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Ben Lovelace
Alamo, TN
Phone: 731-234-7524
Email: slippingthree@hotmail.com
Comments: Honey Bee swarm removals. Chester County, Crockett County, Gibson County, Haywood County, Madison County.
Matt Hensley
Andersonville, TN
Phone: 865-805-5244
Email: mh1229@hotmail.com
Comments: Will do honeybee swarm removals in Anderson county and surrounding areas. Free estimates for cutouts of bees in walls. Bees will be taken to one my yards where they can continue to thrive.
Dave Mundt
Blaine, TN

Phone (cell): 865 617-0159
Email: dave@beemandave.com
Comments: Will do swarm captures, removals and cut-outs for reasonable rates in the East Tennessee area.
Jim Rodgers
Blaine, TN

Phone: 502-2161356
Email: jar4christ@gmail.com
Free Swarm Removal, Cutouts are negotiable according to difficulty. Grainger and surrounding counties.
Jim Pepper
Bluff City, TN

Phone: 423-383-3111
Email: jpepper1@charter.net
free removal of swarms
Chris Parker
Bradley County, TN
Phone: 423-506-6016
Email: capex4@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove swarms. Will also do colony removal from structures depending on difficulty. Fees may apply for structures.
Tammy Cherney
Brentwood, TN
Phone: 615-480-8733
Email: tammy.cherney@gmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm removal
Kelley Penn and Bob Smith
Bryson City, NC

Phone (home): 828-488-6376
Phone (cell): 828-371-8701
Comments: We are bee-removal professionals located in Bryson City, N.C. We remove bees in Western North Carolina, eastern Tennessee, the mountains of South Carolina and north Georgia. We remove the bees with a custom bee vacuum and do minor cosmetic repairs that allows the owner time to bring in a drywall or painting specialist. Our work is insured; we guarantee our work for one year.
Robbie Knight
Camden, TN
Phone: 731-441-1894
Email: robbie@rob-bees.com
Comments: Honey Bee Swarm removal – Free. Cut-out removal – Free + travel expenses. We travel From West Nashville to Brownsville and all towns between.
Talon Redding
Carthage, TN
Phone: 615-677-1886
Email: talonredding@me.com
Comments: Swarm trapping/removal and colony removal.
Chad Poole
Chattanooga, TN
Phone: 423-635-2665
Email: cjpoole@epbfi.com
Comments: Free swarm removals, cut-outs reasonably priced. Will travel within and around the Chattanooga, Tn area. E-mail: please put BEE REMOVAL in subject as I tend to get a lot of spam at this e-mail. If you call, leave message. I will return call as quickly as possible.
Will Alas
Chattanooga, TN

Phone: 423-593-8000
Email: willalas@hotmail.com
Website: www.willalas.com
I service greater Chattanooga and North Georgia locale. I can and will remove swarms to do complicated bee extrication. I have many years of experience. I will not kill the bees, I will simply relocate them to one of my bee yards. I treat your home with respect. Call me anytime, I don’t charge for estimates.
Bama Honey bees
Chattanooga, TN
Phone: 256-490-2331
Email: bamahoneybees@gmail.com
Comments: Live removal of Honeybee colonies in structures, trees or wherever they decide to call home. Let us come out and evaluate the best way to remove your colony that is the most affordable to remove and repair the space they have moved into. Proudly serving Chattanooga, North Alabama and North Georgia.
Fly by Day Honey, LLC
Chattanooga, TN
Phone: 423-822-2219
Email: contact@flybydayhoney.com
Website: flybydayhoney.com
Comments: Live Honey Bee Removal Services serving Chattanooga and the North Georgia area. Relocating honey bee swarms and colonies to areas where they can thrive. Please visit our website for more information.
Brandon Weaver
Cheatham Co., TN
Phone: 865-604-8738
Email: bwtitus@gmail.com
Comments: FreeSwarm removal. Free cutouts of walls in surrounding areas. Will put bees in my bee yard to live happy.
Daniel Barnes
Clarkrange, TN
Phone: 931-397-3416
Email: pastorbarnes4633@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm Removal and Cutouts in Fentress and all Surrounding Counties.
Jason Groppel
Clarksville, TN
Phone: 931-444-7013
Email: jason.groppel@cmcss.net
Website: https://beeattitudeshoney.wordpress.com/
Comments: FREE, SAME DAY, removal of bee swarms without harmful chemicals. Bees saved alive and given a new home in the country. I also remove bees from walls, yards, homes, and businesses.
John Nelson
Clinton, TN
Phone: 865-742-9759
Email: Johnwnelson90@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee open swarm removal (free of charge). Colony cutouts (call for free estimate). Bee tree (Call for free estimate). Will provide services in Anderson County and all other surrounding county’s!
Ken Herring
College Grove, TN
Phone: 360-601-6585
Email: kandiandken@gmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm Collections. Cutouts or difficult removals subject to situation.
Shawn Bromley
Collinwood, TN
Phone: 931-332-2047
Email: gsbromle@tva.gov
Comments: Swarm removal service.
JD Uker
Cookeville, TN

