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Jake Weil
Albany, OR
Phone: 541-497-9489
Email: jakeandesme@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal in Albany, Corvallis, Lebanon, Philomath and surrounding areas. Prompt service. I also do removals. I am a local natural beekeeper who lives in North Albany.
Myles Comstock
Ashland, OR
Phone: 541-621-3084
Email: beehavehoney@gmail.com
Comments: bee removel all types
James Simpson
Baker City, OR
Phone: 541-403-0787
Email: scoutmaster433@me.com
Comments: Rescue honeybee swarms and give them a good home with a member of the Baker County beekeeping club.
Steve Green
Beaverton, OR
Phone: 503-318-9290
Email: steveo.greeno@gmail.com
Comments: I can capture and remove bee swarms for no charge. I can also remove bees from structures and trees depending on the specifics. Give me a call and I will come and take a look.
Ian B
Beaverton, OR
Phone: 503-475-1962
Email: ian.biggi1@gmail.com
Comments: Home beekeeper that would be very interested in removing/relocating any honeybee swarms in the PDX/Metro area (Beaverton, Hillsboro, etc) and relocating them to my hives. Please give me a call or shoot me a text if you see a swarm and I will come pick it up.
Mike Badger
Beaverton, OR
Phone: 503-747-8667
Email: mike.badger@gmail.com
Comments: Amateur bee keeper looking to fill hives for myself and my neighbors. I’ll gladly collect swarms in Hillsboro, Beaverton, and Tigard. I may even be willing to attempt cutouts in easy locations and Trapouts in places I can easily position a receiving hive.
Roger Long
Bend, OR
Phone (cell): 541-280-1961
Email: rogerlong “at” qwest.net
Comments: Swarm removal in Deschutes, Jefferson and Crook counties.
Allen Engle
Bend, OR

Phone: 541-420-0423
Email: aengle@bendbroadband.com
Remove and relocate swarms from Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Prineville, Sunriver.
Dennis Gallagher
Bend, OR

Phone: 541-280-7131 or 541-389-4776
Email: haymakerooo@yahoo.com
Rescue honeybee swarms in Bend, Redmond, Sisters, Prineville and surrounding area
Deb Hollern
Bend, OR
Phone: 541-382-3132
Email: fuz_deb@bendbroadband.com
Comments: Quick response, free service for rescuing honey bee swarms and established hives. The honey bees will be gifted to a beekeeper within our local Honey Bee Mentoring Partnership group. We adhere to the principles of organic beekeeping.
Paul Francis
Bend, OR
Phone: 541-728-1997
Email: pdfrancis80@gmail.com
Comments: Quick and friendly bee removal service in the Bend area.
Carly Sullivan
Bend, OR
Phone: 541-206-2733
Email: carly.elyse.sullivan@gmail.com
Comments: Free bee removal service; for local backyard beekeepers who are happy to provide them with a home.
Boring, OR

Phone: 503-312-5747
Email: res1ojst@msn.com
Comments: Free swam removal E. Multnomah, Clackamas Co, and farther as time permits. Free removal from outbuildings, barns, tear downs. Dwellings done on case by case basis with some charge for services. If you are not sure what you have, please feel free to email me as many pictures as you like! 🙂
Bee Man Merz
Carlton, OR
Phone: 503-830-9713
Email: merz.usa@gmail.com
Comments: Quick response for your ” tree swarm removal” — Yamhill County, West Side and north of Salem. I’m retired and will relocate all of the “lost home bees” to our small farm.
Robert Coffman
Clackamas County, OR
Phone: 971-712-8160
Email: rpmcoffman@gmail.com
Comments: Safe bee swarm removal in clackamas, multnomah, and Washington counties.
Leon Thomas
Coburg, OR
Phone: 541-972-6306
Email: elthomas97424@yahoo.com
Comments: Looking to adopt a swarm or colony’s
Chris Caldera
Coos Bay, OR
Phone: 541-290-8079
Email: coldstream04@gmail.com
Comments: Free bee swarm removal. General contractor also experienced in cutting out hives from inside structures. May charge a reasonable fee for that cut out service.
Rick Durtschi
Coos Bay, OR
Phone: 503-309-7174
Email: rick@munitorconstruction.com
Comments: I provide honey bee Hive & Swarm removal. Also licensed, bonded, and insured to do restorative construction if needed. I only save the bees, I will not use poisons.
Mike Wood
Coos County, OR

