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Peter Poli
Antioch, IL
Email: humdingerhoney@gmail.com
Comments: Kenosha and Racine Counties. Experienced beekeeper will remove swarms in Lake County IL. – provide address, height off ground, contact info, and picture of swarm if possible. All honey bees will be placed in hives and kept natural without chemical treatment. I only collect honey bee swarms. Thank you!
James Nelson
Appleton, WI

Phone: 920-450-1883
Email: stoogefan@new.rr.com
I am a hobby beekeeper with hives in the Fox Cities and I’m looking to remove swarms within 30 miles of the valley. I will collect swarms from low bushes, trees, buildings and fences, etc. Hopefully lower than 15 feet. I’m also willing to do removal from buildings, barns, out-buildings if possible.
Larry Cain
Appleton, WI
Phone: 920-205-3228 or 920-832-3800
Email: sierralwc@aol.com
Comments: Bee identification, Swarm removal, Structural repair
John Evans
Appleton, WI
Phone: 920-246-2467
Email: john.w.evans@supervalu.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm capture & removal.
Mark Adams
Balsam Lake, WI
Phone: 715-268-2268
Email: madams@amerytel.net
Comments: I will remove bees for free in most cases. There may be a fee if they are hard to get at. Western WI, Eastern MN
Robert Gerald And Charn Lorge
Bear Creek, WI
Phone: 920-739-8080 or 715-752-3304
Email: Lorge@LorgeHoney.com
Website: http://www.LorgeHoney.com
Comments: Swarm Removal.
Michael McCarthy
Blanchardville, WI
Phone: 608-516-9531
Email: Snake3456@yahoo.com
Comments: General one person safe bee removal.All bees will be saved and introduced in to our small bee world or shared on with new bee keepers.
Mike Krause
Brodhead, WI
Phone: 608-290-5371
Email: mask764@hotmail.com
Comments: I will remove swans and I also will do cut outs. Hobby bee keeper looking to build up my numbers of hives.
Don Dodd
Brodhead, WI
Phone: 608-558-0686
Email: don.doddjr@gmail.com
Comments: As a local honey bee hobbyist I would be glad to safely remove any honey bee swarm or unwanted hive.
Jack Valley
Cameron, WI

Phone: 715-205-9859
Email: jack496@gmail.com
Small time beekeeper willing to take a swarm off your hands.
Eddie Erdmann
Catawba, WI
Phone (home): 715-474-3358
Phone (cell): 928-925-0300
Email: erdmann@hughes.net
Comments: Swarm removal serving Price, Rusk, Taylor and northern counties. Call any time.
Jeff Dutter
Cedar Grove, WI
Phone: 920-698-1887
Email: jeffreydutter@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove honey bee swarms in Cedar Grove, Oostburg, Gibbsville area.
Josh Jensen
Clintonville, WI
Phone: 612-227-2548
Email: Jeapiary@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal, Swarm trapping, Simple cutouts, and Trap outs. 2 hour radius from Clintonville.
Joseph Bessetti
Cottage Grove, WI
Phone: 608-576-2469
Email: jbessetti@hotmail.com
Comments: Beekeeper and scientist willing to provide swarm removal in Dane and surrounding counties. Also willing to consult on wild/feral colonies and to assist in safe removal from buildings/structures.
Andrew Olson
Cross Plains, WI
Phone: 608-798-2259
Email: arogop@tds.net
Comments: Will remove honey bee swarms in all of South Central WI. Will also entertain doing cutouts or assisting any contractor doing them.
Tom Atkins
Crystal Falls, MI
Phone: 906-284-2351
Email: tileguy@up.net
Comments: Swarm Removal. Searving Northern Wi./ Entire U.P.
Jeff Carr
Cumberland, WI
Phone: 715-222-3097
Email: jeffreymarkcarr@hotmail.com
Comments: Free bee swarm removal in Barron, Washburn, Burnett, Polk, and St. Croix counties. I am a hobby beekeeper who will appreciate the bees.
Eric Tranel
DeForest, WI

