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Chappie McChesney
Alachua, FL

Phone: 386-462-2637
Email: chappiesbees@windstream.net
Website: www.floridabees.org
Professional live honey bee removal. Don’t let the amatures that want bees for free damage your home. Over 50 years experience of doing bee removals the right way. Helping to save our honey bees and our food supply.
Lori Sawyer
Alachua, FL
Phone: 352-339-2428
Email: lori@heritagehoneyfarms.com
Website: Heritagehoneyfarms.com
Comments: Professional, experienced, registered, safe honeybee removal and relocation. Please do not exterminate. Save out bees!
Steve Richman
Alachua, FL
Phone: 352-226-6302
Email: jubis09@gmail.com
Comments: Free honey bee removal.
Justin Horn
Alachua, FL
Phone: 386-588-4241
Email: jwh0745@gmail.com
Comments: FREE, Honey Bee removal and relocation!!!!! Please do not exterminate! Doing so may not permanently fix your bee problem!
Denrig, Inc.
Alva, FL
Phone: 239-728-3747
Email: bees@HoneyBeeMan.com
Website: http://HoneyBeeMan.com
Comments: Live Bee Removal, Rescue, Relocation Services for Honeybees. We provide a “save the bees” alternative rather than eradication. Professionally rescued bees are relocated and converted to gentle managed bee colonies, cared for by beekeepers. Southwest Florida: Alva, LaBelle, Lehigh, Lee County If we are unable to provide service in your area or situation, then we will attempt to refer you to another qualified professional, live bee removal specialist.
Pete Smith
Amelia Island, FL
Phone: 904-624-1115
Email: info@hivepirate.com
Website: www.hivepirate.com
Comments: Florida Registered Beekeeper and Member of the University of Florida Master Beekeeper Program. FREE “Swarm Removal” depending on your location and the location of the bees. We only perform NON-LETHAL removals. We perform ” Cut-outs” (removing honeycomb and bees from your house or business). We perform “Trap-outs” (does not damage trees or structures). Prices are competitive and based on your location, and the location of the bees. Please contact us for more information!
Big Pine Key, FL

Phone: 305-747-4126
Email: beekeeper4u@gmail.com
Website: http://www.floridakeyshoneyandbees.com/
honey and bee removal
Chris Blalock
Big Pine Key, FL
Phone: 305-916-4076
Email: removals@boshaftfarms.com
Website: boshaftfarms.com
Comments: Fast and friendly live honey bee removals from Key West to Marathon. Bees are rehomed at our apiary to continue growing – we don’t kill hives with pesticides/gas/suffocation. If your hive is gentle enough, you can hang around and watch! We also have an adopt-a-hive program.
Jeff D. Abbey
Boca Raton, FL
Phone: 561-445-1914
Email: animalcontrolbocaraton@gmail.com
Website: BocaRatonBeeRemoval.com
Comments: Professional live honey bee removal services, serving all cities in Palm Beach and Broward counties, both commercial and residential properties, Performing cut outs and all repairs, over 12 years experience. Licensed/Insured, we relocate all swarms.
Kelly Estill
Bradenton, FL
Phone: 941-201-9378
Email: floridabeeinvestigator1@gmail.com
Website: floridabeeinvestigator.com
Comments: Bee Removal and Relocation
Bills Professional Bee Removal
Brevard County, FL
Phone: 321-576-6956
Email: bill.matanis@gmail.com
Website: http://www.abeeremoval.com/
Comments: Serving Brevard county and Orlando area. Fast, safe, professional Live Bee Removal specialists.
Andy Harrell
Brevard County, FL
Phone: 321-223-3673
Email: aharrell1149@live.com
Website: http://andhives.com
Comments: We relocate we don’t exterminate. Free estimates. Swarms start at $75.00, Established hives start at $150.00
John Herring
Broward County, FL

Phone: 954-559-0700
Email: tropicalapiaries@gmail.com
Website: http://nobees.com/
Comments: Honey Bee removal. live Bee removal when it is safe. we are a Licensed and Insured pest control company and Beekeepers.
B. Keith Councell
Cape Coral, FL

