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Justin Estes
Amory, MS

Phone: 662-231-6692
Email: Estes4458@yahoo.com
Free Swarm removal and trap outs. I can remove them from homes and building walls also will remove hornets wasp and other nest for small fee (gas & time)
Joe Horton
Belmont, MS
Phone: 731-727-5392
Email: indiancreek25@hotmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal and all trap-outs and cut-outs quoted for fee in Tishomingo county and some areas of surrounding counties.
Hollands Honey Farms
Brandon, MS

Phone: 601-927-1558
Email: beeefarmer@gmail.com
Website: http://www.mshoneybeeremoval.com
Comments: Central Mississippi, Jackson Area. Local swarms removed at no cost. Cut outs and trap outs quoted.
Joe M Rogers
Byhalia, MS
Phone: 662-812-3829
Email: mike.rogers185@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal. Cut-outs (commercial and residential). Trap-outs. Repair work on above available.
Gary Beard
Columbus, MS
Phone: 662-386-5180
Email: beardgeb722@gmail.com
Comments: i will removal bee from your home for free in columbus miss and ty
Wes Fitzpatrick III
Crystal Springs, MS
Phone: 601-835-7305
Email: wesfitzpatrickiii@gmail.com
Website: http://www.crystal-springs-farm-mkt.com/
Comments: We remove honey bees from your premises free of charge. Our general area of coverage is Copiah, Lincoln and Lawrence counties.
Chris Bexley
Gautier, MS
Phone: 601-508-7857 (8 a.m. to 8 p.m.)
Email: Chrisbexley256@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal and reasonable cut-out service in and around Jackson County area. Also includes George, Harrison, Stone, and west Mobile counties.
Ted LeMay
Golden, MS

Phone: 256-810-4495 or 256-356-8313
Email: tblemay@aol.com
Swarm Removal, Trap Outs and Light Cut Outs. Will consider farther distance for a fee.
Michael Haddon
Greenwood, MS
Phone (cell): 662-392-1051
Website: http://www.bee-removals.com/
Comments: Bee Removal: Don’t destroy the bees call a Beekeeper! Free Swarm removal within reasonable driving distance. Hive removal also depending on severity.
Pat McCaffrey
Gulfport, MS

Phone: 228-539-1240
Phone: cell 228-547-0801
Email: gptbees@gmail.com
Bee removal from Gulfport, North to Hattiesburg, Ms. area – we have hives in both areas. Cost normally very minimal to cover fuel cost.
Randy McCaffrey
Gulfport, MS
Phone: 228-860-3187
Email: mybestadjuster@aol.com
Website: https://www.youtube.com/user/628DirtRooster
Comments: Hive or swarm removal.
Jeffrey Miske
Harrison County, MS
Phone: 228-223-1534
Email: rrjeff1000@att.net
Comments: Free swarm removal in Harrison County. Bee removal from structures 50$ per hour.
Brian Stroka
Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: 601-962-4593
Email: bstroka@liberty.edu
Comments: Honey bee hive and swarm removal in the areas in this map: http://bit.ly/1BPK3z8. Light cutouts depending on circumstances – owner is responsible for repair. Will do repair for additional fee if it is within my ability. I will keep or relocate all honeybees removed – will not kill. Service in Hattiesburg, Petal, Ellisville, Laurel, New Augusta, Richton, Purvis, Lumberton, Collins, Taylorsville, Bay Springs.
Kevin Knaak
Hattiesburg, MS
Phone: 601-270-0619
Email: knaakk@gmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm removals in Hattiesburg and surrounding areas. This would be bees on the outside of a building that just moved in or swarmed onto a branch in the yard. I also do cut outs on buildings where the bees have already moved in for a fee. All bees will be moved and not killed. Service in Hattiesburg, Petal, New Augusta, Purvis, Lumberton, Columbia, Sumrall, Wiggins, and Poplarville. If you are anywhere else in South Mississippi, I have connections with other beekeepers and can probably get someone to help you out, so call me anyway.
Aaron Cooley
Hickory, MS
Phone: 601-479-6568
Email: acooley@newton.k12.ms.us
Comments: Newton County and surrounding area in east central MS. Swarm removal and relocation. Removal from structures depending on the situation. Home owner is responsible for all repair work.
Jackson, MS
Phone: 202-316-5552
Email: dillonallen@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal.
J.R. Smith
Laurel, MS