Phone: 608-751-4975
Email: traneleric@gmail.com
Will remove Honey Bee swarms around the area.
Karl Lurvey
Phone (home): 262-965-2822
Phone (cell): 262-313-8513
Email: klurvey@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal in eastern Jefferson and all of Waukesha county.
Eric Hutchins
Eau Claire, WI
Phone: 715-491-8272
Email: eric.hutchins73@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm captures. Removal from structures and repair/remodel from cut outs.
Morgan Tiry
Eau Claire, WI
Phone: 715-382-3338
Email: nectarmeadows@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal throughout the Chippewa Valley Area.
Jim Knowles
Eden, WI
Phone: 920-375-0404
Email: jkpellets@gmail.com
Comments: Honey bee swarm collection in Fond du Lac and western Sheboygan Counties.
Matt Peters
Edgerton, WI

Phone: 608-314-7308
Email: m-peters2099@hotmail.com
swarm catches and in structure removal.
Don Butzke
Fond du Lac, WI

Phone: 920-979-4245
I am a hobby beekeeper looking to remove swarms around the Fond du Lac county area. Will collect swarms from low bushes, trees, and fences, etc, lower than 15 feet.
Brad Niemcek
Gays Mills, WI
Phone: 608-624-3409
Email: bradniemcek@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal in Southwest Wisconsin counities of Crawford, Grant and Richland.
Lloyd Roach
Grand Chute, WI
Phone: 920-284-0692
Email: brightobrighto@hotmail.com
Comments: I will gladly travel up to 30 min from, the Fox Cities to capture and rescue HONEY BEE Swarms. I may be able to remove existing nests from walls or tree if possible. I do NOT deal with Wasps or Hornets.
Mark VerHaagh
Greenbay, WI

Phone: 920-660-7360
Email: mark@alliancebuilds.com
We will remove swarms and hive them in Northeast Wisconsin
Ethan Hogan
Green Bay, WI
Phone: 615-739-0132
Email: hoganea@gmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Green-Bay-Surrounding-Area-Honey-Bee-Swarm-Removal-797167110420143/
Comments: Swarm removal and cut out jobs. Big and small. Construction experience for post cut out repairs. Also, all equipment to do a safe Job!!
Bill Cornelius
Hazelhurst, WI

Phone: 715-919-0541
Email: billc1944@gmail.com
Comments: honeybee removal, swarms or cutout, minoqua to bayfield wi
Chuck Fitzsimons
Hillsboro, WI

Phone: 608–567-4233
Email: cfitzs6468@hotmail.com
I’m a new-bee in bee keeping and I have enjoyed studying about how bees are so much in need by Mother Nature to make this earth a viable living planet, so therefore I have chosen to collect wild honey bees and protecting them from being destroyed. Please call me first.
Mike Krause
Windy Drumlins Honey
Horicon, WI
Phone: 920-319-2223
Email: michaelarliekrause@gmail.com
Website: http://www.windydrumlins.com/
Comments: bee swarm extraction
Wayne Gerdts
Honey Bee Ware
Hortonville, WI

Phone: 920-779-3019
Email: honeybeeware1@gmail.com
Website: www.honeybeeware.com
Will remove swarms from low trees, bushes, etc. in a 15 mile radius of Hortonville. I also sell package bees, bee equipment and supplies. No order too small or large!
Allen Tallman
Independence, WI
Phone: 608-484-0115
Email: sharp2blade@gmail.com
Comments: Will collect Honey Bee swarms only within 50 miles of my address !! Low swarms ( under 12 ft. ) , and would consider a cut out removals if not too involved ! Price depends on difficulty of removal ! All bees will be given a new home in my bee yard ! Thank you !
David Smaglick
Iron Ridge, WI
Phone: 920-202-8270
Email: david@brokentimbershoney.com
Website: brokentimbershoney.com
Comments: Swarm removal for Dodge, Washington, Columbia, Jefferson, Waukesha, Dane and Fond du Lac Counties or within 50 miles of Iron Ridge, WI. Will consider removing honey bees from a house but strongly recomend calling a contractor.
Gary Pergolski
Janesville, WI