Phone: 239-839-4479
Email: beekeith@gmail.com
Website: swbees.com
Live bee and hive removal, African (killer bee )bee specalist , we remove with the least damage to your buildings and at the best prices. Ie teach beekeeping and are a complete beekeeping supply co. Wn business for over 25 years. In beekeeping for 5 generations.
Mike Bushman
Cape Coral, FL
Phone: 920-493-4147
Email: capt.mike55@hotmail.com
Comments: Free estimates, bee removal from homes, buildings and trees, any place they end up… We do not kill any bees
The Bees Choice
Cape Coral, Lee County, FL
Phone: 239-878-1953
Email: thebeeschoicefarms@gmail.com
Website: www.thebeeschoice.com
Comments: We do not kill bees! We use only environmentally friendly means to rescue honeybees and relocate them to our farm.
Dade City, FL
Phone: 352-584-9568
Email: barbros3@outlook.com
Comments: Honeybee removal and repairs
Davie, Broward County, FL

Phone: 786-205-0208
Email: Michelle@TheHoneyBeeDoctor.com
Website: www.TheHoneyBeeDoctor.com
Comments: Honey Bee swarm and colony removal. Bees relocated, not exterminated.
Jude Vose
Deerfield Beach, FL
Phone: 954-234-6682
Email: judesbeeremoval@gmail.com
Comments: Registered Beekeeper with the state of Florida. Husband and wife team. We do cut outs, trap outs, swarm removals from trees, water meters, sheds, roof soffits and much more. Call or text with photos for an estimate. Jude 954-234-6682
Jared Waites
Destin, FL

Phone: 850-685-6112
Email: Jared@destinhoney.com
Removal of swarms and home bee removal. Relocating bee’s to a safe haven!
Amy Beal
Dunnellon, FL
Phone: 352-476-7619
Email: amybeal.ab@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee removal.Any bees we remove will be relocated and personally cared for.
Mitch Rushton
Fernandina Beach, FL
Phone: 904-261-3689
Email: MRush78787@aol.com
Comments: Swarm capture and removal. Possible cutouts.
Stephen Woodin
Flagler County, FL
Phone: 813-504-7854
Email: stephenwoodin@gmail.com
Comments: Removal and relocation to our private apiary. We NEVER use pesticide and we will remove swarms, old hives, & colonies that have made their home in YOUR home. We will carefully dis-assemble interior or exterior surfaces to remove parts of the hive to prevent re-infestation. Florida certified nuisance animal control operator. Most hives can be removed FREE. We only charge for our expenses (mileage/fuel).
Joe Redburn
Ft Myers, FL

Phone: 239-223-1080
Email: jredburn@mindspring.com
Website: poorboybees.com
 I don’t kill bees, I relocate them. I will take swarms and I do removal;/relocations I will service Lee, Charlotte, Hendry and Collier Counties. This is a business and I do charge for my services.
Brian Higgins
Fort Walton Beach, FL
Phone: 843-367-1418
Email: dixiebeeco@yahoo.com
Comments: I provide Swarm removals for free and cutouts or removals from buildings, houses, trees, etc for a fee.
Oscar L. Guevara
Hialeah, FL
Phone: 786-704-7147
Email: gabygiovy@yahoo.com
Comments: I do bee removals and swarm pickup in Hialeah, Homestead, Miami. I have an Apiary where we left the bees to help our environment and to our food supply!. Se habla espanol!!.
Scott Pasqua
Hollywood, FL
Phone: 954-604-7054
Email: skottip@bellsouth.net
Comments: Bee hive removal. Swarms, cut outs etc. I do not kill the bees. I remove and re-locate..
Brandon at Redland Farm & Apiary
Homestead, FL
Phone: 305-979-4942
Email: akalayath@gmail.com
Website: www.redlandfarms.com
Comments: At this time we offer this service only in the SW Miami / Homestead area. This is only for removal of honeybees that have recently swarmed onto a foliage in your yard. (A swarm is a collection of bees usually seen on a tree branch in the shape of football or teardrop, they are looking for a place to make a new home). This means they have not started to build a hive yet, but if they haven’t left after 72 hours or sooner chances are they are looking to stay there or build a hive in any building or structure close by, possibly in your yard. This is the time to remove them. We will remove swarms, free of charge, from trees, bushes, signs and other accessible places. We will also remove unwanted hives and equipment. We do not remove hives of wasps, yellowjackets or africanized bees, or any type of bees which has built a hive in your home, eaves or any other structure on the property. We do not remove bees from inside walls and floors, or if they are situated in excess of 15 feet from the ground. We do not destroy the bees but relocate them, however if you have sprayed them then we cannot remove them. Weather permitting we can respond the same day, just send us an email.
John Graf
Jacksonville, FL

