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Arnold, MO

Phone: 314-707-6017
Email: rober49@ymail.com
Swarm Removal
Mike Hickerson
Arnold, MO
Phone: 636-575-7664 (Please text when needed)
Email: mhickerson@att.net
Comments: swarm removal – to include cut outs depending on situation. northern Jefferson county & south St. Louis county. Experienced Beekeeper
Troy & Leslie Garner
Ballwin/Chesterfield + 15 mile radius, MO
Phone: 636-751-6280
Email: brookhillhoneybees@gmail.com
Comments: Free honeybee swarm removal, capture and relocation; must be accessible, free standing, hanging, etc. Not able to perform construction. Text us a picture of your swarm!
Bill and Mary McCord
Ballwin, MO
Phone: 314-369-1615
Email: whm01615@aol.com
Comments: Quick and Free honey bee swarm removal within 15 mile radius.
Text us a picture of your swarm to 314-369-1615. Or email to whm01615@aol.com
Steven & Jade Burgess
Bois D Arc, MO
Phone: 417-429-3560
Email: jadeburgess07@gmail.com
Comments: Free bee information and removal for surrounding areas (Ash Grove, Everton, Willard, Springfield, Republic, Walnut Grove, etc.)
Boonville, MO
Phone: 660-537-0389
Email: dhr@iaff1055.org
Comments: Bee removal in Boonville and Columbia area.
Sam Elia
Bourbon, MO

Phone: 573-732-5597
Email: samnora1@gmail.com
Hanging swarm removed free. Cutouts fee calculated on a case by case bases. 50 miles around Bourbon, MO.
Rick Toney
Branson, MO

Phone: 417-332-7811
Email: sdl56@hotmail.com
Will remove swarm or hive in Taney County, must be accessible.
Bob Owen
Branson/Kimberling City, MO
Phone: 417-559-0506 or 417-538-0337
Email: bkowen1976@gmail.com
Stone County as well as Branson area. Help us help the bee population. We will remove Swarms and established hives that do not require extensive reconstruction. Please call immediately. Thank you.
Daniel Brawn
Bruner, MO

Phone: 417-551-3710
Email: toxicnachomeat@hotmail.com
Free bee swarm removal in Springfield, Nixa, Ozark and Seymour areas.
Mark Nelson
Cedar Hill, MO
Phone: 314-406-3621
Email: msnelson54@gmail.com
Comments: swarm removal and relocation
Curt Cherry
Chesterfield Wildwood, MO
Phone: 314-239-2688
Email: curtis.s.cherry@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove swarms and bees that have taken up residence in homes and structures.
Dennis Crutchfield
Clifton Hill, MO
Phone: 660-414-6635
Email: crutchfieldd@hotmail.com
Comments: swarm removal, anywhere within 100 miles
Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-474-6141
Email: fern1615@yahoo.com
Comments: Swarm capture and relocating in the Columbia area.
Greg Flippin
Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-239-0369
Email: gregflippin@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm/colony removal and relocation in central Missouri area.
Charles Rosenthal
Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-777-0228
Email: rosenthalcharles@hotmail.com
Comments: Hello, I am not in a position to cut into finished buildings but all open swarms and swarms in structures you don’t care about are great
AJ Miller
Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-673-7851
Email: 10ajm02@gmail.com
Comments: Bee removal and relocation
Jim Thaxter
Columbia, MO
Phone: 573-874-2792
Email: jathaxter47@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal. Colony removal consultation.
Scott Guthrie
Dardeene Prairie, MO
Phone: 636-219-2749
Email: arlogut3@gmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm Removals
Michael Mantonya
Deepwater, MO
Phone: 660-438-0499
Email: firebird7975@hotmail.com
Comments: catch a swarm, remove bees from natural or man made structure. Questions? Please shoot me a text or email. Let’s save that Queen! Also go to Clinton, Lowry City, Warsaw, Lincoln, Warrensburg, about a hour away. Donations appreciatied
Sam Powell
Dexter, MO
Phone: 573-421-0908
Email: bees@riddlehill.net
Comments: Swarm removal in Stoddard and adjoining counties.
Cheryl Hinchman
Dixon, MO
Phone: 573-528-8777
Email: cherh@att.net
Comments: Free honey bee swarm removal. Call, text or email. Willing to travel 45 mile radius.
Nelson Bees
Eldon, MO
Phone: 573-392-4833
Email: deborahnelson62@gmail.com
Comments: Bee Removal
Travis Hardesty
Eldon, MO
Phone: 573-356-5026
Email: travis@travishardesty.com
Comments: cutouts and trapouts, swarm captures of course. I have been a carpenter /builder for 25 years. I am familiar with construction of buildings and the challenges ahead.
Ernie Wells
Ellsinore, MO

