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Debbie & Kevin Tilger
Arlington, WA

Phone: 360-652-6582
Email: redslobberdog@hotmail.com
Shaun Quinn
Arlington, WA

Phone: 360-708-4660
Email: mightyquinn8@gmail.com
Looking for a swarm of bees used to Western Washington for my hive.
Matthew Williams
Arlington, WA
Phone: 206-391-6292
Email: exec_matt@yahoo.com
Comments: Swarm capture
Auburn, WA

Phone: 253-839-1942
Email: afrangulyan@yahoo.com
Swarm removal in South King County
Bob Reynolds
Auburn, WA
Phone: 253-931-1954
Email: BobReynolds100@msn.com
Comments: Swarm collection in all King & Pierce counties.
John Feher
Auburn, WA
Phone: 469-287-7070
Email: pugetbee@gmail.com
Comments: I work from my home office and should be able to respond at most hours. I am also a newbee looking to add my second hive so I would welcome an unwanted swarm if available. (South King / Pierce Counties)
Chris Shepard
Battle Ground, WA

Phone: 360-601-0669
Email: mrshep2002@yahoo.com
I will remove any swarms of honey bees that are not in a structure and rehive them.
Battle Ground, WA

Phone: 360-852-6321
Email: germshire@yahoo.com
Free removal of honey bee swarms from your property. I will put them in a nice hive at my place. I can not remove bees from the inside of a structure. Don’t kill them!!!
Charles Bennett
Battle Ground, WA
Phone: 360-566-0455 or 360-200-3093
Email: cbennett3491@comcast.net
Comments: I’m a local beekeeper looking for honeybee Swarms in the Vancouver area. A Bee Swarm can be a tight cluster of bees; they can be from small as a grapefruit to larger than a basket ball. Swarms are normally not aggressive, but should be left alone; they want and need a new home. If you or someone you know sees a swarm, please call me and I’ll be there to collected them. Please do not spray them with chemicals or water.
Jacqueline Freeman
Battle Ground, WA
Phone: 360-904-7387 or 360-687-8384
Email: friendlyhavenmail@sisna.com
Comments: Swarms gently removed from all Clark County towns, WA & Portland OR area. They’ll be treated with respect and care and taken to an organic farm. We teach bee classes and often bring new beekeepers with us so they can learn to do this, too. Thanks for calling.
Lisa Linderman
Battle Ground, WA
Phone: 360-903-0506
Email: info@halfacrehomestead.com
Website: www.halfacrehomestead.com
Comments: I am a “natural” (chemical-free) beekeeper, and can capture swarms in the Battle Ground, Brush Prairie, Amboy, Yacolt, Vancouver, Ridgefield and surrounding areas of Washington, free of charge. I cannot help with established hives in buildings.
Art Waldal
Battle Ground, WA
Phone: 360-687-6629 or 360-687-9163
Email: abwaldal@aol.com
Comments: Bee swarm removal by an expert bee keeper since 1974. I remove bees from buildings, chimneys and structures. I have been able to help many a person with this problem in the past years.
Bob Neal
Battle Ground, WA
Phone: 360-666-4738
Email: bob@fibercations.com
Comments: Free swarm removal. Free estimates for removing established colonies from buildings, trees, etc. I serve all of Clark Co, Wa. Vancouver, Washougal, La Center, Ridgefield.
Jim Little
Belfair, WA
Phone: 360-265-2822
Email: jcllittle82@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove honeybee swarms at no charge. Anywhere on Kitsap peninsula or south to Shelton
Jim Olsen
Bellevue, WA

Phone: 206-919-2945
Email: jao@coredesigninc.com
Website: sunsethillhoney.com
Free Honey bee swarm removal.
Russ Deptuch
Bellingham, WA