Phone: 931-632-2335
Email: quevernick@gmail.com
Swarm Removal and Cutouts in Putnam and Surrounding Counties.
Todd Browner
Cookeville, TN

Phone: 404-938-6857
Email: emodhydro69@verizon.net
Bee removal in Cookeville TN. I’ll help you remove your bees. Local beekeeper and I am looking for the bees that you dont want. If you are a beekeeper with hives, drawn comb or is getting out of beekeeping call me 1ST I’ll help yall.
Matt Phillips
Cookeville, TN

Phone: 931-252-7650
Email: mphillips256@yahoo.com
Honey Bee Swarm removal services – Free. Cut-out removal services – Free + travel expenses. Servicing Putnam, Overton, Jackson, Smith, Dekalb, White, and western Cumberland counties.
Jonathan Currence
Cookevill, TN
Phone: 615-870-4115
Email: jonathancurrence@gmail.com
Comments: Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal. Will service in and around the Putnam County area.
Ben Volk
Corryton, TN

Phone: 865-585-5827
Email: ben@bens-bees.com
Comments: Free Swarm Removal in the following counties: Knox, Union, Anderson, Grainger, Hamblen, Jefferson, Sevier, Blount, Loudon, Roane.
Dan Bright
Cosby, TN
Phone: 423-487-2616 or 423-721-1105
Email: peetie37722@gmail.com
Comments: swarm removal plus trap outs or wall removal at no cost except the tear outs in walls anywhere near Newport tenn incl. jefferson sevier hamblen counties.
Jeff Dayton
Crossville, TN
Phone: 931-484 9430
Email: j_dayton@frontiernet.net
Comments: Swarm removals @ cutouts. Buildings and trees. Around Cumberland county, 30 mile radius. Not responsible for any damage to property or buildings while doing removals.
Triston Osborne
Cumberland City, TN
Phone: 931-624-3998
Email: tristontosborne@gmail.com
Comments: Removal of honey bee swarms, I don’t remove established hives in trees.
Roy Barger
Dayton, TN
Phone: 423-775-0758
Email: roybarger@hotmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm collection. If you wish to keep the swarm, will help you install it in your box for a small fee. Reasonably accessable cutouts for a fee. No modification to any structural building elements; siding and soffit carefully removed but owner would plan on re-installing. Don’t pay an exterminator to destroy a natural resource!
David Harrah
Elizabethton, TN
Phone: 423-677-1011
Email: d460magnum@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal and professional cutouts. I’ve worked in construction trades for thirty years so you can have the quarantee of a quality repair job instead of having to hire someone else to fix the cutout. Covering all areas from Knoxville to Bristol.
Chris Ivy
Fairview, TN

Phone: 615-218-7572
Email: chrisivy1012@gmail.com
I will remove honeybees from trees,low limbs,etc. Will not harm bees.just move them to safe new home.
Andy Sudbrock
Fairview, TN
Phone: 615-579-7146
Email: andy@nashvillenatives.com
Website: www.plantsforpollinators.com
Comments: Free swarm removal. All rescued bees taken to our 15 acre bee sanctuary to live happy lives with abundant natural resources.
Jim Bolenbarker
Gainesboro, TN
Phone: 931-510-0125
Email: JBTaxidermy@twlakes.net
Comments: FREE/FREE/FREE Honey bee swarm and hive removal. Jackson and surrounding counties. Retired military man wants your BEEs. Please call Days 931-510-0125 Eves 931-858-7644 Thank you for your time!
Bill Petry
Gallatin, TN
Phone: 615-445-0507
Email: justbeetn@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal.
Tim Callahan
Gallatin, TN
Phone: 615-461-0086
Email: callahantc@bellsouth.net
Comments: Will travel to all of Middle Tennessee. Bee removal from structures – Bees are relocated to country hives for organic farm pollination. Estimates provided on a case by case basis. Free Swarm removal from your property. We can even set up hives from the removal onto your own property.
Josh Moore
Greenback, TN
Phone: 423-371-9607
Email: joshuabmo@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm and Hive removal.
Greeneville, TN