Phone: 573-429-0222
Email: wells.ernie@gmail.com
Comments: SE Missouri, Butler, Carter, Wayne, Reynolds, Stoddard, and Shannon Counties. Local swarms removed at no cost. Cut outs and trap outs quoted.
Russell Harris
Fairdealing/Poplar Bluff, MO
Phone: 573-772-2024
Email: funnyfarm@semo.net
Comments: Free open swarm removal and tree trap outs in Butler, Ripley, Wayne, Stoddard, Shannon and Reynolds counties. Cut-outs in structures per quote. My goal is to save the bees if able.
Nathan Miller
Farmington, MO
Phone: 573-747-6751
Email: ccdlviimax@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal in the Farmington area.
Jim Evans
Hoot Owl Lane Bees
Forsyth, MO

Phone: 417-559-4315
Email: jjevans5@centurylink.net
 I will remove swarms in Christian, Stone & Taney county’s. I do removals from inside walls or ceilings and am fully insured. I also offer some honey after capture of a swarm.
Ft Leonard Wood, MO
Phone: 573-528-4443
Email: silverback2bc@gmail.com
Comments: Got Bees? Don’t bee to alarmed, swarming bees have simply outgrown their colony and are looking for a new one. Please DON’T call and exterminator, call/text/email Johnny your local and surrounding area beekeeper. If I can’t help you, I’ll get you someone who can. Help save the bees!
Joel and Mike Andersland
Gainesville, MO

Phone: 417-679-4670
Email: shepherdhill@ozbb.net
Comments: Ozark and surrounding counties. Swarm and bee tree removal. Buildings on a case by case basis.
Craig Foster
Gainesville, MO
Phone: 417-989-0924
Email: cmfoster272@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove open swarms in Ozark and Taney Counties. Established hives removed on a case by case basis for a fee.
Peter Semmel
Gipsy, MO
Phone: 573-343-4073
Email: psemmel@gmail.com
Comments: Will collect honeybee swarms in Bollinger and surrounding counties.
Robert Haldeman
Greenville, MO
Phone: 573-778-6955
Email: rob500@windstream.net
Comments: I will collect swarms. I will also remove bees from structures if not complicated.
Rob Maupin
Halltown, MO
Phone: 417-491-4352
Email: rob@rmaupin.com
Website: www.afuturewithbees.com
Comments: Free swarm removal of your bees to my apiary. A loving home to help save A Future With Bees
Jared Moore
Hannibal, MO
Phone: 573-795-4448
Email: jared@pastorjared.com
Comments: Free swarm removal. Quick, easy, and professional. All colonies are rescued and re-hived. I service a wide area in NE Missouri and Western IL. Call or text for faster response.
Rod Richter
Camp Branch Bee Ranch
Harrisonville, MO
Phone: 816-405-1671
Email: RKRichter@aol.com
Comments: Will remove swarms in the Cass, and eastern Jackson county area; swarms near 7 hwy corridor, and easy to get to swarms are always free ;-). Cutouts, trapouts, and bee trees on a case by case. Will quote a price after inspection. In any case I will put the bee’s best interest, and well being first during the job.
Donald Tilman
Harrisonville, MO

Phone: 816-884-5221
Email: DTilman1940@gmail.com
Comments: Bee swarms removal in Cass and Jackson county. Easy swarms removal are free.Cut outs, trap outs, and bees in trees on a case to case. Will quote a price after inspection. I will put the bees at their best interest.
Kay Tilman
Harrisonville, MO