Phone: 360-815-3989
Email: russ@beeschoice.com
Honeybee swarm capture and removal. Honeybees naturally swarm in the late spring and early summer as a way of increasing their numbers. I will be happy to come and collect the swarm at no charge.
C Mathews
Bellingham, WA
Phone: 360-815-1278
Email: cmath900@aol.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm removal Whatcom County, Washington
Jerell Burdette
Black Diamond, WA
Phone: 253-740-8733
Email: jmgeneral@comcast.net
Comments: ALL HONEY BEES RELOCATED TO NEW PLACE TO BE BEES!! Swarm Capture please call and text picture if possible. Honey bee swarm and existing hive removal. Swarm removal for free. Existing hive removal will be given cost estimate before work begins. Licensed general contractor. Serving greater puget sound area and foothills area. Thank you
Jeremy U’Ren
Black Diamond, WA
Phone: 206-459-3165
Email: juren@comcast.net
Comments: Honey Bee – Swarm removal. I will gladly assist in the removal of honey bees and give them a new home. -Free Service- Please call or text the number listed.
Alan Pomeroy
Bothell, WA
Phone: 425-361-5776 or 206-599-6026
Email: pomeroy58alan@gmail.com
Comments: Will pickup and remove honey bee swarms generally at no charge. will relocate estabilished colonies into hives and remove in Snohomish and King counties 38 years exp. SAVE THE BEES thank you!
Rae Rome
Burien, WA
Phone: 206-769-8317
Email: gq.rae.rome@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal
Jerry Robnett
Camano Island, WA
Phone: 360-387-3693
Email: jerry@beesandbulbs.com
Travis Bizjak
Camas, WA
Phone: 541-617-1944
Email: 2@bizjak.us
Comments: Swarm removal in Camas and surrounding area.
David W. Creveling
Carlton, WA

Phone: 509-923-3003
Email: crevelingd@yahoo.com
swarm removal from Twisp to Brewster to Chelan
Jackie Miller
Cheney, WA

Phone: 509-954-3669
Email: miller.jrm@gmail.com
honeybee swarm removal. Honeybees will be given a new home.
College Place, WA

Phone: 509-522-0107
Email: pro99262@yahoo.com
Make the effort to rescue and save all our valuable pollinators – honeybees. I will. If I can’t, I know other beekeepers who can. Safe, gentle, live removal & relocation of honeybee swarms and established colonies. We keep and maintain the colonies we rescue.
Jon Wooten
Coupevill, WA

Phone: 757-412-9284
Email: jwoo1800@gmail.com
Serving Island and Skagit counties. Performing swarm removal and hive cut outs.
Dancing Bee Apiary
Eatonville, WA
Phone: 719-210-1220 or 253-579-4238
Email: dancingbeeapiary@gmail.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Eatonv…y/244252709952
Comments: I remove swarms free of charge in the Eatonville, Elbe, Ashford area. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.
John Waddles of John’s Bees
Eatonville, WA
Phone: 360-832-6382
Email: johnniechester@msn.com
Comments: I have all the equipment to come and safely remove any unwanted honey bee hive or swarm, in attics, basements, barns, trees, anywhere I can get to them. I usually can come out the same day. Free to all Pierce County and South King County residents. Donations welcomed for gas.
Braden Rasmussen
Eatonville, WA
Phone: 253-370-8313
Email: braden@sweetbees.buzz
Comments: Bee and swarm removal.
Elma, WA
Phone: 360-580-1572
Email: dvo-specialties@comcast.net
Comments: I am a hobby bee keeper and would love to catch some swarms in Elma, McCleary, Montesano. I am willing to travel from Olympia to the Coast to catch a swarm.
Rob Jenkins
Ethel, WA

Phone: 360-219-3092
Email: ironimagery@hotmail.com
Swarm capture and colony removal from buildings and structures.
Federal Way, WA

Phone: 206-745-2414
Email: autoclient@gmail.com
I do swarm collection in Auburn,(Bellevue, Redmond, Duvall, Carnation, Monroe, Woodinville, etc.) and all of King & Pierce County. Also do honey bee. Swarm capture and Colony removal (cut out). Serving King, Pierce, Snohomish Counties, Washington State.
Russell Deptuch
Ferndale, WA
Phone: 360-815-3989
Email: russ@beeschoice.com
Comments: Swarm Capture and unwanted bee hive removal in Whatcom County, to include but not limited to, Bellingham, Lynden, Sumas, Ferndale and all outlying rural areas. Lets all be gentle and kind to our valuable honeybee pollinators, and be good to this fragile pearl we call Whatcom County.
E.J. Bittner
Freeland, WA
Phone: 360-331-5796
Email: bittner.ej@gmail.com
Comments: Our bee wrangled will perform free swarm removal and cutouts. We will then give those bees a great home and care. We travel anywhere throughout Island County.
Bill Whitson
Grays Harbor County, WA
Phone: 360-589-4614
Email: bill@beesbythesea.com
Comments: Swarm Removal
Michael Skripek
Issaquah, WA