Phone: 608-757-2546
Email: gary1921@yahoo.com
I have bee’s that I would like to have removed ASAP on the Second floor overhang of an Old Brick Building.
Shawn Moffett
Janesville, WI
Phone: 608-449-3624
Email: shawn54201@gmail.com
Comments: I am a hobby beekeeper, I am happy to come to you and remove swarmed bees. These bees will be relocated to a safe home where they can be a benefit to the environment. I also offer bee removal from structures such as sheds, walls etc. Thank you
Tim Nickel
Kaukauna, WI

Phone: 920-243-8411
Email: Tnickel82@hotmail.com
: Willing to remove swarms of bees form your home or business. I also am willing to do cutouts from buildings and homes. I’m willing to travel 30 minutest from the Appleton aria.
Wil Pilipauskas
Kenosha, WI
Phone: 847-373-9148
Email: Wpilipauskas@gmail.com
Comments: I will remove swarms and do building removals of honeybees in the Kenosha and Trevor and surrounding areas.
David Kraus
Kiel, WI

Phone: 920-912-0216
Email: dcross_53042@yahoo.com
I’m willing to remove swarms in the Kiel, WI area. I work second shift, so I’m available mornings and weekends.
Chris Johnson
Kronenwetter, WI
Phone: 608-558-0939
Email: stevee_30@hotmail.com
Comments: Swarm removal in Wausau- Stevens Point area. Honeybees only please. All bees will be put in a hive and added to one of my bee yards.
Mike Poole
Larsen, WI

Phone: 920-379-6128
Email: oshbrg@vbe.com
Comments: Will remove swarms in the Fox Valley from Oshkosh, to Appleton, to New London.
Jeanne Hansen
Madison, WI
Phone: 608-244-5094
Email: jeanniealabeannie@yahoo.com
Comments: Someone in our club is certain to want your swarm of bees. Call us for honey bee swarm removal.
Ryan Tierney
Madison, WI
Phone: 715-781-2197
Email: rat94@sbcglobal.net
Comments: Bee Removal of ALL kinds! Honey Bees will be captured and placed into a new hive. Student at UW Madison with a car. Thank you!
Brian Mikkelson
Marshfield, WI

Phone: 715-615-0450
Email: beetles2bonestaxi@yahoo.com
Swarm removal and extractions, Spencer/Marshfield
Brian O’Neil
Marshfield, WI
Phone: 715-305-1713
Email: lilrat66@hotmail.com
Comments: Honey Bee Swarm Removal.
Scott Steenepoorte
Menasha, WI

Phone: 920-418-4457
Email: ssteenepoorte@new.rr.com
Will capture swarms. Removal of established colonies either by cutout or trapout too. Covering most of Outagamie, Winnebago, Brown, Calumet counties. I am a hobby beekeeper willing to work with you to save the bees.
Daniel McLeod
Menomonie, WI
Phone: 715-235-6508 (cell 715-556-3371)
Email: 70sbrama1r@charter.net
Comments: Basic swarm removal
Marker Ramsey
Middleton, WI
Phone: 608-721-0515
Email: markerramey@me.com
Comments: Swarm removal
Paul Javins
Milwaukee, WI
Phone: 1414-358-2813
Email: webedivn914@sbcglobal.net
I work all week until 3:30. Will go to Mil county and Oz county. In the summer I am off, I teach school.
CharBee Koenen
Milwaukee, WI
Phone: 414-617-7773
Email: beevangelist@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm Capture, Bee Infestation Removal, Cut-outs.
Eric Setum
Milwaukee, WI
Phone: 414-403-6106
Email: esetum@gmail.com
Comments: I am a hobby beekeeper in Milwaukee, WI. I will retrieve honey bee swarms from your property. Cut outs on a case by case basis. Bees will be placed in hives and protected.
Tom Wolf
New Glarus, WI
Phone: 608-527-5994
Email: twolf42@gmail.com
Comments: I can remove swarms from low bushes, trees, sheds and fences, etc, free of charge around the New Glarus / Dane/Green County area. I prefer the bees to be exposed and preferably 10 feet or less off the ground. I will not take bees if they have been sprayed with chemicals. Please make sure they are honey bees (have small hairs on them) and not hornet or wasps. The captured swam will be added to my growing honey producing hobby.
Shannon Davis-Foust
Omro, WI
Cell: 920-420-7426
Email: hockeypoc@yahoo.com
Comments: I will remove honey bees for free.
Richard Kretzschmar
Osceola, WI
Phone: 715-294-3447
Email: kretwine@gmail.com
Comments: I will remove honey Swarms
Mark Toshner
Oshkosh, WI
Phone: 920-642-3742
Email: mtoshner@hotmail.com
Comments: Will collect swarms from your location. Free service for the bees. Hobby beekeeper, try to save our bees. Oshkosh area.
Alex sonsalla
Platteville, WI
Phone: 608-778-9916
Email: alex.sonsalla@gmail.com
Comments: Able to remove from most places below 15 feet close to platteville, Wisconsin.
Derek Naber
Powers Lake, WI