Phone [home]: 816-884-5221
Phone [cell]: 816-898-8955
Email: dtilman1940@gmail.com
Honey bee swarms removal in Cass and Jackson county. Easy swarm removal are free. Cut outs, trap outs and bees in trees are on a case to case basic.Will quote you a price after inspection. Don’t kill the bees, they are very important. Will relocate the bees.
Hal Reidler – ReidlerBeeFarm, LLC
Holden, MO

Phone: 660-238-4000
Email: Reidlerbfarm@embarqmail.com
Comments: Honey bee removal- building or other structures. Swarm removal. Honey bee relocating services. Swarm and removal service restricted to reasonable commute from Holden Missouri with price range from free to minimum cost depending on circumstance, distance, and time involved. Honey Bee Keeping Class Room Instruction. Bee Keeper Training on site by contract. Hands-on honey bee management training. Bee keeper management advice by phone. How to build/make hive components.
Adrienne Klotz-Floyd
Humansville, MO
Phone: 417-754-1114
Email: floydfarmbees@gmail.com
Website: www.floydfarm.com
Comments: honey bee swarm removal & re-homing of honey bees
Ralph Samples IV
Imperial, MO

Phone: 314-724-6192
Email: fourridgebees@live.com
Website: www.fourridgebees.com
Swarm collection and honey bee removal in the St.Louis metro area and surrounding counties at no charge. Cutouts on a fee basis, no charge for an estimate.
Grant Gillard
Jackson, MO
Phone: 573-587-1623
Email: grantfcgillard@gmail.com
Website: http://grantgillard.weebly.com/
Comments: Serving Cape Girardeau County and surrounding counties in Southeast Missouri. Swarms removed for free. Removals from structures priced per job based on difficulty. Free estimates.
Sam Plaster
Jamestown, MO
Phone: 573-644-3426
Email: splaster@centurytel.net
Comments: Bee removal
Will E & Raja Perkins
Joplin, MO

Phone: 417-434-3325
Email: papawille@gmail.com
We will remove bee trees, bee swarms and bee colonies in structures, usually for no charge.
Merlyn Votaw
Joplin, MO

Phone: 918-673-9913
Email: mjvotaw@yahoo.com
I will remove your bees from a wall, tree, barn or a swarm within 35 mile radius of Joplin Mo.
Jarrett Mellenbruch
Kansas City, MO

Phone: 347-489-0549
Email: Jarrettmellenbruch@gmail.com
Website: http://deepecologyproject.com/
I provide swarm removal and cut outs. All bees are placed within the Haven network. See linked website for information on this program. Haven rescues wild honeybees and places them in special hives that will help researchers collect data on our nations wild bee population.
Jeff Diekmann
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 816-590-4593
Email: jeff.diekmann@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Honey Bee removal in Lee’s Summit, Raytown, Independence, and Kansas City
Matt Winstead
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 816-217-4214
Email: mattwin7@hotmail.com
Website: mwbeeremoval.com
Comments: We are a licensed and insured professional Bee removal business. We serve the entire Kansas City Metro area up to 2 hours from down town. We do swarm removal and cut outs. follow us on Facebook at Facebook.com/midwestbeeremoval
Jeremy Terry
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 816-225-2569
Email: jeremy_terry@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal and cutouts
Doug Hall
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 913-972-0208
Email: hallhoneybeeremoval@yahoo.comswa
Comments: From Topeka to Oak Grove, Savanna to Ottawa and everywhere in between. Free swarm removals. I also will remove bees from any structure and do repairs if needed. Call for a free estimate.
Paul Niebergall
Kansas City, MO
Phone: 913-710-0428
Email: pjniebergall@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in the greater Kansas City area.
Jason and Christy Craft
Kennett, MO
Phone: 573-429-2151
Email: jccraft@hotmail.com
Comments: swarm removal.
Russ Creason and/or Dawn Clark
Kingston, MO