Phone: 904-610-3470
Email: Missbeehaven4@gmail.com
Free swarm removal in the Jacksonville area. If the bees have already moved into a wall or structure there maybe a charge.
Zack Blizzard
Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 904-517-3614
Email: zackshoneyfarm@gmail.com
Comments: Live bee relocation. Swarm removals, trap outs. Fees may apply in some situations.
Ruth Thompson
Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 904-891-2831
Email: ruth_12557@hotmail.com
Website: fb page : Bee Grateful Apiaries
Comments: I provide free swarm removal and also remove bees and their hive from building structures. This is done by either a cut out or a trap out. A cut out is removing the siding, wall or ceiling and removing the bees and hive and placing them in a hive and removing that hive to a bee yard. A cut out is usually done in a stone structure or in a tree. This is done by placing a wire funnel over their entry point from which they can leave the hive but not reenter. A small hive is placed adjacent to the entry and they will usually go into this hive and eventually the Queen bee will leave the hive and it is at this point the hive outside is removed and the entry sealed. I do not use any pesticides nor do I kill the bees. All bees are relocated to one of my apiaries.
Rusty May
Jacksonville, FL
Phone: 904-536-6516
Email: rustymay836@gmail.com
Comments: Bee removal by a professional Beekeeper. I will remove bee swarms free of charge.
Jeffrey Wingate
Key Largo, FL
Phone: 305-746-0215
Email: piratehatapiary@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/piratehatapiary
Comments: Live Bee colony removal and relocation from structures as well as Swarm removal. Servicing the area between south Miami and Marathon Florida. Pricing based on complexity of the job but its really about the welfare of the bees and cost is relative to my expenses and time for a successful removal and relocation.
Allen Clausen
Kissimmee, FL
Phone: 407-201-6496
Email: tampastockman@yahoo.com
Comments: Bee removal services, Swarms and cut outs. Licensed and insured.
Ashley Butler
LaBelle, FL
Phone: 863-673-2346
Email: on2glory@gmail.com
Comments: Cut Outs – Relocate – Swarms
Patrick Gaudin
Lakeland, FL
Phone: 904-424-6662
Email: pgaudin1@tampabay.rr.com
Website: www.savebeesflorida.com
Comments: As we all know, honeybees are experiencing a rough time due to what’s known as CCD (Colony Collapse Disorder). This phenomenon not only threatens the honeybees, it also threatens a good portion of the food supply we as humans now enjoy. My service prides itself in not killing the colony with poisons, but instead, I remove the colony and relocate them to a place where they can survive and thrive. Whether it’s a simple swarm that has just arrived or if it’s an established colony that’s been around for years, I will safely remove honeybees in order to protect both them and us.
Byron Teerlink
Levy County, FL
Phone: 352-339-3238
Email: teerlinkfl@embarqmail.com
Comments: bee removal, cutouts & trapouts in Marion, Levy & Alachua county.
Live Oak, FL
Phone: 386-316-9875
Email: sean@heliocreative.com
Comments: Swarm Removal and Removal from Trees (trapouts)
David Carman
Martin County, FL
Phone: 772-475-8585
Email: David@Beemovers.Info
Comments: Live Bee Removal, We are Florida Licensed Beekeepers, we do not kill the bees, we are not exterminators. I service, Stuart, Palm City, Jensen Beach, Hobe Sound, Sewells Point
Zachary Infante
Martin County, FL
Phone: 561-248-7256
Email: Zacharyinfante@bellsouth.net
Website: Www.easyremovalsolutions.com
Comments: We offer professional bee hive relocation. We are open 24 / 7. We offer free inspections and warrantys.
Rigoberto De La Portilla
Miami, FL
Phone: 786-281-8324
Email: info@adoptabeekeeper.com
Website: www.tattooedbeekeeper.com
Comments: Experienced and Professional live Bee removal services. We relocate all swarms.
Louis Cruz
Miami, FL
Phone: 305-720-3001
Email: cruzmiami@gmail.com
Comments: Bee removal, Apiary Photography
Ysmel Cruz
Miami, FL
Phone: 352-242-8164
Email: ysmelcruz@me.com
Comments: I do free swarm removals, I also do cut outs and trap outs, for a small fee. I relocate them to my plant farm.
Belkis Bernardo
Miami-Dade County, FL
Phone: 786-704-7175
Email: belkisbernardo@yahoo.com
Comments: I am registered with the state of Florida and have an Apiary where I keep the removed bees. Bee Removal only, we do not kill the bees, unless necessary. Helping to save our honey bees and our food supply as well. I do bee removals and swarm pickup in Hialeah, Miami, Homestead, Miramar and Pembroke Pines.
David Garcia
Miami-Dade County, FL
Phone: 305-510-9312
Email: davidgarcia899@gmail.com
Comments: I provide full service bee removal, I will remove bees from any location and any scenario. Many removals are free, some come with a nominal charge, I remove bees in Miami-Dade, Broward, and Monroe county, as well as parts of Collier.
CombCutters: Live Bee Removal
Miami-Dade, FL
Phone: 305-710-6583
Email: combcutters@gmail.com
Website: combcutters.wix.com/combcutters
Comments: CombCutters removes and relocates honey bees from unwanted locations to preserve South Florida’s bee population.
Tim Ashby
Molino, FL
Phone: 850-380-2268
Email: taashby79@hotmail.com
Comments: I do honey bee removals in the Escambia County and Santa Rosa County Florida area. Call or e-mail me for any honey bee removal you may need done.
Ashley Butler
Moore Haven, FL
Phone: 863-673-2346
Email: on2glory@gmail.com
Comments: Cut Outs – Relocate – Swarms
Naples, FL
Phone: 619-344-0991
Email: bees@naples.net
Website: NaplesBees.com
Comments: Florida state registered beekeeper. We are a hobby beekeeping apiary located in Naples, Florida and will try to give your bees a good home. We have limited apiary space so please visit our website contact page at: http://www.naplesbees.com/sign/  for the current status on our ability to remove/relocate your bees.
David Robinson
Ocala, FL
Phone: 610-442-4147
Email: rigacci@usa.net
Comments: Bee removal, for free. We will find your bees a nice home. No chemicals used!
Chuck Coleman
Ocala, FL
Phone: 352-270-6005
Email: smokeydabee@gmail.com
Comments: I remove Honeybees for free in my area. I am a state registered Beekeeper( # F L 0 0 9 0 6 0 2 C), and do live removal only. I do not do repairs , but I remove the bees and comb and make it possible for you or a contractor of your choice to do them. Most often bees are located under a removable panel of sorts anyhow. Skirting, s o f f i t , or canisters or wall panels are the most common places. I will open walls and floors but you will be required to repair them.
Tony aka (BiG T)
Okeechobee, FL