Phone: 423-552-4042
Email: hopson.stuart@yahoo.com
Swarm removal
Keith Lively
Harriman, TN

Phone: 865-804-8561
Comments: We do removals and cut outs 40 miles around Roane County, TN. Not responsible for any damages.
Daniel Dies
Hartsville, TN
Phone: 615-504-1691
Email: danielintn@gmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm removal from Hartsville/Lebanon/Lafayette TN
Greg Miles
Hendersonville, TN

Phone: 615-294-8634
Email: beeman59@bellsouth.net
Website: http://www.gregbeeman.com
Swarm Catcher & Bee Removal
John Ratcliff
Hendersonville, TN
Phone: 615-891-8011
Email: beemanhendersonville@gmail.com
Comments: I’ll travel to pick up swarms, I’ll cut out bees from a building. If you have bees that visit often i’ll set out swarm traps for you.
Stephen L Gibson
Hendersonville, TN
Phone: 615-417-0222
Email: slg6513@gmail.com
Comments: I remove and save honey bees in the Summer County and Nashville area. The bees will be added to my state registered apiary. Swarm Removals are free. For removal from structures and trees call for a quote.
Gary W. Roeder
Henderson, TN
Phone: 731-697-7568
Email: groeder@fhu.edu
Comments: Swarm removal. House/wall removal upon request.
Nat The Bee Guy
Hixson, TN
Phone: 423-544-3322
Email: gnatdavis@gmail.com
Comments: I remove swarms of Honeybees absolutely free! I also do removal of bees that have taken up residence in your home or building. I love the bees! Call me I’d love to help. 🙂
Jeremy Bibbee
Jackson, TN
Phone: 731-616-2268
Email: iam.bibbster@gmail.com
Comments: FREE swarm removal. Honey bees located inside structures will be evaluated on a case by case basis and a cost, if any, will be provided prior to any work being done. Bees will be moved to my apiary or will help set up new hive with home/land owner.
Josh Slaughter
Jamestown, TN

Phone: 931-704-4412
Email: snettrecker@gmail.com
Will do honey bee swarm removal for free in Fentress, Morgan, Scott, Putnam, Pickett, and Cumberland counties. Will also do cut outs, hive removals etc. depending on situation.
Ed Age
Joelton, TN
Phone: 615-484-5466
Email: rayage@ageoldcrafters.com
Comments: Swarm or cut-out removal. Repairs to cut-out optional.
Ashley Wagner
Johnson City, TN

Phone: 865-809-6556
Email: zaew18@goldmail.etsu.edu
Free swarm removal and free cutouts! I am experienced in working with bees (I am a Master’s student studying honey bees) but would like to obtain more experience with cutouts before charging anyone. I am willing to travel up to 45 min from Johnson City if my fuel costs are covered. This would include Jonesborough, Limestone, Greeneville, Elizabethton, Erwin, Kingsport, Bristol, etc. Call anytime! Please leave a message if I am unavailable.
Aaron Free
Johnson City, TN
Phone: 423-429-5876
Email: aaronmatthewfree@gmail.com
Comments: I will remove bee swarms free of charge. I am a beekeeper located in Johnson City and I will travel anywhere in the tri-cities and the surrounding areas.
James M. Wagner
Kingsport/Bristol/Johnson City, TN
Phone: 865-332-0603 or 205-516-9589
Email: poorhollowbeefarm@gmail.com
Website: www.honeybeerescue.us www.poorhollowbeefarm.com
Comments: Swarm retrieval and cutouts in the Tri-Cities ares. No charge for most swarm retrievals (though help with expenses would be appreciated). I also remove colonies from structures and have 5 years experience plus construction experience. Free estimates.
George Windle
Knoxville, TN
Phone: 865-659-1437
Comments: Call any time. Covering Knox and surrounding counties. Swarms picked up for free. Cutouts will be priced according to difficulty. Please don’t spray with bug killer or poison!! I do not remove yellow jackets, bumble bees, wasp, hornets or dirt daubers.
James Blakeney
Knoxville, TN