Phone: 425-985-5023
Email: mike@skripek.com
Safe, gentle, live removal & relocation of honeybee swarms and established colonies. We keep and maintain the colonies we rescue. *- WE DO NOT KILL HONEYBEES -* Serving all of King County, Issaquah, Samamish, Renton, Bellevue, Redmond, Mercer Island as well as most Cities on the East Side.
Keith Mickle
Issaquah, WA
Phone: 425-891-8680
Email: keith.mickle@gmail.com
Comments: Available to remove swarms from trees, fences, posts or any swarm below 12 feet; from Issaquah to North Bend. I will return all calls promptly to ensure the safe removal of wild bees.
Karen Parrow
Kalama, WA
Phone: 503-926-3251
Email: karen.parrow@gmail.com
Comments: Free removal of honeybee swarms in the Longview, Kelso, Kalama area. I’ll gladly remove put your swarm and put them in a treatment free hive. (I’m not able to remove swarms from inside structures such as walls.)
John Hasty
Kelso, WA
Phone: 360-749-2799
Email: jlhasty3@hotmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm Removal in the Longview, Kelso, Kalama, Castle Rock, and Rainier Areas.
Kennewick, WA

Phone: 509-987-5522
Email: sc99337@gmail.com
Removal of Honeybee swarms and relocate them to a chemical free home to help preserve this valuable resource.
Dale Jefferson
Kennewick, WA
Phone: 509-591-8464
Email: raisedale@hotmail.com
Comments: Honeybee SWARM Removal for FREE. Safe and gentle removal of established honeybee colonies is hard work so we charge a fair hourly rate. Providing service primarily to Tri-cities area. Bees are checked for disease, treated when necessary and moved to a local bee apiary.
John Garvey
Kennewick WA
Phone: 509-586-0814
Email: garvjo@gmail.com
Comments: Bee removal
Ron White
Kennewick, WA
Phone: 509-460-6837
Email: crunninwild@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm and hive removal. Kennewick, Pasco, Richland and surrounding areas.
David White
Kennewick, WA
Phone: 509-948-5216
Email: beemantricities@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm and certain feral honey bee removal in the Tri-Cities area. Beekeeper with over 30 years experience. Please visit our website.
Jeremy / Bob Graham
Kennewick, WA
Phone: 509-582-5837
Email: cowboy_jcg@hotmail.com
Comments: Free honeybee swarm removal in the tri-cities area.
Joyce Danner
King County, WA

Phone: 425-444-7598
Email: joycedanner@comcast.net
Swarm Removal in South King County.
King County, WA

Phone: 509-499-2860
Email: gilmartined@gmail.com
Free swarm removal for all King & Pierce County! It is important that a bee swarm be captured quickly. Please call me ASAP if you see a swarm.
Jason Nelson
Kirkland, WA

Email: JasonandRadonna (AT) hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm Collection (though no, I’m not going to climb 150 ft up that pine tree. Not again.). Kirkland, Eastside suburbs. Drywall Cut outs.
Robert Merkel
Kittitas County, WA

Phone: 509-260-0259
Email: gimerkel(at)excite.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal in Kittitas County. Will evaluate on an individual basis.
Chuck Mortimore
Kirkland, WA

Phone: 425-351-0265
Email: chuckmort@hotmail.com
Honey bee swarm removal. Eastside and Seattle.
Ed Homola
La Center, WA

Phone: 360-980-2489
Email: edhomola1950@gmail.com
Swarm removal in Clark county area
La Center, WA
Phone: 360-719-9630
Email: smartbeepollin@gmail.com
Comments: Will do everything to save the honey bees and remove any swarm to give them a better home. Please don’t waste your money and don’t let anyone harm the bees we need them now more then ever. 3rd gen. Life long experienced beekeeper call me for a free swarm removal. serving all of Clark county
David Leger
Lakebay, WA
Phone: 253-358-6488
Email: davideleger@gmail.com
Comments: Free removal of honey bees. On the Key Penisula, Gig Harbor and so rounding areas.
Lakewood, WA
Phone: 253-254-6504
Email: bees4med@gmail.com
Comments: FREE honeybee swarm removal. If you have a honey bee swarm in a tree, on fence, on your house or other places, I’ll remove it for free. I’m a hobbyist beekeeper looking to fill a few empty hives. Lakewood, Tacoma, Fircrest, University Place, Steilacoom.
Douglas Penning
Longview, WA

Phone: 360-414-1263
Email: 38beespace@gmail.com
I am available for swarm removal and hive removal. I never kill any Honey Bees that I rescue. Honey Bees are the life blood of agriculture. We depend on them for our existance. We should always nurture Honey Bees… never kill them…
Wayne Bacon
Longview, WA
Phone: 360-909-1096 or 360-423-1338
Email: wib@solidweb.com
Comments: We offer honey Bee swarm Removal Free of charge in Castle Rock, Longview, Kelso, Klama.
Frank Indra
Marysville, Wa