Phone: 262-206-5090
Email: drknbr@yahoo.com
remove swarms
William Epley
Princeton, WI
Phone: 920-470-7853
Email: william.epley.bsa.418@gmail.com
Comments: Will remove honeybees from your property and I will give them a home. Help me keep our bees going strong. I myself have three hives in my Princeton backyard and looking to expand.
George Adams
Ridgeland, WI
Phone: 715-455-1652 or 715-205-7555
Email: george@dunncountybeekeepers.org
Comments: Swarm removal in Dunn and Barron counties
Jesse Nodolf
Ripon, WI
Phone: 920-229-6587
Email: nodolfj@yahoo.com
Comments: Will remove honey bees, swarms or otherwise.
Elisabeth Mahoney
Shawano County, WI
Phone: 262-312-8310
Email: thesmallbeekeeper@gmail.com
Comments: Swarm Removal and Hive Removals. Depending on the situation of hives in buildings we may require a contractors help. Shawano County and some of Waupaca County. Honey Bees Only – We do not do wasps or hornets at all.
Charlie Christie
Sheboygan, WI

Phone: 920-207-4454
Email: chaindrivecharlie@gmail.com
swarm removal
Chris Bramm
Sheboygan, WI

Phone: 920-980-4655
Email: cbramm57@gmail.com
Will remove bees from trees, buildings. Have an assistant and necessary equipment.
John Holzwart
Sheboygan, WI
Phone: 920-457-9290
Email: plantbasedservices@gmail.com
Website: www.plantbasedservices.com
Comments: Will remove swarms and have much experience removing established hives of bees from buildings or other structures.
Gary Pusick
Sobieski, WI
Phone: 920-619-2519
Email: glpusick@msn.com
Comments: I am willing to remove swarms in the northern Brown county, southern Oconto county areas. Call ahead for availability.
Brad Jensen
Waukesha, WI
Phone: 262-442-2384
Email: Brad@bradjensenhomes.com
Comments: I am a hobby beekeeper near Wales, WI. I will retrieve swarms up to 20 ft above the ground. Cut outs on a case by case basis. Bees will be saved and placed in hives.
Bob Benes
Wausau, WI
Phone: 715-297-4865
Email: benesfamily@charter.net
Comments: Bee removal in central Wi.
Bill Heipp
Wausau, WI

Phone: 715-574-3680
Email: bheipp@charter.net
Honey Bee swarm removal service within 20 miles of Wausau, WI.
Mabe and Fergus
Weston, WI
Phone: 715-869-8867
Phone: 715-355-8615
Email: fergusandmabees@gmail.com
Comments: Honeybee swarm removal Central Wisconsin…Wausau, Weston, Mosinee, Stevens Point, Merril.
Greg Christensen
Whitewater, WI

Phone: 262-379-0432
Email: christensengreg@sbcglobal.net
I will remove swarms form low tree branches, bushes. Open and easy to reach areas as well. I will consider smaller cut out jobs. I don’t check email much so calling is a better option
Scott Reese
Williams Bay, WI

Phone: 262-749-4296
Email: hatcreek.honey@yahoo.com
Removal of honey bees. We will respond to your request as quickly as possible.


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