Phone: 863-801-2866
Email: tvavra2005@embarqmail.com
I remove swarms in Okeechobee and Glades County.
Bob’s Bees
Orange Park, FL
Phone: 904-300-5973
Email: poteete.bob@gmail.com
Comments: Bee removal in North East Florida. I am registered with the state of Florida and have an Apery where I keep the removed bees. I give you a quote if there is to be any charges up front. I work safely and as fast as possible to remove your unwanted swarm. Please call Bob Poteete at 904+300+5973 or email me at poteete.bob@gmail.com Thanks Bob Poteete
Jordan Coats
Orlando, FL

Phone: 407-421-6604
Email: Cjordancoats@aol.com
Swarm and cut outs
C -Bees Apiary (Chase)
Orlando, FL
Phone: 407-443-5665
Email: chasejames@hotmail.com
Comments: Removal of honey bees in your area! We remove and relocate the bees. Swarms, cut outs. If they are where they are not wanted just let us know.
Troy Dere
Orlando, FL
Phone: 321-217-5464
Email: troydere@gmail.com
Comments: Florida Registered Beekeeper and Member of the University of Florida Master Beekeeper Program. FREE “Swarm Removal” depending on your location and the location of the bees. We only perform NON-LETHAL removals. Bee are relocated into proper hives and become gentle bees making honey. We perform ” Cut-outs” (removing honeycomb and bees from your house or business). We perform “Trap-outs” (does not damage trees or structures). Prices are competitive and based on your location, and the location of the bees. Please call me for more information!
Jason Deeringer
Orlando, FL
Phone: 863-412-9895
Email: jason@beeseriousfl.com
Website: http://beeseriousfl.com
Comments: We provide live bee removal services, wasp removal, nuc and queen sales, beekeeping, and wholesale honey. We’re open 24/7 to serve you. Owned and operated by a U.S. Military Veteran for over 3 years.
Oxx Beekeeping
Orlando, FL
Phone: 407-516-1215
Email: oxxbeekeeping@gmail.com
Website: www.oxxbeekeeping.org
Comments: Cutouts, swarms. Live removals
Eric Baxter
Palm Beach County, FL
Phone: 561-294-7665
Email: eric_baxter@comcast.net
Website: Baxtersbeeremoval.com
Comments: We relocate we don’t exterminate. Free estimates. Swarms start at $75.00, Established hives start at $150.00
Zach Infante
Palm Beach County, FL
Phone: 561-248-7256
Email: zacharyinfante@bellsouth.net
Website: Www.easyremovalsolutions.com
Comments: We provide professional bee removal services for all of Palm Beach County, Broward County and Martin County. We offer free inspections and we also guarantee our work. We are open 24 hours of the day to make it easier for our customers.
Steve Shevchenko
Palm Coast, FL
Phone: 386-302-7766
Email: shevchsteve@gmail.com
Comments: Free removal.
Bobs Beez and Apiaries LLC
Palm Harbor, FL
Phone: 727-483-3987
Email : bobsbeez@aol.com
Website: www.localfloridahoney.com
Honey bee rescue and relocation, bee hive removal. I am not a pest control company and I never kill the bees. They are moved to a seperate location and are used to produce honey. Remember they are relocated and not harmed. I am a licensed bee keeper in Pinellas County.
Blue Moon Honey – Poropat Apiary
Palm Harbor, FL
Phone: 727-786-4317
Email: BMApiary@gmail.com
Comments: We provide a safe harbor for honeybees by removing and relocating bees to our apiary. We ensure there is a variety of natural food sources available, and we are pesticide and herbicide free organic gardeners as well as beekeepers. Swarm removal in trees up to a maximum height of 20′.