Phone: 865-389-4759
Email: jamblakeney@gmail.com
Serving Anderson and surrounding Counties including the greater Knoxville area. Swarm Removal is free. Cutouts/trapout have free estimates. Please do not spray with chemicals.
Greg Barnett
Knoxville, TN

Phone: 865-567-2356
Email: gsbpt@comcast.net
Remove Swarms and Stucture removal can be assessed for possible removal. 20 mile radius of Knoxville. Please do not spray. Bees will be placed in a treatment free apiary near Downtown Knoxville. Not resposible for any damage to buildings or property while doing removal.
Dee Moore
Knoxville, TN

Phone: 865-244-6527
Email: deemoore1352@gmail.com
Free Swarm Removal in Knox County, Blount County, Loudon County area.
Andy Brasfield
Knoxville, TN
Phone: 865-235-1323
Email: dadofmykids@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/andybrasfield
Comments: Swarm removals, trap outs, cut outs, in the Knoxville TN area. I rescue bees from people. I rescue people from bees.
Chad Daniels
Lancing, TN
Phone: 865-223-2430
Email: chaddaniels03@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal in Morgan & Roane County
Robert Luttrell
Lawrenceburg, TN
Phone: 931-629-2554
Email: luttrellr@bellsouth.net
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal.
Gene Staggs
Lawrenceburg, TN
Phone: 931-762-6143
Email: genestaggs@hotmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal for Lawrenceburg, Lawrence County area. Registered beekeeper with state.
Larry Skidmore
Loudon, TN
Phone: 865 458 6221
Email: skidmld@aol.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in the Loudon county area.
Terry Skeen
Loudon, TN

Phone: 865-717-9596
Email: ske3077@att.net
Honey bee swarm Removal. All bees are used on our Blueberry Farm.
Marshall Dudley
Loudon, TN
Email: mdudley@king-cart.com
Comments: Loudon, Knox, Anderson, and Roane Counties. Swarm removal 7 days a week. Do not spray with any chemicals. Will relocate to treatment free apiary.
Todd Harris
Lynchburg, TN

Phone: 931-454-2218
Email: tsharris76@hughes.net
Free Swarm Removal, removing bees from structures is negotiable according to difficulty. Moore county and surrounding counties.
Hale’s Honeybee Rescue
Lynnville, TN
Phone: 931-292-7489
Email: jhalemaker1276@gmail.com
Website: http://www.haleshoneybeerescue.com/home.html
Comments: Rescue honey bee’s from anywhere within a hundred miles of Lynnville TN 38478
Stone Riddle
Manchester, TN

Phone: 931-205-0859
Email: beegone_tn@yahoo.com
I will remove swarms of bees for no charge.
Cantrell Carden
Manchester, TN
Phone: 931-580-6038
Email: cardengutters@gmail.com
Comments: Free removal of swarms in Manchester and surrounding areas.
Jason Young
Martin, TN

Phone: 615-804-8755
Email: youngapiaries@gmail.com
Hanging swarm retrieval. Colony removal from non concrete structure.
Stephen Penick
Martin, TN

Phone: 615-415-9229
Email: agfmpenick@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/#!/StarPastures
My son who is in 4-H and I remove swarms as well as bees from structures. We also remove them from fallen trees. I have 7+ years of experience in tree removal. Bees just add another element. So far we have a 100% rate of success of hive rescue.
Mark Evans
Maryville, TN
Phone: 865-984-1858
Email: naturalsmiles@gmail.com
Comments: I remove honeybees. My goal is to quickly and safely remove unwanted honeybees and give them a new home. Don’t spray chemicals the bees! We can remove bee in trees, floor space, ceiling, walls (brick, wood and wall board). I have a bee vacuum that safely removes the bees without killing them. The bees are then housed in a new hive. Thanks for saving the bees!
Mike Harris
Memphis, TN

Phone: 901-212-6916
Email: sales@loganslakehoney.com
Website: loganslakehoney.com
swarm removal and structural removal
Chadd Bowden
Monterey, TN

