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Tate Belden
Casper, WY
Phone: 307-277-6199
Email: tate@millenhaus.com
Website: http://ncbees.org
Comments: Swarm Collection, Consultation for cut-outs and trap-outs, More!
Steve Kamish
Casper, WY
Phone: 307-258-7347
Email: slkamish@gmail.com
Comments: Bee Removal, swarm capture, Cut-outs, Trap-outs. Every attempt to save all the bee’s will be taken.
Michael Jordan
Cheyenne, WY
Phone: 307-638-8440
Email: moj666wyo@aol.com
Comments: In Wyoming, Colorado, and Nebraska we do Bee and Swarm removal. We will remove bees and save the brood and Queen to install into a new hive. If we have to open up a roof, wall, or floor, we can replace it and rebuild it. We can remove from home, office, construction site, car, and yes even a tree. If it comes to BEE, feel free to ask. If we don’t know, we will find some one that does. Thanks for BEEing.
Jason Hebert
Cody, WY
Phone: 307-250-2791
Email: jthebert@bresnan.net
Website: https://www.facebook.com/Heartmnthoney/
Comments: Jason and Tasha at Heart Mountain Honeybees will safely remove honey bees and swarms to add to our apiary in exchange for a jar of honey produced by them in the fall. We have experience removing swarms from farm equipment, construction equipment, stucco, drywall, trees, and other structures. Will also remove wasp nests for a travel fee to keep your family and pets safe. We are a chemical free apiary doing our part to save the honeybees.
Ray Bergeman
Gillette, WY
Phone: 307-257-0037
Email: ray_berg@live.com
Comments: Swarm removal.
Gillette, WY
Phone: 307-689-0209
Email: shaunhottell@yahoo.com
Comments: I ethically remove and relocate bee swarms in the Gillette, