West Virginia

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Christopher Arnold
Ashford, WV
Phone: 304-807-7724
Email: Landman@suddenlink.net
Website: http://www.sitez.in/wvbremoval/
Comments: Free Honeybee Removal Service. Safely remove honeybees from your property. Remove from: Walls of homes, Floors of homes, Trees, Buildings, Any abandoned structure, Or anywhere else they may take up residence. Mostly servicing these counties but will travel further if needed. Boone, Kanawha, Lincoln, Putnam, Raleigh, Roane.
Phillip Lewis
Beaver, WV
Phone: 304-573-9060 (leave message)
E-mail: twobeez@suddenlink.net
Comments: I will collect honeybee swarms in the following WV counties: Raleigh, Summers, Mercer, Greenbrier, Kanawha, Nicholas, Pocahontas, Monroe, Fayette and Wyoming.
Donnie Price
Beckley, WV
Phone: 304-960-5304
Email: pricebeeremoval@yahoo.com
Comments: I have been capturing swarms and doing cut outs on bee colonies in buildings for a few years now. I am based in Beckley WV but I will travel pretty much anywhere in southern wv. I never charge for taking the bees cause after all I am the one getting the free bees.
Phillip Stumpf
Beckley, WV
Phone: 304-222-2296
Email: philabuster02@gmail.com
Comments: I will remove honeybee swarms free of charge. I also remove colonies from inside walls in houses, garages, outbuildings etc… I travel all over southern WV.
Stacey Brown
Birch River, WV

Phone: 304-669-6726
Email: stacey22373@yahoo.com
Swarm capture in Nicholas, Braxton, Clay, Fayette and Webster Counties from April through July. Please call soon as possible after a swarm has been discovered.
Phillip Ratliff
Bunker Hill, WV
Phone: 304-376-3071 or 304-229-4994
Email: carlratliff@comcast.net
Comments: Free swarm removal in Berkeley, Jefferson, Morgan Co.
Rick Varian
Canaan Valley, WV
Phone: 304-940-2040 or 304-866-2100
Email: varian@frontiernet.net
Comments: Give us a call if you see a swarm that needs moved to safety, which we do at no charge. If you want bees removed from a structure we also do that.
Warren Patterson
Charleston, WV

Phone: 304-881-2730
Email: warrenp94@gmail.com
Will remove swarms in Kanawha County and surrounding counties. Please call as soon as possible when a swarm is found.
Aimee Figgatt
Charleston, WV

Phone: 304-541-1649
Email: aimeeneeley@aol.com
Removal of honey bee swarms in Kanawha and Putnam Counties. We pride ourselves in minimizing the disturbance of property while serving your eviction notice to the dislocated honey bee swarm. Happily offering safe, quality and comfortable housing in our clean hives.
Brent Kessler
Charleston, WV
Phone: 304-610-8915
Email: bkessler@suddenlink.net
Comments: Will remove swarms and colonies established in structures. I really enjoy working with honeybees and have bought and built equipment that allows gentle removal. I do ask for compensation for travel and removal of colonies from structures.
James Scott
Charleston, WV
Phone: 304-590-0339
Email: wildwaterz@gmail.com
Comments: I will collect honeybee swarms in central and southern W.V.
Donnie Price
Coal City, WV
Phone: 304-683-6180 or 681-220-3770
Email: Pricebeeremoval@yahoo.com
Comments: Will remove honey bee swarms or colonies in structures in raliegh county and surrounding areas.
John Sampson
Fairmont, WV

Phone: 304-777-7811
Email: johnmichaelsampson@gmail.com
We remove swarms and established colonies free of charge in Tucker, Barbour, Marion, Lewis, Calhoun, Gilmer, and Taylor County.
Ronnie Ashmore Jr
Fayetteville, WV

Phone: 304-575-7545
Email: gscforester@msn.com
I have experience in both catching swarms and cutting out established colonies. I do not charge for my services, unless I am expected to repair a structure that I perform a cut out on. I do not have a set “boundary” so give me a call as soon as you discover the bees.
Thomas Bartram
Fort Gay, WV
Phone: 304-277-8112
Email: tbartram@suddenlink.net
Comments: Willing to remove honey bee swarms for free from Wayne, Cabell, Mingo, Lincoln Counties in WV, also Lawrence Co Ohio, and Lawrence, Boyd, Carter, Johnson, Floyd, and Pike Counties in KY. May consider doing removal/cut outs as well depending on my schedule for a fair price. Just call Tom the bee man.
Michael Stull
Grafton, WV
Phone: 304-672-9893
Email: Mestull1968@gmail.com
Comments: Willing to rescue your swarms around the Grafton and Fairmont areas. Not a professional, just a beekeeper by hobby.
Sherman Smith
Huntington, WV
Phone: 304-638-0410
Email: smithsherman18@gmail.com
Comments: I will remove swarms in and around Huntington WV and surrounding counties. In addition, I will remove bees from houses.
Allen E. Leadmon
Hurricane, WV
Phone: 304-562-5013
Email: ALIMBees@Frontier.com
Comments: Remove Swarm; Putnam County, Kanawha County
Bruce H Johnson
Lost Creek, WV
Phone: 304-745-4298
Work Phone – 304-624-1584
Cell Phone – 304-476-4335
Email: brucehj@msn.com
Comments: Honey Bee removal and swarm catch for Harrison, Doddridge, Lewis, Upshur, Barbour, Taylor, Preston, Marion, Wetzel Counties
Dale Shockey
Mabie, WV
Phone: 304-614-0636
Email: dmdmabie@gmail.com
Comments: Free swarm removal plus free removal of old hives or colonies. I have bee vac equipment plus lifetime construction knowledge and can remove established colonies from structures as well for free or reasonable cost. I service Randolph, Barbour, Upshur and Tucker counties.
Ken Cole
Mercer County, WV
Phone: 304-920-9430
Email: kc_in_wv@hotmail.com
Comments: I can remove honeybee swarms in Mercer County, West Virginia.
Harold Bennett
Montrose, WV
Phone: 304-636-7102
Email: beesinwv@yahoo.com
Comments: Collecting Bee swarms.
Tom Farrah
Parkersburg, WV
Phone: 304-482-9676
Email: tomfarrah@yahoo.com
Comments: Honeybee removal. Remove swarms. Weekends are best, will travel if needed.
Ben Perry
Ravenswood, WV
Phone: 304-532-3467
Email: landon62109@yahoo.com
Comments: I can catch swarm bees and home them! I can travel to Jackson county and surrounding counties
Frank and Zelma Boggess
Ripley, WV

Phone: 304-372-3106
Email: z_boggess@yahoo.com
Rescue of Honey Bees April through July in and around Jackson, Wood, Kanawha, Mason and Roane Counties in West Virginia.
Don Moats
Tunnelton, WV
Phone: 304-435-9727
Email: fmoats243@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove unwanted honey bee swams. I am a bee keeper that love to work with bees. I do not do bee keeping for a profit just for fun and to share time with my sons
Andy Holcomb
Whitehall, WV
Phone: 304-376-1490
Email: aholcomb08@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal, established hive removal, and potentially cut outs. I am an organic beekeeper looking to keep the good genetics found in natural swarms. I’m willing to travel any reasonable distance time permitting from central WV up to the Pittsburgh PA area. I have specialized equipment to safely and easily remove honey bees. I’ll give bees a good home and have two beautiful daughters who assist me with our hives.


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