Phone: 816-529-6323 or 660-247-2718
Email: pamperyoursenses@gmail.com
Swarms and cut outs from buildings and trees.
Russell Kasnick
Laurie, MO

Phone: 573-372=3122
Email: ozarkrnd@earthlink.net
Will remove swarms free and bees established anywhere else on a case by case basis.Please do not kill bees as there already under enough attack.
Drew (and Benjamin) Coates
Two Guys and a Hive
Lee’s Summit, MO
Phone: 816 591-8106
Email: DrewC@billygoat.com
Comments: Swarm removal if within 15 miles of Hwy 50 and 291, beyond that there’s a small mileage charge. Established hive removal on a case by case basis. Call or E-mail.
Lemay, MO
Phone: 314-732-1180
Email: gatewayccw@gmail.com
Website: stlouisbees.com
Comments: Free Swarm Removal in Saint Louis and surrounding counties. 24 Hour service.
Charla Hinkle
Lowry City, MO
Phone: 660-525-0876
Email: charlahinkle@hotmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal
Dan West
Macon, MO

Phone: 660-651-7582
Email: danwest@centurytel.net
Website: www.west-orchards.com
Will remove bee swarms and do cut outs in trees and old structures for free within 40 miles of Macon.
Kyle & Jen Strickland
Marshfield, MO

Phone: 417-733-6231 or 417-733-6232
Email: rawbeekeeping@yahoo.com
Marshfield/Lebanon/Buffalo, MO. I am a beekeeper and a retired firefighter along with my spouse a Holistic Health Coach and beekeeper serving as a team who will safely remove honeybees from trees, houses and other structures. We will remove not only the bees, but the honey, wax, and pollen the bees have stored in the walls. If the bees are simply killed, the wax and honey will attract other bees, wasps, ants, etc. Price will vary depending on the situation. Simple swarms are no charge. Thank you.
Jacob Liles
Maryville, MO

Phone: 660-582-3184
Email: jhuskerfan@hotmail.com
will remove bee hives if they are in a reasonable location and will remove swarms for free
Lance Feith
Monett, MO
Phone: 417-366-1065
Email: feith@live.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in Monett, Auroura, Stotts City and Mount Vernon area, free estimates on removal from structures and trees. Have worked with bees for 35 years and have a dependable record. If no answer on call at 417-366-1065, try 417-285-3114, leave message and will get back with you as soon as possible.
Michael Mantonya
Mt. Zion, MO
Phone: 660-438-0499
Email: firebird7975@hotmail.com
Comments: Honey bee service, Save the Queen!
Roderick May
Neosho, MO

Phone: 417-825-2610
Email: roderick_may@fws.gov
Swarm removal
Oak Grove, MO
Phone: 816-679-4753
Email: cpreuter@aol.com
Comments: We provide swarm removal outside buildings free of charge. If bees are in your home, attic, crawl space et cetera we do charge. Remember if you exterminate honey bees in your walls, you will be dealing with years of dead bee carcasses that attract moths and other unwanted pests. Give us a call with location and we will give you a fair assessment on the phone.
David Childers
Oran, MO
Phone: 573-212-01044
Email: dchild@hughes.net
Comments: Will assess any honeybee situation to see if it is possible to remove the bees safely. Will operate within a 50-mile radius of Oran, MO.
Don Semple
Overland Park, KS

Phone: 913-293-9260
Email: don-gaylesemple@sbcglobal.net
Kansas City Metro Area. Free swarm removals, Free estimates for Hive/Colony removals from structures or trees. Save those Bees, please don’t kill them.
Park Hills, MO

Phone: 573-701-5898
Email: yomo1@swbell.net
Hanging swarm removals within 30 miles of Park Hills free. Removal from walls/cut out on a fee basis.
Ray Paukstys
Pineville, MO
Phone: 417-435-2990
Email: rimas@leru.net
Comments: Bee removal. 50 Mi radius of Pineville MO. Fee varies in distance and difficulty. Destruction of wasps and hornets $35.00 plus mileage. Will do Arkansas, Oklahoma and Kansas within the 50 mi circle.
Pleasant Hill, MO