Johnnie Beshearse
Panama City, FL
Phone: 850-624-5062
Email: elliebhoney@gmail.com
Comments: Honey Bee Swarm retrievals and established colony removals in the Panama City, Bay county area. I relocate all bees to my apiaries. Pick up swarms for free and charge a fee to remove established colonies. Florida registered Beekeeper.
Daniel Morthland
Panama City, FL
Phone: 706-326-6536
Email: beerescue4u@gmail.com
Comments: Providing hive and swarm removal throughout the panhandle of Florida. Swarm removals are free around the Panama city area. A fee is charged for hive removals from a structure. I relocate all swarms and hives back to my apiary and raise them to produce local raw honey for sale.
Chet Beyer
I ‘Bee’ da Man LLC
Pensacola, FL
Phone: 850-748-2938
Email: joannachet@bellsouth.net
Website: http://www.ibeedamanllc.com/
Comments: Honeybee swarm and installed colony removal. Service Area: Escambia, Santa Rosa, Oakaloosa, and Walton Counties, Florida.
Clifton Head
Pensacola, FL
Phone: 850-292-1124
Email: biffsbzbees@hotmail.com
Comments: I am a Florida registered Beekeeper. I don’t kill bees. Swarm and colony removal within the Counties of: Escambia, Santa Rosa, and Oakaloosa. I DON’T exterminate I save Bees. When you call I will ask you to text a picture of the swarm this works great.
Thomas LaConte
Pensacola, FL
Phone: 850-324-0648
Email: Thomas.LaConte@gmail.com
Comments: Registered Florida Beekeeper, FREE Swarm Removal, Cut Outs, Honey & Wax Sales. Beekeeping Advice.
Thomas Weaver
Pensacola, FL
Phone: 360-672-2575
Email: theweaveman@gmail.com
Comments: Bee removal
Jay Swindle
Perry, FL
Phone: 850-295-2329
Email: jsswampgator@yahoo.com
Comments: Removal and place in hive box
Alan Newingham
Pierson, FL
Phone: 386-846-0955
Email: alan.newingham@gmail.com
Comments: Free quality honey bee removal. Dedicated to saving our local honey bee population and food supply.
Dan Ward
Port St. John, FL
Phone: 321-747-0975
Email: sales@123bees.com
Website: www.123bees.com
Comments: Swarm and beehive removal from residential and commercial buildings, structures and trees. Licensed and Insured. No Kill removal. Serving Brevard, Orange, Seminole, Polk, Indian River, Lake, Volusia and other counties.
Nancy Neal
Safety Harbor, FL
Phone: 727-288-3330
Email: nancy@iftreescouldtalk.com
Website: http://ifbeescouldtalk.weebly.com/
Comments: This listing is for removal of honeybees that have recently swarmed onto a foliage in your yard within my swarm service area. (A swarm is a collection of bees usually seen on a tree branch in the shape of football or teardrop, they are looking for a place to make a new home). This means they have not started to build a hive yet, but if they haven’t left after 72 hours or sooner chances are they are looking to stay there or build a home in a building or structure close by, possibly in your house. This is the time to remove them. We will remove swarms from trees, bushes, signs and other reasonably accessible places. We will also remove unwanted hives and some bee equipment for free. For swarm relocation we do not charge for labor. There is a materials fee to cover our expenses. A swarm left on it’s own may move into their new home and build comb. Removing bees from a structure can be costly for labor and repairs. We highly recommend relocation of swarms as a preventative measure before they choose your home to squat in.
St. Petersburg, FL