Phone: 541-622-4431 or 541-535-6265
Email: bilder114@gmail.com
Comments: Basic swarm removal services. No charge for service, just want to give the bees a good home.
Tim Wydronek
Corvallis, OR

Phone: 541-730-4849
Email: info@aldercreekhoney.com
Website: aldercreekhoney.com
Free swarm removal in the Corvallis, Philomath and Albany area. We will add the bees to our growing apiary so that they can continue to grow and produce.
Nicholas Cavagnaro
Corvallis, OR
Phone: 541-990-7364
Email: cathynick4849@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal. I live in Corvallis, and am able to remove swarms from West Linn and Benton counties.
Matthew Carpenter
Dallas, OR

Phone: 503-930-2994
Email: Mrgoat0@gmail.com
I will remove swarms in the dallas, monmouth, independece, west salem areas, and most of polk county. Structual removals are on a case by case basis. Thank you
Mark Minzlaff
Damascus, OR

Phone: 503-333-9153
Email: minz66@frontier.com
Free swarm removal, quick to respond from Portland area up to the mountain.
Julie Pierzina
Dexter, OR

Phone: 541-937-2577
Email: juliesewing@hotmail.com
removal and relocation of free hanging honeybee swarms: loving care for the homeless bee colony. my service is free.I will go to eugene, springfield, and surrounding areas: pleasant hill, lowell, dexter, fall creek, creswell. I contact lane county beekeepers to put the word out for anyone needing a colony (swarm) of bee’s. I sell them for $30.00. best to make a phone call to get me, leave a message, i work at home.
Dean Unruh
Eagle Creek, OR

Phone: 541-379-9346
Email: unruhd@juno.com
Free swarm removal in Clackamas County and surrounding area
Cristy Warschaw
Eagle Point, OR
Phone: 541-930-2316
Email: cwarschaw@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal. I do not remove bees from buildings unless building is being demolished. All bees are moved to Bonnie and Clyde Apiary A small Apiary in Eagle Point or to new beekeepers. Gold Hill, Eagle Point, Shady Cove, Medford and Central Point.
Carolyn Eddy
Estacada, OR

Phone: 971-230-4338
Email: cpg@peoplepc.com
pick up swarms, ask for George
Don De Roos
Eugene, OR

Phone: 541-602-8135
Email: DonDDR@hotmail.com
Swarm removal, cut outs
Patrick Waters
Eugene, OR

Phone: 541-517-3400
Email: watersconstr@yahoo.com
Website: Waters Construction LLC Facebook
 Swarms removed for no charge. I can consult on colony removals from structures. Licensed Contractor.
Don Martin
Eugene, OR

Phone: 541-510-9700
Email: treeoflife3@comcast.net
Free Honeybee swarm rescue. I am also a hive extraction contractor. As a beekeeper and a carpenter I can remove a hive from your structure and patch it up good as new, or you can patch it up yourself. I mount the brood comb into hive boxes with the bees so they can survive as a colony with little interruption. I then feed and care for the colony over the following months to restore it to full function and strength.
Michael Kenworthy
Eugene, OR
Phone: 541-461-4818
Email: beesneedus@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm and colony removal from buildings or outside. I’ve removed bees from trees, houses, barns, sheds, electrical vaults, you name it. Free swarm removal and abandoned building removal, occupied buildings for a small fee. I have a bee sanctuary near cottage grove and over a thousand acres near pleasant hill where the bees can live happily for the rest of forever. I am a retired firefighter so my schedule is quite flexible. Text or email preferred.
Brent Hefley
Eugene, OR
Phone: 541-515-0882
Email: brent@schefley.net
Comments: Friendly, Free bee swarm collection. I also do some hive removal from structures. Feel free to text or email photos of the bees. I relocate the bees to new homes around the Eugene area.
Dave Wuertz
Forest Grove, OR