Phone: 816-616-4501
Email: slaycock@centurylink.net
No charge bee swarm removal in Cass, Jackson, northern Bates Co., Johnson Co. Mo. Hive removal on case by case basis. Please give me a call. Please don’t kill the bees call first so we can care and nurture these special pollinators.
Russell Harris
Poplar Bluff/Doniphan, MO
Phone: 573-772-2024
Email: funnyfarm@semo.net
Comments: Removal of open swarms outdoors and from structures if not too complicated.
Merlyn Votaw
Quapaw, OK
Phone (home): 918 673 9913
Phone (cell): 918-961-0210
Email: mjvotaw@yahoo.com
Comments: I will remove bees from the Joplin, MO area, Quapaw, Ok. and Baxter Springs, Ks area. I live in the extreme NE part of Ok. but very close to Ks. and Mo. so will go to other states. Usually no charge.
Bruce Snavely
Republic, MO

Phone: 417-732-5219
Email: brucesnavely@hotmail.com
Will collect swarms and place colony in my apiary free of charge in Greene and Christian counties. I have been a beekeeper for 5 years and have collected several swarms. I’m a big believer in keeping survivor bee stock, which many swarms represent.
Jeff G.
Rogersville, MO

Phone: 417-501-5009
Email: jeff@gcsis.com
Swarm & bee tree removal in Greene, Webster, Christian counties. Others counties depends on schedule. No charge. Buildings on a case by case basis depending on difficulty. Don’t kill the bees let me remove them properly.
Rolla, MO
Phone: 573-466-3750
Email: chargardens@gmail.com
Website: http://www.rollabeeclub.com
Comments: Bee Swarm Removal for free when bees are in easy to reach, outside areas. Please don’t spray swarm with water or chemicals; keep away from swarm and call a beekeeper to safely remove them. If bees are inside structures that require taking down walls and making repairs, a separate contractor will need to be hired to take down and repair the walls.
David Draker
Rolla, MO
Phone: 573-578-0561
Email: drakerdad@gmail.com
Website: http://www.rollabeeclub.com
Comments: Bee Swarm Removal for free from easy to reach areas, does not include bees inside walls or structures.
Sikeston, MO
Phone: 573-475-0436
Email: dhastings2006@yahoo.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm removal within 50 miles of Sikeston, MO for bees. If in structure will work with your construction worker to try remove bees so they can preform their job.
Gerald Barrett
Solo, MO
Phone: 661-972-2859
Email: geraldbarrett@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal, trapouts, no construction.
Jeffrey Maddox
Springfield, MO

Phone: 317-698-8088
Email: jeff@thebeeremover.com
Website: www.thebeeremover.com
Capture your bee swarms for free & do removals on a investigation then bid process.
Ozarks Honey Company
Springfield, MO

Phone: 417-860-2573
Email: jeff@ozarkshoney.com
Website: www.ozarkshoney.com
No charge bee swarm removal in Greene, Christian, Webster counties. Hive removal on case by case basis give us a call. Please don’t kill the bees call us first so we can save these wonderful creatures.
St. Charles, MO
Phone: 636-544-2580
Email: Myles-allen@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm Catch, Hive removal in structure.
Jim Guffey
St. Charles, MO
Phone: 314-705-0066
Email: GuffeyUmpBeek@gmail.com
Comments: Have swarm ?? I would love to take it off your hands. No Charge! Willing to tackle a hive in trees also, depending on situation. I’m a new beekeeper looking to increase my hives. You get a jar of the first honey to come out of your swarm ! NOT a commercial business.
Jeff Coffman
St. Charles, MO
Phone: 636-734-4689
Email: jeff.t.coffman@gmail.com
Comments: Structural extractions, tree extractions and swarm captures. Operate within a 30 mile radius of St. Charles, MO.
Larry N. Hickerson
St. Charles, MO
Phone: 636-284-6312
Email: larrshel4@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Bee Swarm Removal & Relocation. 30 Plus Years Bee Keeping Experience. Simple Swarm Removal & to Include Cut Outs (ST Charles & Local Area)
Jim Crain
St. Charles, MO
Phone: 314-324-4749
Email: jimmycrain5@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal. Hive removal and extractions for a reasonable price. Within 30ish miles from St. Peters. Looking to help the bees and you.
St Charles County, MO
Phone: 636-262-5686
Email: Eric@EricBacon.com
Comments: Removal of Honeybees from all of St Charles county. No charge for swarm removals. You even get free honey!! Cutouts will be assessed as needed.
Chris or Kim Drydale
St. Joseph, MO
Phone: 816-261-1894 or 402-639-9913
Email: kdrydale@agrilabs.com
Comments: Northwest Missouri. Free Honey Bee Swarm removal. We will remove hives from houses or other structures for a fee. Free estimates. We will only do a removal from a structure when we know we have a good chance to save the bees. Late summer and fall, we will not remove until the following spring. call for more details. We do not deal with any other type of bees, just honey bees.
Jennifer McComb
St. Louis, MO