Phone: 931-252-1047
Email: cbowden11@hotmail.com
: Will remove for free. All honey bees will be saved. We us the safest way possible to remove the bees and for the property.
Kelly Hill
Morristown, TN
Phone: 423-438-9292
Email: bbnova@gmail.com
Website: www.rockytophoney.com
Comments: Swarms and cut outs
Ken Kizer
Murfreesboro, TN

Phone (home): 615-691-0480
Phone (cell): 615-542-6314
Email: tngamecockfan@comcast.gmail.com
Comments: Rockvale/Murfreesboro. Free swarm removal. Registered with the TN Dept of Agriculture. Don’t kill the bees, let them have a good new home. If I cannot come, I feel sure that I can get another beekeeper in my area to get the swarm!
Tom Hartley
Murfreesboro, TN

Phone: 615-218-2961
Email: tandma@comcast.net
FREE hanging swarm removal in Rutherford County (Middle Tennessee area)during the months of March – June. Free bee advice ALL year long.
Brad Odom
Murfreesboro, TN

Phone: 615-542-9397
Email: porkchop2011@att.net
catching swarms. some cut outs. and getting them out of a tree
Jays Bees
Murfreesboro, TN
Phone: 615-785-1962
Email: 1Bee.Rescue@Gmail.com
Comments: FREE Honeybee Swarm Removal in the Middle TN area. I will respond immediately to your call. Please do not spray or attempt to kill the bees before calling.
Daniel Barnes
Murfreesboro, TN
Phone: 931-397-3416
Email: pastorbarnes4633@gmail.com
Comments: Will do honey bee swarm removal for free in Fentress, Morgan, Scott, Putnam, Pickett, and Cumberland counties. Will also do cut outs, hive removals etc. depending on situation.
Ray Eason
Nashville, TN

Phone: 931-349-2122
Email: natural0870@yahoo.com
live honeybee removal from buildings and from trees.
Stephen Johnson
Nashville, TN

Phone: 615-400-1135
Email: pokernash09@gmail.com
Website: http://fromthehive.org/
I do free swarm removals and small cutouts, Cheatham County.
Chris Ivy
Phone: 615-218-7572
Email: chrisivy1012@gmail.com
Comments: Honey Bee Removal as well as yellow jacket and hornet from any area or surface.
Jerry Rutland
Nashville, TN
Phone: 205-800-1699
Email: chrome1007@gmail.com
Comments: Honey Bee Swarm Removal Only!
** Cut outs possible, but no replacement or repairing of cutout walls, etc.
Lino Larke
Nashville, TN
Phone: 615-800-0233
Email: 615bikerlino@gmail.com
Comments: SWARM Removal, cutouts, trap outs
Dan Bright
Newport, TN
Phone: 423-487-2616 cel 423-721-1105
Email: peetie37722@gmail.com
Comments: swarm removal and trapouts serving sevier and cocke as well as jefferso and hamblen counties no bees are killed just relocated to my farm
Ronny Clift
North West, MS

Phone: 901-239-4289
Comments: Honeybee Removal serving the Shelby & Desoto Counties surrounding Southwest Tennessee. Memphis, Frayser, Bartlett, Lakeland, Collierville, Cordova, Germantown, Olive Branch, Byhalia.
Aaron Burns
Knoxville, TN