Phone: 503-992-9977
Email: ddwuertz@gmail.com
Website: http://wuertzfarm.cottageinthegrove.com/
I remove honey bee swarms only, no structural removal, sorry. Bees will go to an organic, all natural farm, not a commercial operation! I serve Forest Grove, Banks, Gaston, Cornelius.
Mike Pariera
Forest Grove, OR
Phone: 503-901-7365
Email: parieramp@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove swarms of honey bees
Robert Aaron Bell
Grants Pass, OR
Phone: 541-415-0777
Email: dcece7d9@opayq.com
Comments: I will relocate Honey Bee swarms to one of my bee yards and perform hive removals from any structure. I service Medford, Grants Pass, Cave Junction, and their surrounding areas. I’m non-certified organic beekeeper. I’m excited to get new bee’s with a local immune system 🙂 Thank you for your call! God Bless.
Mark Gattey
Grants Pass, OR
Phone: 541-295-0999
Email: mgattey@gmail.com
Comments: Quick response, free service for rescuing honey bee swarms and established hives. The honey bees will be gifted to a beekeeper within our LOCAL Honey Bee Mentoring Partnership group.
Mike Miller
Grants Pass, OR
Phone: 541-660-7322
Email: mikemillersbeesupplies@gmail.com
Comments: I remover bee swarms and bees from walls and trees if possible. They are given a new home with lots of care. I do this at no charge .
Raine Lee Ritalto
Gresham, OR
Phone: 503-777-1841
Email: reetielee@gmail.com
Comments: I am an Oregon State University, Master Beekeeper Program, Certified Apprentice Beekeeper. I am experienced in capturing honeybee swarms and have safely removed honeybee colonies from structures and a tree. I do not charge fees for honeybee swarm captures or colony removals. I am a beekeeping advocate (Oregon HB2653 Residential Beekeeping). I do not chemically treat my bee colonies or clip wings on my queens. Please contact me to help resolve your honeybee issue.
Chris Ward
Hermiston, OR

Phone: 541-571-6120
Email: chrisward76@gmail.com
Swarm removal, some colony removal depending on location of colony, small pollination services.
Don Borlaug
Hillsboro, OR

Phone: 503-810-7106
Email: dborlaug@frontier.com
I will remove your swarm free of charge. If the swarm is in a building I will do an extraction and repair for a fee. I’m a licensed contractor in oregon for 20 years. All captured bee’s will be giving a new home in my apiary or another bee keepers in the area. Save the Bee’s!
Douglas Markwell
Hillsboro, OR
Phone: 503-970-5571
Email: dlately@gmail.com
Comments: Free honeybee swarm removal. Bees will be placed on my farm.
Zaph Mann & Tereza Fox
Hillsboro/Scholls, OR

Phone: 503-866-5924
Email: zaph@zaphmann.com
Website: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fox-Belly-Farm/138489266250601?ref=ts
Foxbelly Farm Honeybee Rescue & Relocation Service. Swarms or Colonies in buildings & other bees & wasps. We will assess, advise and remove swarms for you and relocate to local bee-keepers. Calm–Professional–Courteous. Will cover Washington County and west-side Portland. Part of Scholls Community Action Service.
Dan Kovac
Hillsboro, OR
Phone: 503-628-0236
Email: dkovac@frontier.com
Comments: Removal of Honeybee swarms in all Portland and surrounding counties/areas. Bees to be given a good/safe home on our organic farm – plenty of organic gardens and fruit trees for them to thrive (safe from sprays).
Liz Marshall
Hillsboro, OR
Phone: 503-984-4300
Email: liz_marshall15@hotmail.com
Comments: Hi I am a local beekeeper and I am looking to rescue honey bees. I’ll remove and rescue swarm at no charge.
Leo Sandoval
Hood River, OR