Phone: 360-654-1496
Email: findra@juno.com
Marysville, WA
Phone: 425-280-8473
Email: vztransport@gmail.com
Comments: If you have swarm of honey bees call me and I will take care of it thanks.
Marcelle & Martin Stenzig
Mineral, WA
Phone: 360-525-3991
Email: beetopia@stenzig.com
Comments: Swarm and colony removal by certified, gentle beekeepers in Eastern Lewis county including Morton, Randall, Glenoma, Packwood, Mossyrock and southern Pierce County including Ashford, Elbe, Alder, La Grande and Eatonville. Bees are relocated to our bee yard.
Matthew Smith
Montesano, WA

Phone: 360-470-9371
Email: Mangonpeach@yahoo.com
Swam removal in Grays Harbor County
George Kelley
Montesano, WA
Phone: 360-249-4204
Email: geo_Kelley@comcast.net
Comments: Honey bee removal in the Aberdeen, Central Park, and Montesano areas. I will save all honey bees I capture to a hive.
Moses Lake, WA

Phone: 509-989-9656
Email: lkystuli@yahoo.com
Free of carge; honey bee swams removal from trees, bushes,houses, roofs, storages;can cut out bee nests from walls, roofs, basements, …
Brad Raspet
Mount Vernon, WA

Phone: 360-708-9424
Email: brad.raspet@gmail.com
Website: www.BingalingBees.com
Bee Swarm Removal. If you have seen a Honey Bee swarm in the Skagit County area, and would like them captured in a safe and gentle manner (no charge). Please, call me – I can respond very quickly and I will find them a new home here in Skagit County.
Lisa and Bob Combs
Combs Honey Farm
North Bend, WA
Phone: 425-891-2329
Email: bob@combshoney.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in East King County. Certified WA state Journeyman Beekeeper with many years of experience in safe, orderly and low-impact removal of swarms. Removal of well-established colonies from fixed structures available for fee on a case-by-case basis.
Robert Niles
Oak Harbor, Whidbey Island, WA

Phone: 360-499-6545
Email: robert@yakima.net
Website: http://www.shadylanebees.com
Swarm removal of honeybees at no charge. Can not do cut outs but will refer you to those who can.
Lisa Phillips
Oak Harbor, WA
Phone: 360-632-1979
Email: lisa@roundtuitfarms.com
Comments: Will collect swarms anywhere on Whidbey Island or Fidalgo Island.
Kellie Shincke
Olympia, WA
Phone: 360-481-1297
Email: kstinky@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/pages/Working-Girls-Urban-Bee-Company/205889432754918
Comments: swarm removal and established hive removal and consult
Riley Reed
Othello, WA
Phone: 509-989-1800
Email: thebugman99@hotmail.com
Comments: I happily and safely remove honey bee swarms and some feral hives for FREE in Adams and Franklin county
Jacob Vooge
Pasco, WA
Phone: 509-528-2163
Email: voogejel45@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm and hive removal
Caruso’s Honey Co.
Pomeroy, WA

Phone: 509-843-6086
Email: carusohoney@wildblue.net
Web: http://www.carusohoney.com/id12.html
Comments: Swarm Removal
Gus Gustafson
Port Angeles, WA
Phone: 360-477-3052
Email: gusser@ymail.com
Comments: Swarm rescue and relocation, pollination, natural and organic bee health / disease treatment, honey, pollen, and bee hives. Port Angeles, Clallam, Jefferson, Kitsap, and Mason counties, longer travel possible by request.
Port Angeles, WA
Phone: 360-460-5733
Email: holstein01@msn.com
Comments: Swarm removal, to be added to my local bees.
George Purkett
Port Orchard, WA
Email: purkettg@westsoundbees.org
Comments: FREE honeybee swarm removal in the Port Orchard, Gig Harbor, Bremerton, Belfair, Southworth areas. I will provide a very nice home for the swarms.
Paul Burns
Port Orchard, WA
Phone: 360-265 9260
Email: paulburns58bbc@yahoo.com
Comments: Free Honeybee Swarm removal for Kitsap and Pierce Counties. I also remove yellow jackets, hornets, wasps, and bumble bees for a donation. I have been keeping honeybees for more than 30 years.
Rick Dial
Post Falls, ID

Phone: 208-777-4432
Email: rick.dial@gmail.com
Swarm removal, pollination service, honey sales. Serving Spokane, WA.
Helene Goslin
Rainier, WA

