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Brenda Nye
Burlington, CT
Phone: 860-299-6870
Comments: Free removal of honeybee swarms in the towns of Burlington, Harwinton, New Hartford, Farmington, and Bristol. Swarms must be ladder-accessible and exterior to any building structure as I do not do cut-outs. Please send photo of swarm with text to 860-299-6870
Bill Hesbach
Cheshire, CT
Phone: 203-430-2895
Comments: I’m an Eastern Apiculture Society certified master beekeeper and I’ll remove and care for bee swarms located on your property.
Ned Farrell
Clinton, CT
Phone: 860-828-1046
Complete swarm removal services, and complete eco-friendly honeybee colony removal services. We work all over the state of CT, and are based in Clinton on the shoreline. The cost of removal of a colony of honeybees from the walls or interiors of buildings is established on a case by case basis.
Paul Gorski
Danbury, CT
Phone: 646-354-8304
Comments: Honey bee removal swarms and cut outs.
Tom Collins
Easton, CT
Phone: 203-246-1751
Comments: Honey bee swarm removal.
Monkey’s Pocket Apiary LLC
Fairfield, CT
Phone: 203-371-6448
Website: Monkey’s Pocket Apiary LLC
Comments: Safe removal & relocation of Honey Bee Swarms to a new safe & loving home. We will work with your contractor if the swarm is in a structure that requires accessing.
Andrew Degenhardt
Guilford, CT
Phone: 203-444-4046
Comments: Free swarm removal. Entire state covered.
Brendan Murphy
Killingworth, CT
Phone: 860-575-7761
Swarm removal, home bee hive cut outs and repair.
Middletown, CT
Phone: 860-301-5468
Comments: Free Honey bee removal and relocation. There may be a charge if carpentry is involved.
Also yellow jacket and wasp removal.
Ralph Harrison
Milford, CT
Phone: 203-878-0462
Phone (cell): 203-435-8135
I have been a beekeeper for 26 years and provide the following services. Swarm pickup (no charge) Fairfield and New Haven counties. Bee removal from buildings in Fairfield and New Haven Countys. Free estimates on removal from buildings. Will lecture on honeybeeys. Lectures run one hour and include a honey tasting at the end. Lecture fee charged.
Tom Kubic
Milford/Meridan, CT
Phone: 203-395-9945
Comments: We remove and save honey bees from houses and commercial buildings
being contractors as well we can patch any openings we make to remove the bees.
George Zvara
Mystic, CT
Phone: 860-235-0190
Swarm Removal for the safe preservation our our precious honey bees. Within 30 miles of New London Ct.
Shawn W. Orr
New Canaan, CT
Phone: 203-585-4006
Comments: Outside and inside natural honey bee removal. I will ensure that the swarm is hived at one of my yards. I only remove honey bees.
David Walden
Oakdale, CT
Phone: 860-861-5295
Remove honey bees from home or land.
Michael Boroski
Oakville, CT
Phone: 203-490-8112
Comments: Free removal of honey bee swarms.
H. Peet Foster
Riverside, CT
Phone: 917-975-3731
Swarm removal. I will work with your contractor providing cut outs and honeybee removal. Westchester, NY and Lower Fairfield County, CT
Mike’s Beehives LLC
Roxbury, CT
Phone: 203-648-2942
Swarm removal from trees or structures. Free removal within 50 Mile Rad. $1/mile only 1-way.
Jon McAdoo
Southington, CT
Phone: 860-690-6088
My boys & I provide Free Removal & relocation of HoneyBee Swarms. If a wall or roof needs to be opened up to safely remove them a fee may be involved.JonnyBeeGood
Allan Boothroyd
Stafford, CT
Phone: 860-817-2811
Comments: I provide cut outs, trap outs and swarm catches free of charge in and around Tolland county. A free estimate of time and work required upon request. I only remove honey bees. I have performed trap outs in trees and dwellings, cut outs in outlying buildings and eves/ walls of dwellings, And swarm catches if I am available in time. Please call or text my contact number or email me. Thank you for saving the bees. Please don’t spray pollinators it is ineffective and can be illegal.
Stratford, CT
Phone: 203-915-0320
Comments: We will remove all honey bee swarms and relocate them to a nice safe hive. We will remove them from trees houses ect. There is no fee for swarm removal but will be a fee for wasps hornets and other bees. Our mission is to save as many honey bees as we can. The bees need us and we need them.
Steven White
Thompson, CT
Phone: 774-239-6016
Comments: Honey bee Swarm removal. Honey bee removal from building.
Josh Petit
Uncasville/Montville, CT
Phone: 860-608-6584
Comments: Free removal of honeybees from structures and land. After a safe and easy removal I will relocate them to one of my apairies where I build my own beehives. I save all honeybees offering them a free treatment home. Any location in the New London County is fast and easy since I’m located right off the interstate. Let’s save the bees.
Ricky Fellows
Wolcott, CT
Phone: 203-879-3753
****Help save the Honeybee****Free removal of honeybee swarms. Will remove honeybees from building walls,this is called a cut-out. The cut-out requires removing shingles, wood siding, and dry wall and reassembled. This work will be done by a licensed carpenter for a fee. Honeybees brood and wax will be saved.


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