Phone: 541-399-2939
Email: lsandoval@gorge.net
Columbia Gorge honey bee swarm removal service. I rescue honey bee swarms and give them a good home on my farm. Please call me if you see a swarm or would like a swarm removed from your property. Serving the Columbia River Gorge in Oregon between Troutdale and The Dalles and in Washington between Washougal and Dalles Port. (NOTE: I am not an exterminator, I only remove and rescue honey bees.)
Michael Currie
Jackson County, OR
Phone: 541-621-5269
Email: mdmc.currie@gmail.com
Offering Honeybee Swarm Collection and Relocation Services. Donations/Tips vary from mileage ($0.50 mile) for easy to gather swarms, to contracted hourly for structural removal. I will not work on colonies that have been sprayed, and am not responsible for repairs associated with structural removal. A liability release will need to be agreed too for said property when structural removal is preformed. I see swarm gathering as a civic duty, mostly to the bees but also to people.
Sam McGuire
Keno, OR
Phone: 541-880-6868
Email: sdbtmc@gmail.com
Comments: Honey Bee Removal and Swarm Capture in or around the Klamath Basin.
John Claybaugh
Klamath Falls, OR
Phone: 541-331-6015
Email: jdclaybaugh@gmail.com
Comments: Looking for swarms in or around the Klamath falls area.
Brett Baxter
La Grande, OR

Phone: 541-910-1289
Email: baxterba@eou.edu
Honey bee swarm removal in Union, Baker, and Wallowa counties
Douglas Penning
Longview, WA
Phone: 360-560-1663
Email: 38beespace@gmail.com
Comments: Home Phone: 360-414-1263. I am available for swarm removal and hive removal. I never kill any Honeybees that I rescue. Honeybees are the life blood of agriculture. We depend on them for our existance. Penning Apiaries strives to provide the best comfort and nurturing to all Honeybees… We NEVER destroy them…
Bee Man Merz
McMinnville, OR
Phone: 503-830-9713
Email: merzbees@gmail.com
Comments: I’m retired and can usually respond to your Swarm Removals on the day you call. I also do Limited removals from buildings, ect. Please Call I relocate all bees to our farm and am dedicated to saving them “one bee at a time”.
Neal Beck, Little Heathen Honey
Medford, OR

Phone: 541-941-3598
Email: burmacheck@yahoo.com
Website: www.littleheathenhoney.com
swarm collection
Roxy Ann Apiary
Medford, OR

Phone: 541-531-8680
Email: nativescg@yahoo.com
We provide bee swarm and minimal impact extraction services in southern Oregon. We are well qualified and have many references. All extracted bees are relocated to our Apiary on Roxy Ann Mountain. We do not use chemicals or antibiotics. We are all natural bee keepers.
Rafael Aragon
Medford, OR
Phone: 541-930-1905
Email: aragonbees@gmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm Removal (gas donation will be appreciated). Extractions of established Hives. Pricing is based on the location and time period required to remove colony. Will extract bees from fallen trees based on location. Will charge to remove bees from fallen trees since I work with tree arborist. All extracted bees are relocated to my Apiary. No chemicals or antibiotics in removal of bees. I’m all natural.
Milton-Freewater, OR

Phone: 509-522-0107
Email: pro99362@yahoo.com
If you have a swarm of honey bees on your property, please text or call me and I can come remove them for you. Safe, gentle, live removal & relocation of honeybee swarms and established colonies. We keep and maintain the colonies we rescue.
Chuck Hudgins
Milton Freewater, OR
Phone: 541-861-9662
Email: hudginschuck@gmail.com
Comments: I will rescue honey bee swarms for free in Milton Freewater, and Weston, Helix and Adams Oregon , I am not a contractor , just a farmer who loves honey bees.
Wes Burch
Milwaukie, OR
Phone: 503-353-1818
Email: truelion@comcast.net
Comments: Free Swarm removal
Chip Mayes
Newberg, OR
Phone: 503-330-5856
Email: Fouroaksorganics@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal
Eileen coffey
Oak grove, OR
Phone: 503-319-7050
Email: eecoffey@comcast.net
Comments: I can remove wild errant honey bee swarm clusters. Anywhere in north clackamas county. And or sellwood Moreland.
Troy Gooding
Oregon City, OR