Phone: 360-446-0776
Email: heleneg@fairpoint.net
Honey Bee swarm removal.
Michelle Burke
Pocket Meadow Farm
Rainier, OR
Phone: 503.892.2944
Email: bees (at ) pmfarm.com
Swarm collection only. Vancouver, Longview, Kelso
Nathan Raush
Renton, WA
Phone: 425-306-5679
Email: nathan@culturedhome.com
Website: http://www.pleasedbees.com
Comments: Swarm collection & hive removal of unwanted honeybees & other stinging insect nests from trees and buildings. Area: Bellevue, Issaquah, Kent, North Bend, Redmond, Tukwila, Woodinville, Renton, Maple Valley, Sammamish and areas around SE King County.
Joyce Danner
Renton, WA

Phone: 425-444-7598
Email: joycedanner@comcast.net
Swarm removal
Adam Lin
Renton, WA
Phone: 206-419-6435
Email: sifuadamlin@yahoo.com
Comments: I am a hobbyist beekeeper, and will remove a swarm for free primarily around South King County or North Pierce County, including Federal Way, Burien, Des Moines, Renton, New Castle, Bellevue, Kent, Seattle.
Todd Gervais
Richland, WA
Phone: 509-987-2089 or 509-375-0779
Email: toddgervais@gmail.com
Comments: Free removal of Honey Bee swarms in the Richland, Kennewick, Pasco area of Washington state. I am a professional beekeeper and the president of the local beekeeper association.
Gary Wheaton
Rochester, WA

Phone: 360-273-7462
Email: wildrose6(at)earthlink.net / subject line -bees-
Comments: Swarms-cutouts. Will travel for bees. I AM NOT A CONTRACTOR.
Ben Flowers
Roslyn, WA

Phone: 509-674-8161
Email: wildernessridgellc@hotmail.com
Swarm removal
Scott Templin
Roslyn, WA
Cell: 206-795-7357
Email: tttemplin@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove honey bee swarm at no charge
Daniel Pauletich
Samamish, WA

Phone: 425-518-2249
Email: dpauletich@yahoo.com
Safe, gentle, live removal & relocation of honeybee swarms and established colonies. We keep and maintain the colonies we rescue. *- WE DO NOT KILL HONEYBEES -* Serving all of King County, Issaquah, Samamish, Renton, Bellevue, Redmond, Mercer Island as well as most Cities on the East Side.
Jason Tatro
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-226-0846
Email: jason.tatro@gmail.com
Comments: Available for swarms in Seattle and South King County.
Marvin Johnson
Jerry the Bee Guy
Seattle, WA

Phone: 206-331-1051
Email: marvin@jerrythebeeguy.com
Website: www.jerrythebeeguy.com
Comments: Poison Free Bee Swarm Capture-Bee Removal
Daniel Schwalbe
Dan The Bee Man – Poison Free Stinging Insect Removal
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-289-0392
Email: dan@danthebeeman.com
Website: http://www.danthebeeman.com
Comments: As a side business, I specialize in “Poison-Free Stinging Insect Removal”. This includes honey bees, both swarms and colonies that have set up shop in wall cavities or buildings. I do most of my work within the Seattle City limits, but will cover the rest of King County and Snohomish County on a case-by case basis.
Keith Glatzer
Wild Bee Company
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-240-7362
Email: kgcast@yahoo.com
Website: www.wildbeecompany.com
Comments: I am a beekeeper and carpenter and will take away swarms for free. I also provide pesticide-free removal of established colonies of bees or wasps from buildings or yards.
Aziz Junejo
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-356-8687
Email: IC4ME@yahoo.com
Comments: Available to remove swarms from trees, fences, posts or any swarm below 13 feet; from Seattle, Bellvue, Renton, Kent, Burien. We will provide safe removal and give the bees a good home in order to protect these valuable pollinators. We will return all calls promptly to ensure the safe removal of wild bees.
Krista Conner
Seattle Bee Works
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-938-5158
Email: krista@seattlebeeworks.com
Comments: Honeybee Swarm Removal, In and around city of Seattle and Burien.
Rebecca and Ken Reid
Seattle, WA
Phone: 206-786-3804 or 206-579-4449
Email: orome@comast.net
Comments: Rebecca and I will come and take away honeybee SWARMS for FREE. Safe and gentle removal of estabilished honeybee colonies can be hard work and we charge a fair hourly rate, unless it’s exceptionally simple, then removal is also FREE. Primarily serving King and Snohomish counties. Give us a call!
Becca Hall
Seattle, WA
Phone: 425-765-5060
Email: happyluckyfool@gmail.com
Comments: I will come remove swarms of bees for free. I can get swarms from trees, fences, or anywhere accessible by ladder, in or near Seattle. I’ll get them established safely in a hive.
Jerry & Nikki Hinkle
Selah, WA
Phone: 509-697-3154 or 509-823-3633 or 509-823-3626
Email: rattlesnakeranch@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removals from Kittitas and Yakima counties. Member of Central Washington Beekeepers Association. We keep the bees we rehome.
Mike Radford
Sequim, WA