Phone: 314-877-9154
Email: jenifermccomb@gmail.com
Honey bee swarms removed at no charge: St. Louis MO, City and County.
Barry Mayer
St. Louis, MO

Phone: 314-372-9316
Email: barry.mayer@live.com
Will capture and remove swarms. Possibly interested in removing established hives from trees, depending on height, we’ll talk. No charge for service. NOT a commercial business.
Kelly O’Mara
Saint Louis, MO

Phone: 314-805-4487
Email: kellyomara.home@gmail.com
I live in South Saint Louis City and serve the Greater St. Louis area. I will remove honey bee swarms; and I will remove established colonies from structures depending on accessibility to the hive. I am a small-time beekeeper, interested in protecting honey bees. Swarm removal is free. There may be a small fee for removing colonies, depending on the amount of work involved. I am always happy to come out to assess the situation!
Paul Carlson
St Louis, MO
Phone: 314-308-0330
Email: paul.carlson@syngenta.com
Comments: St Louis, Metro East IL, Eastern MO within an hour of STL.
Bill Norman
St. Louis, MO
Phone: 314-276-8276
Email: wcnorman@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Swarm pickup/removal
Tony Chiodini
Saint Louis, MO
Phone: 314-359-5917
Email: achiodini416@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal
Ken Heitkamp
Saint Louis, MO
Phone: 314-675-8088
Email: kmbcheitkamp@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Swarm removal in St. Louis city, St. Louis county, Jefferson county, Sainte Genevieve county.
Paul Jarvis
St. Louis, MO
Phone: 314-369-0740
Email: paulj@propaganda-inc.com
Comments: Swarm recovery
Mark Nelson
St. Louis, MO
Phone: 314-406-3621
Email: msnelson54@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal.
Barry Larson
St Louis, MO
Phone: 314-704-8890
Email: bearinthewoods@mac.com
Comments: If it’s not out of reach, from February through May I will do my best to remove swarms of honey bees for you at no cost. Within an hour of 63143. I will ask that you send a photo beforehand so I can make sure they are honey bees. Thanks!
Jeremy Idleman
St. Louis, MO
Phone: 314-276-4514
Email: jeremy@beefoundstl.org
Website: www.beefoundstl.org
Comments: Free honey bee swarm removal/capture or trap out. Cutouts, extractions, deconstructions in St. Louis City and St. Louis County.
Gerald Barrett
Solo, MO
Phone: 661-972-2859
Email: geraldbarrett@hotmail.com
Comments: Please call for estimate. If close to my area most the time no charge. I can trap out of your buildings and remove swarms.
Paul Niebergall
Stilwell, KS