Phone: 971-276-5931
Email: firewalker365@msn.com
Free capture of honey bee swarms. I do not do structural remove of established bee colonies.
John-Paul Register
Oregon City, OR
Phone: 541-530-1941
Email: johnpaul.register@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove Honey Bee swarms. Bees will be relocated and kept with care, if early in the season you will receive honey from relocated bees. Will not remove siding if needed to remove bees.
Henry Storch
Philomath, OR

Phone: 541-760-8266
Email: oldblueseedco@gmail.com
Website: oldbluenaturalresources.com
Free swarm removal. Free estimates on removal of established honeybee and bumblebee colonies. Benton, Lincoln and Polk counties, possible fuel charge outside this area.
Philomath, OR
Phone: 541-979-8017
Email: natureprovidesoregonbeez@gmail.com
Website: Nature Provides Oregon Beez (Facebook community page)
Comments: Local beekeeper providing free swarm removals in Philomath and the surrounding areas.
Bret D
Pleasant Hill, OR

Phone: 541-933-5383
Email: seatopian-beesource@yahoo.com
Will capture swarms and remove bees from abandoned structures at no cost–small fee may apply to removing them from inhabited structures. Serving Fall Creek, Lowell, Dexter, Jasper, Pleasant Hill, Oakridge, Eugene, Thurston, and Springfield. Surrounding area on a case by case basis–please call for info. I adhere to the principles of organic beekeeping and will provide the bees with excellent care!
Tyler Lazz
Portland, OR
Phone: 602-574-4311
Email: tylerlazz@gmail.com
Comments: swarm removal natural bee keeper
Matt Reed
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-770-0233
Email: info@beethinking.com
Website: http://www.beethinking.com
Comments: Bee Thinking offers swarm and bee removal throughout the Portland, Oregon metropolitan area. The bees will be relocated to top bar or Warre hives throughout the city, thus ensuring continued pollination of our bountiful crops! Please contact us any time.
Bryan Allan
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-583-2028
Email: bryansallan@gmail.com
Free swarm removal by a local urban farmer.
Matthew Morris
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-567-9276 (503-56-swarm)
Email: Mickelberrygardens@gmail.com
Website: www.mickelberrygardens.com
Pdx eastside, Gresham, Fairview, Troutdale, and Boring. No cutouts or structural removal of existing colonies.
Brian Lacy
Portland, OR
Phone (cell): 503-975-2391
Email: ubagpdx@gmail.com
Website: http://UrbanBeesandGardens.org
Urban Bees and Gardens is insured, has 40 year’s experience and designed original tools (string purse on long poles and bee-vacuums) to safely rescue bees from ANY location throughout the Portland metro area and beyond. Beaverton, Tualatin … anywhere bees are in need. From low to high limbs … in the middle of thorny bushes … bees in structures or trees. Bees we rescue are used in educational projects with schools and our Better Bees Project to breed sustainable bees.
Will Dart
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-830-4730
Email: mudfeet@comcast.net
We love giving honey bees good homes! If you’ve got a swarm of bees in your favorite tree, hanging from your porch, or on your fence, we’ll come get them and install them in one of the many top bar hive–or other natural bee homes–in the Portland area waiting for a healthy swarm.
Wade Henke
Portland, OR

Phone: 360-901-5245
Email: Henkeshoney@aol.com
Free Swarm removal, I can remove swarms up to 20ft high. Portland Area Call or email
Laura Jones
Portland, OR

Phone: 210-445-5870
Email: nutrility21@yahoo.com
Local removal of swarms. Be prepared to describe the bees, and their location. Cannot remove bees from inside of walls.
Zenger Swarm Crew
Portland, OR

Phone (cell): 503-449-1400
Email: daltonl@reed.edu
Comments: We are looking for swarms to add to our Heifer funded Bee Program at Zenger Farms, an organic farm and educational nonprofit in SE Portland. If you see honeybees swarming in the Portland area, call us!
Scott Walker
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-830-5811
Email: bsnu@comcast.net
Removal of swarm clusters in the Portland Metro and Outlying areas. To be placed in natural style hives for local pollination.
James Hagerman
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-789-5219
Email: jamesehagerman@ymail.com
Honey bee swarms removed and given a good home with a backyard beekeeper in the Garden Home Area of Southwest Portland for local pollination and honey.
Rich Rockwell
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-285-2375
Email: 1sttoast@gmail.com
I will remove bee swarms in the Portland metro area that do not require the deconstruction of buildings or sheds. The swarms will be relocated to an ares where they can survive an pollinate plants.
Andy Stills
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-928-4471
Email: andystills@me.com
FAST & FREE Honey Bee removal. I am a hobbyist bee keeper and housing general contractor. I can safely and efficiently remove bees from most structures and locations on short notice and provide them with a new home natural style hive. Thanks
Josef Campean
Portland, OR

