swarm removal available in Woodson, Wilson, Coffey, Allen, Greenwood and Neosho Counties.


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