Phone: 727-455-4222
Email: beekeeperworks@aol.com
We remove bees from your location and relocate them to a rural location to allow them to continue to work and pollinate our essential fruit and veg plants. We are the fifth generation apiarist. Because we work to save the bees to benefit all of us, we are also the least expensive bee removal and rescue apiarist. Please email us with a best means of contact and we will arrange to see your problem bees and find them a new home. Contact us for estimates on the removal of your honeybees.
Jim Steele
St. Petersburg, FL
Phone: 727-642-8823
Email: jimsteelejr@yahoo.com
Comments: Swarm and feral hive removal. We prefer to work mostly South Pinellas County. We remove and relocate Swarms and Feral hives. We remove bees from walls, Soffits, bird houses, Flower pots and plants and bushes that are not over 10 feet high. We hold regular jobs so please leave a message and a call back number or email. Price quoted is an estimate till we see the actual situation.
Matthew Davis
St. Petersburg, FL
Phone: 727-415-2518
Email: bimp.bee.rescue@gmail.com
Comments: Safe affordable bee removals. I take pride in providing an affordable alternative to extermination. All of the bees are removed alive and relocate to several locations around the Tampa Bay Area, where they will live a long happy life working hard to provide all of us with a much needed service.
Clarence Prater
Santa Rosa County, FL
Phone: 850-776-7018
Email: praterville@bellsouth.net
Comments: swarm removal, hive removal and repair, all bees are relocated not killed
Alma & Glenn Johnson
Sarasota, FL
Phone: 941-726-8755
Email: sarasotahoneyco@yahoo.com
Website: Facebook: Sarasota Honey Company
Comments: We specialize in safe bee capturing practices only. Hence we do not exterminate. We trap and relocate bees to our bee sanctuary based in Sarasota Florida.
M.M. Bees, LLC
Seminole, FL
Phone: 727-314-1885
Email: mmbees.llc@gmail.com
Website: https://mmbees.com
Comments: M.M. Bees, LLC is a live honey bee removal & relocation service in Pinellas County. All honey bees are relocated to one of our 4 apiaries where they will continue to pollinate and help our environment. We are Florida State Registered Beekeepers. FL0520610C. We are also licensed and insured.
Jason Vickery
Sopchoppy, FL
Phone: 850-510-9918
Email: redtroutbass18@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal. Florida Registered Beekeeper
David Carman
Stuart, FL