Phone: 503-255-9639
Email: campean@ymail.com
Honey bee Swarm removal and relocation. All bees will be given a good home. IN OREGON ONLY AND S of WASHINGHTON STATE
Wil Morris
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-410-6917
Email: WildBeeandPest@gmail.com
Website: WildBeeandPest.com
Comments: Licensed and insured General Contractor and beekeeper specializing in structural removals (Live Honey Bee hive removal and relocation from inside walls, soffit, attic, floor space, garage, business or home) cut-out and repairs offered. 1 year guarantee.
Rian Meguire
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-208-5767
Email: rameguire@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal and reclamation into suitable environment.
Micah Hamley
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-709-0670
Email: mhamley@fliegenworks.com
Comments: Free Swarm removal in NE and SE Portland. I also have an experienced carpenter and beekeeper friend for structural removal if needed.
B Elliott
Potland, OR
Phone: 503-807-2582
Email: elliottworks@comcast.net
Comments: Free removal of honey bee swarms. When you call be able to tell me approximate size, (football, basketball, OMG, etc.), height from the ground, in a tree on a wall on a fence, etc. Also: I sometimes am able to remove colonies from structures. Call for consultation.
Susan McDonald
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-281-5222
Email: suspdx@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal in the Portland area. No charge. Non-structural removal only.
Andy Miller
Portland, OR
Phone: 716-903-8248
Email: amiller1000@gmail.com
Comments: Free honey bee removal 7 days a week. I catch and remove swarms, and I also do structural removal of bee colonies from buildings. Give me a call or text me a photo of your bee situation!
Heidi Waltermire
Portland, OR
Phone: 360-480-6886
Email: heidiwalt@gmail.com
Comments: Honey bee swarms removed and given a good home with a backyard beekeeper. To be placed in natural style hives, natural bee care, all for local pollination and continued bee welfare.
Gene Doyle
Portland, OR
Phone: 503-333-3166
Email: farmergenes@outlook.com
Website: www.farmergenes.com
Comments: Aloha, Hillsboro, Banks, North Plains, Forest Grove, Lake Oswego, Cornelius, Beaverton, Tigard, Bethany, Sylvan, Cedar Hills, West Hills. Free honey bee swarm capture and removal. Same day service. All bees are safely captured and removed from your property, no bees are killed. The captured bees are placed into hives in our existing bee-yards throughout West Portland’s farm country and used for honey production and crop pollination. We especially like to capture wild swarms because we feel they add valuable genetic diversity to our existing bee stocks. No live cut-outs or structural removals. Thank you.
Sheri Clark
Prineville, OR
Phone: 541-709-0243
Email: aliceinwounderland2014@gmail.com
Comments: ***FREE*** removal and rescue!!! PLEASE do NOT torch or spray bees … I WILL come get them at my cost. Colony will not be sold, colony is gifted within our Partnership group, etc. I/we service Central Oregon with emphasis in areas of Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Madras, Tumalo, and Terrebonne.
Naomi Price
Prineville, OR
Phone: 541-419-7499
Email: naomipriceodin@gmail.com
Comments: Quick response, free service for rescuing honey bee swarms and established hives. The honey bees will be gifted to a beekeeper within my local Honey Bee Mentoring Partnership group. The partnership group adheres to holistic beekeeping principles. We service Central Oregon with emphasis in the areas of Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Tumalo, Terrebonne, and Madras.
Richard Nichols
Prineville, OR
Phone: 541-213-3768
Email: richardtarsia@gmail.com
Comments: I am a beekeeper in Prineville and will immediately respond to your call either in person or will send a response crew on any day of the week. All of the honey bees collected will be put in hives and will be cared for in a holistic apiary within the Honey Bee Mentoring Partnership. There is no charge for this service. Collected bees are not sold or destroyed. Swarm rescue areas are Crook Co., Jefferson Co., and Deschutes Co. We are here to save the honey bees.
Terry Rich
Prineville, OR
Phone: 541-447-5760 or 541-788-8298
Email: terrym.rich@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal/rescue, the swarm will be donated to local beekeeper. I am a student of the Oregon Master Beekeeper program.
Pocket Meadow Farm
Rainier, OR
Phone: 503-502-2249 (Call or Text)
Comments: Portland Metro Area. Swarm removal. Please be prepared to describe the insects and their behavior. No wasp or hornet removal.
Ron Lane
Redmond, OR
Phone: 541-548-4227
Email: whalers@bendbroadband.com
Comments: Simple swarm removal in the Redmond Oregon local. I do not remove swarms from buildings, but will gladly collect the bees from trees, shrubs, fences, etc., that are within 15 feet of the ground.
Dana Rose
Rogue River, OR