Phone: 601-620-8846
Email: john.riddell.smith@comcast.net
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal.
Rod Smith
Laurel, MS
Phone: 601-498-5266
Email: rod3926@bellsouth.net
Comments: Swarm removal and bees removed from houses and other structures. Bees are not killed but removed to a safe environment.
LaRue Stephens
Long Beach, MS

Phone: 228-806-3651
Email: LaRue@fbclb.com
I remove honeybee swarms and also remove established colonies from building and trees. All bees are hived and placed in my apiary out-yards. I will not kill honeybees.
Marvin Lapp
Macon, MS
Phone: 662-733-0616
Email: marvjenlapp@juno.com
Comments: Free honeybee swarm removal.
Jeff Warner
McComb, MS

Phone: 601-248-8899
Email: abbeys@cableone.net
Lazy W bee Farm sales local honey. We will remove honey bee swarms from your property. We will do light cut out work.
Erik Kiehle
Meridian, MS
Phone: 325-603-5408
Email: erikkiehle@me.com
Comments: Will collect honeybee swarms hanging in open air. Will not get bees if they’re inside a structure.
Dan Triplett
Ocean Springs, MS

Phone: 228-424-2786
Email: Triplett_daniel@yahoo.com
Free swarm removal, live hive removal from homes, sheds etc. Free estimates and best price guarantee compared to professional exterminators who kill honey bees.
Don Conrad
Oxford, MS

Phone: 662-202-2690
Email: donconrad@myway.com
Honeybee swarms removed,trap outs and minor cut cuts. Lafayette county and surrounding area.
Walter Locke
Oxford, MS
Phone: 662-234-1289
Email: LockeBees@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal in Oxford and Lafayette county area.
Steven Goodgame
Oxford/Batesville, MS
Phone: 662-934-3435
Email: goodgamebees@gmail.com
Website: www.goodgamebees.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal. Bees are relocated to a new hive. Serving the north Mississippi area.
Joey and Belinda Long
Philadelphia, MS

Phone: 601-562-1208
Email: longhorn@netdoor.com
Swarm removal. Hive cut outs and trap-outs from structure quoted
Christopher Carter
Picayune, MS

Phone: 601-916-6265
Email: cdcarter4372@gmail.com
Specialize in safe honey bee removal, I remove honey bees from just about any structure, replace any material taken down to remove bees. Picayune, Petal, Hattiesburg.
Angela Finney
Poplarville, MS
Phone: 504-214-0820
Email: nolasbest01@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removals within 25 miles. Can remove bees from structures for a small fee. (Time and gas) possible removal of swarms and hives (cut outs) further than 25 miles depending on circumstances. Humane treatment if all bees. We operate an organic farm and use all bees to pollinate here on the farm. No bees killed or poisoned. They are given a home and a job on the farm 🙂
Dan James
Reform, MS
Phone: 662-285-8144
Email: tuckerhouse@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal. Hive removal.
John Corley
Seminary, MS
Phone: 256-614-4233
Email: jdcorley67@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm Removal
Larry Williams
South Mississippi
Phone: 601-606-1869
Email: beegoldhoney@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm and property removals. Reconstruction of property. Can provide equipment if you choose to keep the bees.
Justin Heuer
Star, MS

Phone: 601-201-4413
Email: richard.heuer@hotmail.com
Swarm removal.
Karen Teague
Starkville, MS
Phone: 662-312-5317
Email: karteague@bellsouth.net
Comments: Swarm removal and relocate. I will remove in some cases.
Casey W. Helms
Starkville, MS
Phone: 662-418-6794
Email: caseywhelms@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal and relocation. Removal from structures depending on the situation. Will travel to the surrounding area.
Marcus Coward
Thaxton, MS
Phone: 662-419-3608
Email: marcuscoward@bellsouth.net
Comments: Swarm removal in and around Pontotoc County Ms.
John Ainsworth
Tupelo, MS

Phone: 662-401-5717
Email: bigjohnsbees@aol.com
Bee removal swarms and established colonys


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