Phone: 865-235-8553
Email: The_Lorax@animail.net
Free Swarm removal anywhere around knox co. Free estimates on removal from structures anywhere in E TN. Bees will be added to my Chemical Free Apiary at the foot of rich mnt to pollinate as nature intended.
Shawn Hines
Paris, TN
Phone: 903-615-6840
Email: hinesfarm@mail.com
Comments: Hello, I work in the area so I am around during the weekdays. I remove swarms, do cut outs and trap outs. I will give the bees a nice place to stay out I’m the country with plenty of wildflowers around. Give me a call.
Hendon Honey Farm
Pikeville, TN
Phone: 423-554-3003
Email: hendonhoneyfarm@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee Relocation/ Swarm removal. Pikeville, Dunlap, Whitwell, Graysville, Dayton, Spring City, Chattanooga, Soddy-Daisy, Hixson, Spencer, Etc. Serving eastern/middle Tennessee. Please email or call for estimate!
Piperton, TN
Phone: 901-643-5629
Comments: Memphis, Shelby County and surrounding areas Swarm removals.
Randall Sharpe
Ramer, TN
Phone: 731-434-8865
Email: rsharpe03@yahoo.com
Comments: Free Honey Bee Removal in Mcnairy County Tennessee and surrounding counties. Will go within an hour or less drive. Contact and we will make arrangements to remove and relocate to my organic farm in Ramer for pollination and honey. Bees will not be harmed or killed. If they are in an attic, shed, barn, tree or eve they are usually pretty easily removed. However if they are in a wall it will require some amount of dismantling and removal of wallboard, usually either inside or out and the owner will be responsible for the repairs since this service and my expenses are free. I will do the least amount of damage possible to get to the hive but all the combs will have to be removed.
Josh Carmack
Ripley, TN
Phone (my cell): 731-635-0155
Email: jcarmack@newwavecomm.net
Swarm removal and low priced cutouts. Will travel 15-25 mins depending on situation. This covers; Alamo, Covington, Brownsville, Dyersburg, Halls, Henning, Ripley. All of Lauderdale county, and the immediate surrounding areas. Please Don’t kill the bee’s. If you cannot afford a cutout, there are people that will do it for free or you can have a trap out performed. Bee’s provide us with over 30% of our food we need them! Call me any time and leave a message if no answer. Sorry no house line, we dropped those years ago.
Gerald Skaggs
Savannah, TN

Phone: 931.332.0207
Email: gerald@skaggsfamily.ws
I will remove honey bee swarms from the Savannah and surrounding areas. There is no charge for my services. I do not do cutouts after the bees have settled in buildings or structures, including trees.
Carl Holcomb
Signal Mnt, TN
Phone: 423-886-2944
Comments: I do swarm removal and cutouts within a 30 mile radious of Chattanooga, TN. Leave a message and I’ll return your call ASAP.
Jonathan Currence
Silver Point, TN

Phone: 615-870-4115
Email: jonathancurrence@gmail.com
I provide free honey bee removal in and around the Putnam county area.
Brandon Hardin
Spring Hill, TN
Phone: 615-682-1204
Email: chefbhardin@gmail.com
Comments: Free Honey Bee Swarm Removal, cut outs, and Hive.
Jay Roach
Strawberry Plains, TN
Phone: 865-438-9100
Email: jroach454@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm captures and cutout removal depending on difficulty and destruction of the job at hand. Don’t spray anything to kill the bees. You can cause more damage in the long if bees are killed inside a structure.
Richard Loper
Thorn Hill, TN

Phone: 423-733-8406
Email: deanloper@hotmail.com
Comments: Remove Swarms and Building removal. Around Hancock, Hawkins, Hamblen, Grainger Counties. About 30 mile radius of Thorn Hill,TN. Not resposible for any damage to buildings or property while doing removal.
Todd Harris
Tullhoma, TN

Phone: 1-931-454-2218
Email: tsharris@hughes.net
Swarm removals and removals from building.
Jacky Vincent
Unionville, TN

Phone: 931-703-8419
Email: Jlvincent@united.net
Remove swarms
Brian Shelton
White Bluff, TN

Phone: 615-347-6344
Email: handyman2128@gmail.com
Swarm capture and removal in or around White Bluff area. Swarm removal from some structures.
Larry Roberts
White House, TN
Phone: 615-285-9898
Email: pops9653@gmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm Removal. Free Estimates on Cutouts and High Risk Removals.
Lennie Mather
Winchester, VA
Phone: 540-877-1509 or 540-247-8953
Email: Lennie@mris.com
Website: Valleybees.org
Comments: Honeybee swarms removed free of charge. Structural removal in certain circumstances; fee depends on level of work required. Call for more information. Winchester and Frederick.
Stan Coker
Woodlawn, TN
Phone (cell): 615-497-5119
Comments: serving Montgomery, Stewart and Cheatham counties. Will remove honeybee swarms for free from local area.
Brian Dickson
Woodlawn, TN
Phone: 931-378-5502
C: 760-793-2924
Instagram: veteran_bee_man
Email: birdhunter83@gmail.com
Comments: FREE SWARM REMOVAL- I will capture and transport the honey bee’s to my bee yard where they will have a home and can thrive. Cut outs are reasonably priced.


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