Phone: 541-761-4574
Email: puckamok@yahoo.com
swarm removal
Kim & Patrik Henriksson
Rogue River, OR
Phone: 541-821-0387
Email: khenrikson@gmail.com
Comments: Live bee swarm removal. If it hasn’t been sprayed and we can reach it, we will rehome honey bee swarms in the Evans Creek Valley area (Rogue River, Wimer, etc.) to our local bee yard.
Greg Sickler
Roseburg, OR

Phone: 541-954-4002
Email: fgsickler2@hotmail.com
Beekeeping Services. Douglas & Lane County Oregon. Free Bee Swarm removal and relocation. Hive relocation & cutout services. All bees will be relocated to our rural bee yard (apiary) where they will make more happy bees & provide local pollination in the Roseburg area.
Phill the bee guy
Roseburg, OR
Phone: 503-332-6857
Email: phillthebeeguy@gmail.com
Comments: Relocation of Honey Bees. Non-destructive hive removal from walls. Destructive removal assistance if needed. Swarm catching. Placement of swarm traps in areas where they appear often. Assist roofers in Hive removal. We re-home all hives to approved family gardens. We are not a commercial venture nor are in it for profit. Will travel anywhere in Douglas County and surrounding areas. Additional phone or text # 503-349-8463
Russel Devoogd
Roseburg, OR
Phone: 541-863-1846
Email: russel.devoogd@susd.k12.or.us
Comments: Free swarm removal. Bees will be relocated and hived in one of my apiaries in Douglas County. Please don’t hesitate to call if you find a swarm and would like to save and relocate them.
Justin Marquis
Roseburg, OR
Phone: 541-580-0826
Email: sutherlin10@gmail.com
Comments: Fast and Free Bee Swarm removal in the Roseburg, and surrounding Douglas County area. I can also remove established colonies inside structures, depending on the circumstances and for a mutually agreed upon fee. All bees are relocated to a local apiary and kept using healthy, all natural methods. Post your need on the Douglas County Bee Swarm Network Facebook page, or you can call or text me directly. Our network of responsible beekeepers will gladly help give your “unwanted” bee swarm a happy, healthy home!
Tyler Lazz
Scappoose, OR

Phone: 602-574-4311
Email: tylerlazz@gmail.com
Will remove honey bee swarms for free I’m just a organic hobbyists with under 10 hives and I would like more
Glen Heifort
Scappoose, OR
Phone: 971-271-1224
Email: glen@beesweethoneys.com
Website: Beesweethoneys.com
Comments: Swarm Removal, Bee Rescue
Robert Roofener
Scio, OR
Phone: 541-979-8731
Email: robertroofener@gmail.com
Comments: Free removal and relocation of swarms. I will remove from buildings and other locations (a small fee may be required depending on time/labor/materials needed for removal)
Mike Roth
Silverton, OR

Phone: 503-930-0817
Email: rothbees@gmail.com
Removal of swarms. Case by case existing colony removal. Serving Silverton, Salem and the surrounding area.
Leo Rumely
Silverton, OR