Phone (cell): 907-360-8182
Website: Alaskabeeproducts.net
Email: radford180@gmail.com
Bee removal all over Seattle and the Olympic Penn.
David Mackovjak
Silverdale, WA
Phone: 360-340-0381
Email: trimack@prodigy.net
Comments: FREE swarm removal in the Port Orchard, Silverdale, Bremerton areas. I will provide a safe, sustainable, chemical free home for your swarm. Please call my cell number any time for a fast response.
Sergey Tsymbalyuk
Snohomish, WA

Phone: 360-224-5622
Email: stsymb@gmail.com
Swarm capture & Established colony removal from walls, attics, established colony removal or “cut out”. Serving Whatcom, Skagit, Snohomish, King, and other surrounding Counties. Respond fast to emails, sms and phone calls. I also do wasps, hornets & other inscects for a fee.
Roger Ledbetter
Snoqualmie, WA

Phone: 425 344-2579
Email: lisaandroger@comcast.net
I will pick up honeybee swarms and remove them. The bees will be given a new home. I will focus on the Eastside of Lake Washington: Bellevue, Sammamish, Issaquah, Carnation, Fall City, Snoqualmie, Blackdiamon, North Bend, and so on. For swarms over about 10 feet I can try a swarm trap.
Alex Klimok
Spokane, WA

Phone: 509-465-5803
Email: aklimok@yahoo.com
Website: www.outdoorbee.com
The Outdoor Bee Co. offers honey bee swarm removal service in Spokane, the Spokane Valley, Airway Heights, Cheney, Liberty Lake, Medical Lake, Veradale, and nearby areas.
Adam Manson
Spokane, WA

Phone: 509-413-9310
Email: adammanson79@gmail.com
Free honey bee swarm removal for the greater Spokane/Stevens county area. I’m a local hobbiest beekeeper looking to fill a few empty hives.I’m quick, professional and always available too. I will trade local raw honey for successful swarm captures. Please don’t kill the bees thanks for your time.
Rick Dial
Spokane, WA
Phone: 509-220-6687
Email: rick.dial@gmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm Removal. One quart of honey for each swarm retrieval.
Kevin Oldenburg
Spokane, WA
Phone: 509-389-2235
Email: Kevin.Oldenburg@2ndsightbio.com
Comments: If you need Honey Bees removed either from a swarm or a structure, please contact me. I serve the greater Spokane area, South Spokane, Airway Heights, and the West Plains. We are Organic beekeepers and are always looking for “native” honeybees adapted to this area. Free quart of honey with each successful swarm capture.
Kent Olson
Spokane, WA
Phone: 408-921-9891
Email: Kent.Olson@gmail.com
Comments: Bee Swarm Removal
Anthony Way
Spokane and Deer Park, WA
Phone: 509-202-6466
Email: wayfamilytreefarm@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal. I will capture and safely rehome honey bee swarms! Please help to save the bees!
Dave Austin
Stanwood, WA

Phone: 360-652-8258
Email: davidsonja@verizon.net
Micah Klesick
Stanwood, WA

Phone: 360-629-0884
Email: webmaster@stanwood-camanobeekeepers.com
Comments: Stanwood, WA, also cover Skagit, Snohomish and Island Counties.
Trey Shelton
Startup, WA

Phone: 425-941-5001
Email: willowrunranch@yahoo.com
Honeybee swarm vacuum live capture and live removal of established colonies in structures. Washington law requires any alteration of a structure be performed by a properly registered contractor which I am. All bees will be relocated to my hive boxes in a country setting. Most collections are done for no charge at locations from Newcastle to Granite Falls and from mid-Seattle to Marysville.I’m a member of the Puget Sound Beekeepers Association, the Northwest Beekeepers Association, and the Washington Farm Bureau. Rest assured, your bees will receive the very best of care!! Thank you, in advance, for the bees you will have saved. Trey Shelton, beekeeper and conservationist.
Jon Taylor
Tacoma, WA