Phone: 772-475-8585
Email: davidc@voyagezradio.com
Bee Removal only, we do not kill the bees, we are not exterminators
Charles Browning
Starke, FL
Phone: 904-796-2507
Email: c_browning@embarqmail.com
Comments: Bee Removal and cut outs
Tampa, FL

Phone: 813-951-5877
Email: bertwahl@yahoo.com
Consultation. Bee swarm and hive removal. Building repairs necessary due to swarm/hive removal.
Jonathan Simkins
Tampa, FL
Phone: 813-317-8236
Email: floridabeeguy@gmail.com
Comments: Stinging insects can be a threat to you and your neighbors. We have the equipment, certifications, registrations, degrees, knowledge and experience to control a potentially harmful stinging incident. Reduce your risk & liability and hire a competent, Licensed Stinging Insect Removal Expert! Reg. FLA – Beekeeper #FL0290619S. BEE Rescue – Live Removal – Reg. Beekeeper. Bee Removal Beekeeper/Entomologist. 100% honey & comb recycled. Relocation/re-queening services available.
Krystal Modica
Tampa, FL
Phone: 855-269-2337
Email: firstchoicebee@gmail.com
Website: http://beesrgone.com/
Comments: Live bee removal and relocation. We are also Licensed builders. Giving us the knowledge to repair structures after a removal is complete.
Heritage Bee Farm
Tampa Bay Area, FL
Phone: 813-784-0973
Email: heritagebees@gmail.com
Website: www.heritagebees.com
Comments: Honey Bee Swarm Removal, Honey Bee Rescue, Pollination Services
Nicholas Grasso
Vero Beach, FL
Phone: 772-539-1887
Email: nicksbeemail@gmail.com
Website: www.nokillbees.com
Comments: Live bee removal, total hive removal, bee prevention, bee proofing.
Eric Anderson
Vero Beach, FL
Phone: 772-646-1359
Email: ericanderson138@gmail.com
Comments: We remove bees alive and relocate them.
Steve Behncke
Volusia County, FL
Eco Bee Removal
Phone: 352-617-3673
Email: ecobeemove@aol.com
Website: http://www.ecobeeremoval.com/
Comments: We are dedicated to the survival of honey bees and we will remove them from anywhere you have them; Trees, chimineys, walls, meter boxes, anywhere! We remove the bees, the honey and the honeycomb which is essential if you dont want the bees or other pests to return. This requires a high level of experience in handyman work to replace the stucco, wood and drywall to the way it was before and we can do it all. All work is performed without the use of pesticides and bees are re-homed to continue their valuable work on the planet. Our non-proift working with at-risk youth is actively seeking out ready apprentices in saving bees and other sustainable studies and we appreciate your business. Discounts for seniors and the unemployed so dont hesitate to call us. Sometimes we can come and rescue your bees at cost. Call my mobile directly for all Lake, Orange and Volusia counties. Thanks!
Baxter’s Bee Removal (Eric Baxter owner)
West Palm Beach, FL

Phone: 561-294-7665
Email: eric_baxter@comcast.net
We relocate we don’t exterminate. Bee Removal All of Palm Beach County A little into Broward & Martin county. Free Estimates. Swarms start at $75.00 and up. Established hives start at $150.00 and up.
William Nour
West Palm Beach, FL

Phone: 561-531-9708
Email: ilguiz@yahoo.com
Website: www.getbeeremoval.com
We provide effective bee removal services with 6 month written warranty against re-infestation. We gently relocate bees to bee farms allowing them to live in a happy environment.
Bee Barf Apiaries
West Palm Beach, FL

Phone: 561-666-8BEE (8233)
Email: beebarfapiaries@gmail.com
Website: http://www.beebarfapiaries.com
Bee Removal in South Florida. We save bees. We offer free estimates and 1 year warranty on certain jobs.






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