Phone: 503-990-2064
Email: info@pacifichoneybee.com
Website: www.pacifichoneybee.com
Pacific Honeybee provides simple to complex honeybee swarm removal. Some structural removal is considered, depending on each situation.
Peter Liddell
Sister, OR

Phone: 541-280-7158
Email: peter@highdesertstoneworks.com
Removal and relocation of Honey Bee swarms and hives. Serving all of Central Oregon
Clyde Dildine
Sisters, OR
Phone: 541-549-0998
Email: clyde@tlcinc.com
Comments: Quick response, free service for rescuing honey bee swarms and established hives. The honey bees will be gifted to a beekeeper within our local Honey Bee Mentoring Partnership group. We adhere to the principles of organic beekeeping. We service Central Oregon with emphasis in areas of Prineville, Redmond, Sisters, Madras, Tumalo, and Terrebonne
The Dalles, OR
Phone: 917-288-3988
Email: JunLiuHugh@gmail.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm removal service. Height limited to about 10 feet off the ground. After removal, will give them to local beekeepers club’s members.
Kate Lucas
Tigard, OR
Phone: 503-310-7640
Email: kpine.icon3d@gmail.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm removal
Steve Green
Tigard, OR
Phone: 503-318-9290
Email: steveo.greeno@gmail.com
Comments: I will remove bee swarms for free. I can also look at structural or tree hive removals. Give me a call and I will come take a look.
Jonathan Taylor
Tillamook, OR

Phone: 253-278-5699
Email: taylorarmy@gmail.com
!!!!!!!FREE!!!!!!! honey bee swarm removal. Honey bees have a natural way of reproduction, they swarm and the old queen leaves the hive while a new queen is raised, but the old queen will take 1/2 to 3/4 of the bees with her. If you call me, I will move the bees to a better home. See we need honey bees, if it wasn’t for them we would have no fruit, vegetables, or cotton. Honey bees account for 1/3 of our food supply and they are dying. So you can help save the bees! Support you local beekeeper, buy honey from a beekeeper and call a beekeeper to remove honey bees not a pest control company. I will remove any honey bees swarms from your house, shop, or garage for Free!!!!!!!!!! i do remove established honey bee hives but i charge for that it is a reasonable amount .
Steve Green
Tualitin, OR
Phone: 503-318-9290
Email: steveo.greeno@gmail.com
Comments: Call, text or email me with your bee situation. I capture bee swarms and relocate them to my urban bee farm. Jar of honey provided if available. Please include a photo if possible. Thanks, SG
B Baxter
Union, OR

Phone: 541-910-1289
Email: baxtercollectibles@gmail.com
Honeybee honey bee swarm removal.
Paul Hanlin
Vancouver, WA
Phone: 503-320-5262
Email: paulhanlin@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal for Vancouver, WA, Portland, OR and surrounding areas. Please call or email.
Jeff Clark
Washington County, OR
Phone: 971-400-7564
Email: clarkfarmsoregon@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm capture and removal. Will relocate to chemical free apiary in rural northern Washington County, Oregon.
Jay Dugoni
Wilsonville, OR
Phone: 503-706-4042
Email: jaydugoni@gmail.com
Comments: Bee swarm removal-feel free to text as well as call. I am conveniently located close to Wilsonville, Lake Oswego, West Linn, Tigard, and Tualatin. Thank you!!
Khalen Dunn
Yamhill County, OR

Phone: 503-857-6961
Email: Khalend@gmail.com
Swarm removal for all of Yamhill County and surrounding areas. Please provide some details about the bees; ie- where they are located, how easy are they to get to, what size the swarm is – this way I can determine what equipment may be needed. If I can’t do it I can refer you to others that can.
Kevin Cox
Yamhill County, OR
Phone: 971-506-5748
Email: kc.bees@yahoo.com
Comments: Don’t’ spray them- relocate them! I provide professional removal of honeybee swarms within 45 miles of Newberg, free of charge (although donations are accepted). I’m willing to travel beyond that for a nominal mileage fee. Feel free to contact me any time 24/7 to discuss your honeybee situation.





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