Phone: 253-282-2275
Email: taylorarmy@gmail.com
Honey bees have a natural way of reproduction, they swarm and the old queen leaves the hive while a new queen is raised, but the old queen will take 1/2 to 3/4 of the bees with her. If you call me, I will move the bees to a better home. See we need honey bees, if it wasn’t for them we would have no fruit, vegetables, or cotton. Honey bees account for 1/3 of our food supply and they are dying. So you can help save the bees! Support you locale beekeeper, buy honey from a beekeeper and call a beekeeper to remove honey bees not a pest control company. I will remove any honey bees swarms from your house, shop, or garage for free just in pierce country. I do remove established honey bee hives but I charge for that it is a reasonable amount.
Tacoma, WA

Phone: 253-212-8480
Email: deshkin@gmail.com
Free bee swarm removal. I will catch and remove your swarm without harming the bees. If you see or have a swarm of bees anywhere around your location I will be there as fast as possible. I live in the Tacoma area and would like you to call me if you have a honey bee swarm in a tree or bush. Usually in spring, some strong bee colonies will propagate by casting off swarms, about half of the bees will leave with a queen and look for a new home. You may see a large cluster of bees hanging from a tree, your house, or even your car. They are harmless at that time and are just looking a home. I would like to gather them up and provide them a home.
Timothy Reese
Tacoma, WA
Phone: 253-383-3736
Email: Reesetdhh@comcast.net
Comments: Swarm removal.
Evan Bridges
Tacoma, WA
Phone: 253-223-6229
Email: bridgesevan@gmail.com
Comments: Looking to capture and remove a swarm to populate my bee hive. North End Tacoma a plus.
Christopher Pengel
Tacoma, WA
Phone: 253-219-3783
Email: Christopher_pengel@icloud.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/christopher.pengel
Comments: Hi I live in the Tacoma area I am looking to expand my bee yard. I do all natural bee keeping with no pesky chemicals. If you have any bees that need to be removed and need a new home. I have all the tools and equipment to do it unless it is up high that needs a ladder. I am very experienced with bees and most of the time don’t even wear a bee suit unless they are pretty aggressive. I will do most removals for free of charge. I can remove hives anywhere in Tacoma, Lakewood, Spanaway, Puyallup, Federal-way, an Auburn. I am available most days from 11:00am- 8:00pm.
Kathleen Diéguez
Tacoma/ Puyallup, WA
Phone: 206-476-5449
Email: chilekat@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal, and consultation.
Don Aman
Tieton, WA
Phone: 509-470-4703 or 509-965-5442
Email: daman@sawmllc.com
Comments: All of the Yakima Washington valley area, from Wenanachee to the Tri-Cities area. Available 24/7
Steven Peters
Toledo, WA

Phone: 360-269-7797
Email: washbcbook2@yahoo.com
John Ward
Vancouver, WA

Phone: 360-903-5193
Email: jomawa88x1@juno.com
Vice Pres Clark County Beekeepers Assoc, WA, Will remove honeybee swarms for free in Vancouver, Clark County, WA, area.
Paul Hanlin
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 503-320-5262
Email: paulhanlin@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal for Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR and surrounding areas. Please call or email.
Charles Bennett
Vancouver, WA

Phone: 360-200-3093
Email: cbennett3491@comcast.net
I’m a local beekeeper looking for honeybee Swarms in the Vancouver area. A Bee Swarm can be a tight cluster of bees; they can be from small as a grapefruit to larger than a basket ball. Swarms are normally not aggressive, but should be left alone; they want and need a new home. If you or someone you know sees a swarm, please call me and I’ll be there to collected them. Please do not spray them with chemicals or water. I can collect most swarms up to 25ft off the ground. If you have or see a swarm I will come and collect it for Free. A GOOD HOME is what’s important.
James Clark
Vancouver, WA

Phone: 360-921-4445
Email: jc.hiker@gmail.com
Free honey bee swarm removal within Clark County Washington. Will also consider swarm removal in the Portland Metro area. Will quote rates for cutouts. Bees will be given a good home in one of my hives or another beekeepers hive.
Shane Tomlin
Tripod Honey Farms
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 360-831-1261
Email: icuroom6@yahoo.com
Comments: Swarm removal.
Eric Kneifel
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 719-659-9676
Email: ekneifel@gmail.com
Comments: I will gladly come and safely remove any honey bee swarms from your property at no charge, and place them in a local hive where they can start working on pollinating local plants and making honey. I am in the Vancouver area.
Patrick and Julie Morris
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 360-342-6584
Email: morjulie@gmail.com
Comments: Respectful, free bee removal and relocation to a local small scale permaculture farm where the colony will be raised in accordance with nature.
Anton Check
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 360-907-3264
Email: acheck@excite.com
Comments: If you have a swarm of bees you want to get off your property give me a call. I have over 7 years of experience. If you are within 20 miles and it is a good swarm of honey bees, there is no charge! I’ll capture the bees ond relocate them, unharmed.
Monique Dupre
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 360-694-1283
Email: moniquedupre@gmail.com
Comments: I am a beekeeper willing to capture honeybee swarms free of charge. I live in Vancouver WA/Portland OR are and will drive up to 40 miles to capture a swarm.
Mariah Kimble
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 360-566-5555
Email: mariahkimble@gmail.com
Comments: I will capture swarms, and depending on the situation remove from homes, ect
Michael Bahr
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 503-551-0305
Email: mkbahr@hotmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal
Jarrod Reed
Vashon, WA
Phone: 360-990-0934
Email: mr.reed@msn.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm collection
Bill Winkle
Walla Walla, WA

