Rhode Island

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Dane Pursley
Barrington, RI
Phone: 401-862-3121
Email: cottonwoodbees@gmail.com
Comments: Safe and efficient swarm removal of honey bees. I will carefully relocate the honeybee swarm to my apiary where it’s chance of survival is much greater. Honey bees populations are disappearing due to environmental and natural threats so please help their survival my contacting a reputable beekeeper for relocation of the swarm.
Kevin and Matthew Thibodeau
Luckyfoot Ranch
Charlestown, RI
Phone: 401-265-0506
Email: kevin4050@cox.net
Website: http://luckyfootranch.com/
Comments: Swam Removal we package in our new hives
Steve Southwick
Charlestown, RI
Phone: 401-699-1565
Email: southwick9@verizon.net
Website: bugshoneyri.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal and the bees will be added to our natural apiary site which produces local honey and pollination.
Steve Southwick
Coventry, RI
Phone: 401-397-4588
Email: southwick9@verizon.net
Comments: We will remove honeybee swarms. This service is generally at no charge within the Kent County area, and the bees with be kept happy and healthy at our apiary location.
Dancing Beez
Essex, CT
Email: kathy@dancingbeez.com
Website: http://dancingbeez.wordpress.com/
Comments: FREE Honey-bee swarm removal.
John Thoms
Matunuck, RI
Phone: 401-932-3305
Email: john@thoms.us
Website: budsbees.tumblr.com
Comments: Swarm removal – happy to respond to calls throughout Washington County, RI and southeastern, CT.
John Moore
North Smithfield, RI

Phone: Cell 401-641-4646 Home 401-766-366
Email: John.j.moore@cox.net
Will remove swarms from your property. Will do all of Providence County and nearby Massachusetts. If you live in other areas I can provide you with other names. Beekeeping for 20 years.
Joey Plouffe
North Smithfield, RI

Phone: 401-556-5568
Email: electriciannow@yahoo.com
My name is Joey, but everybody calls me BEEMAN. I remove SWARMS for FREE, though, removal from a structure will cost a reasonable fee. Not only am I an experienced honeybee remover, but also a second-generation beekeeper. Honeybees are my passion, and I always successfully remove them without hurting them. It doesn’t matter whether they are grouped on a tree branch or bush, under the eave of a house, in a mailbox, inside a tree, in an attic, in a wall, behind siding, in a chimney, or anywhere else! I carefully remove the bees from your property. I use a custom low-powered bee vacuum to remove the honeybees out of any structure. To prevent bees to return, all comb will be removed after bee extraction, and cleaned up. My father is a carpenter, and I am a licensed electrician. I can ASSURE that the structure in which they decided to make their home will be PROPERLY repaired after bee removal. All honey bees acquired will be cared for by me and, relocated to a permanent location. They will live freely in a wooden hive, allowing them to pollinate all of Mother Nature’s plants.
Portsmouth, RI

Phone: 401-862-2171
Email: jeff@aquidneckhoney.com
Website: www.aquidneckhoney.com
Relocation of bees from any structure…houses, buildings, boats and trees. Over 15 years relocating bees and come highly recommended in the community for saving the honey bee. Serving all of RI parts of Mass and CT. Thank You for saving our bees!
Christopher Johnson
North Dighton, MA
Phone (cell): 774-265-5482 or 774-565-0573
Email: HoneyBeeBoys@gmail.com
Website: HoneyBeeBoys.com
Comments: Local Iraq Veteran wants to help you while adding to my farms apiary! Do the job right the first time around! Hire me and I’ll bring Integrity, service before self, excellence in all I do, and my meticulous military background to seek out, smoke out and extract, all while minimizing casualties! I use a low powered vac system to hive the bees out of any structure. I will remove Swarms for free. For a reasonable fee I will remove Honey Bees any place and all structures. All comb will be removed and cleaned up to prevent return. All honey bees I acquire will be cared for by hiving and, relocating to my ten acre farm to live in harmony with all living creatures, to be productive and live free. Please do not kill honey bees they are our future. Our action’s are our future.
Kelly G.
Providence, RI
Phone: 617-610-6054
Email: honeyintherox@gmail.com
Website: honeyintherox.wordpress.com
I’ll come grab swarms in Rhode Island (especially Providence Metro and North) – also the Worester area and South Shore of MA. I’ll get them cozied up in a new hive, and maybe some day, I’ll bring you some honey as a thanks! I prefer text or email to a phone call, hands down!
Justin Hunter
Rehoboth, MA

Phone: 508-252-4416
Email: justinhunter88@gmail.com
Honey bee removal. Inside structures or outside, even inside of trees. Carpenter who is able to to repair structure after removal, both inside and out. Also swarm removals. Cost dependent upon situation and travel time. Call if any questions. Someone is usually around to take your info. I safely and carefully remove the bees as not to hurt them and provide a nice home for them on my property.
Kathy Hopkins
Scituate, RI
Phone: 401-263-9977
Email: kathyhopkins@live.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal quickly
Robert Weinreich
South Kingstown, RI
Phone: 401-741-4112
Email: weinsy@verizon.net
Comments: 4th year beekeeper will capture and relocate honeybee swarms in Kent and Washington counties to an apiary in southern RI where they can be hived and continue to provide pollination and thrive at no cost.I have my gear in the truck throughout swarm season and can usually respond immediately. Help me help the bees.
Alec McLeod
Tiverton, RI

Phone: 401-226-7628
Email: alec4preservation@yahoo.com
Swarm removal and also bee and comb removal from buildings. Bees will be added to existing hives or a new hive. I am a restoration carpenter working in the area. Licensed and insured contractor in RI and MA. Providence, East Bay area and Tiverton. Call, because I can travel to other areas.
Jeff McGuire
Wakefield, RI
Phone (home): 401-789-1144
Phone (cell): 401-741-7672
Email: jeffmcguire1@cox.net
Comments: All of Rhode Island
Annie Dunning
Westerly, RI
Phone: 401-330-0430
Email: bussiyou@gmail.com
Comments: Free honey bee swarm removal, we will travel to most of eastern CT and RI.
We can also help remove hives out of buildings/structures. Feel free to call/text and we’ll be happy to help you and the bees out!


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