Phone: 913-710-0428
Email: pnieb@burnsmcd.com
Comments: Southern Jackson County, MO – South KC area. Cass County, MO – Raymore/Belton/Harrisonville. Johnson County, KS – Overland Park/Stanley/Stilwell/Olathe and other nearby areas. Will remove swarms. Must be easliy accessed (i.e. – not located 50 feet high up in a tree). Free, but tips are encouraged.
Lance Feith
Stotts City, MO
Phone: 417-285-3114
Email: feith@live.com
Comments: Have kept and removed bees for 40 yrs. Will remove swarms for free. Will give free estimates on removing established colonies from homes, buildings and trees.
Rod Weakley
Sullivan, MO
Phone: 573-746-0383 (leave a message)
Email: rwjedi@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm and established hive removal. 100 mile radius around Sullivan, MO (Franklin, Crawford, Washington, St. Louis…Counties). 50 cents a mile round trip plus removal fee (fee varies depending on the situation), 0-25 miles around Sullivan no mileage fee.
Nikki Hemen
Sunrise Beach, MO
Phone: 573-647-6944
Email: nhemen@hotmail.com
Comments: Will remove swarms for free within a 20 mile radius. Covering Camden, Morgan, Miller counties. Gas mileage charged one way beyond 25 miles. Hive removal on a case by case basis. Please do not spray or kill them, call me first.
Jay &/or Dawn Hatfield
Trenton, MO

Phone: 660-654-0128 or 660-605-0213
Email: pamperyoursenses@gmail.com
Swarms and cutouts.
Alan Barnett
Trenton, MO

Phone: 660-359-7931
Email: abarn8@gmail.com
Will pickup swarms within 30 mile radius free of charge. Bees in structures and trees evaluated on a case by case basis.
Troy, MO
Phone (home): 636-528-1535
Phone (cell): 573-760-2574
Email: fred_meder@yahoo.com
Comments: I will remove honey bee and relocate swarms for free. I also will remove and relocate colonies of honey bees, cut-outs. There might be a small charge for cut-outs, but I do free estimates. I am covering Lincoln County Missouri.
John Martin
Troy, MO
Phone: 314-568-3426
Email: johntmarti@earthlink.net
Comments: Honey Bee swarm rescue and relocate for the following cities in St. Charles, Lincoln, and St. Louis County. Wildwood, Chesterfield, Ballwin, Ellisville, O’Fallon, Lake St. Louis, Wentzville, Moscow Mills, Flint Hill,, and Troy.
Charles & Mindy Hicks
Warrenton, MO
Phone: 636-377-2252
Email: h_v_p_e@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Collecting Swarms in Warren, Lincoln, and St Charles Counties. We will remove and relocate honeybee swarms of outside locations – FREE. Bees that are inside of homes, buildings, trees, etc will have to be looked at and bid for removal.
Bernie Burt
Warrenton, MO
Phone: 636-299-8462
Email: bernieb1962@hotmail.com
Comments: I can remove swarms for free if within 25 miles of Warrenton. Removal from structures or trees may require a fee.
Bob Kelly
Warsaw, MO

Phone: 660-438-7316
Email: bkelly8447@gmail.com
I will try to remove any swarms of bees that you may have as long as they aren’t very high in a tree or in a building etc. Please call don’t kill them. I will return your call. Thanks
Paul Golumbek
Webster Groves, MO
Phone: 314-458-1984
Email: golumbekp@neuro.wustl.edu
Comments: Call me for swarms anytime. I’m happy to help with house and tree hives as well. All swarms get you free honey.
Webster Groves, MO
Phone: 314-363-5772
Email: jassimo@wustl.edu
Comments: Swarm removal. Swarm to be used for local school hives.
Wentzville, MO

Phone: 314-581-3560
Email: cu169@msn.com
Will remove swarms in St. Louis, St. Louis county, St. Charles, Lincoln and Warren Counties. Free of charge. Will remove from trees and buildings for a fee.
Don Hart
Wesson, MS
Phone: 601-669-0401
Email: don@hartshoneyfarm.com
Website: www.hartshoneyfarm.com
Comments: Swarm removal and Hive removal. Remove beehives from structures with minimal cutouts. Copiah, Rankin and Madison Counties.
Curt Cherry
Wildwood, MO
Phone: 314-239-2688
Email: curtis.s.cherry@gmail.com
Comments: Free honey bee removal in Wildwood and surrounding areas.
Anthony Axton
Windsor, MO

Phone: 660-890-4173
Email: anthonyaxton@rocketmail.com
swarm removal and trap outs













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