Phone: 509-730-9758
Email: Mtnmanbill@live.com
FREE accessible swarm removal. Established colonies removed from homes, buildings, etc for reasonable hourly fee, unless its easily accessed, then also free. Bees relocated to my local hives, NOT exterminated. Serving Walla Walla and surrounding area-Dixie, Waitsburg, Milton-Freewater, etc.
Mark Robinson
Walla Walla, WA
Phone: 281-886-4973
Email: wwrobico@gmail.com
Comments: swarm removal to our farm free service. removal from buildings removal free rebuilding available for charge call anytime
Mark Baker
Wenatchee Valley, WA

Phone: 509-679-1920
Email: maeuba@gmail.com
Swarm collection, trap-outs.
Russell Deptuch
Whatcom County, WA
Phone: 360-815-3989
Email: russ@beeschoice.com
Comments: I will remove Honeybee swarms in Whatcom County at no charge to the homeowner. Call me early as soon as the swarm arrives to avoid them becoming established in the eaves of your home or attic. Once they find a suitable residence, and set up house, they are difficult to remove.
Colin Franger
White Salmon, WA
Phone: 541-399-4141
Email: colin.franger@gmail.com
Comments: I am willing to try to remove any swarm and find them a safe and happy home. I am willing to travel within the Gorge. Give me a call!
Cheryl Royal
Winlock, WA
Phone: 360-219-6446
Email: clroyal2@gmail.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm removal Lewis and Cowlitz Counties, Washington
Matt & Jen Taylor
Winlock, WA
Phone: 360-560-5634
Email: centaurheart@gmail.com
Comments: We gently remove and rehome unwanted honeybee colonies and swarms in South Lewis County including Centralia, Chehalis, Winlock, Napavine, Onalaska and other outlying towns.
Phil & Mary Ellen Wilson
Winlock, WA
Phone: 369-785-3804
Email: evalineapiary@gmail.com
Comments: “Please, DO NOT SPRAY BEES” We RESCUE Honey Bees. Swarm collection and colony removals by certified beekeepers. We serve Lewis, Clark, Thurston and Grays Harbor County’s. Bees will be relocated to our bee yard. It’s all about the bees.
Jerry Corey and Cheryl Royal
Winlock, WA
Phone: 360-880-4723 and 360-319-3193
Email: clroyal2@gmail.com
Comments: Will come and remove honey bee swarms in the areas of Winlock, Vader, Toledo and Napavine only. Thank you.
Jim Olsen
Woodinville, WA
Phone: 206-919-2945
Email: jao@coredesigninc.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm collection, South Snohomish County Bellevue and Renton.
Tel Jensen
Woodland, WA

Phone: 360-225-9348
Email: tel@pikkufarm.org
swarm removal and established hive removal.
Terry Day
Woodland, WA
Phone: 360-949-3191
Email: woodlandbeeman@gmail.com
Comments: I will come to your location and remove honey bee swarms,no charge. clark and Cowlitz counties.I start new hives with these swarms,they are not killed.
John Ward
Woodland, WA
Phone: 360-841-8686 or 360-903-5193
Email: jomawa88x1@juno.com
Comments: I capture honeybee swarms for free in the woodland wa area and safely relocate them to a wonderful hive containing lots of pollen and nectar. Done for free but any gratuitous donations are heartily accepted .
Don Aman
Yakima, WA

Phone: 509-480-4703
Email: sawmllc@gmail.com
Swarm removal. Colony removal from structures less than 20 feet off ground. Colony removal from structures more than 20 feet off of ground. Will remove from internal structure only with signed held harmless agreement as well as nominal fee for extraction equipment needed for removal.
Thomas Mani
Bee Forever Apiary
Yelm, WA
Phone: 360-894-6038
Email: bee4ever@fairpoint.net
Website: www.bee4ever.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in greater Olympia area.









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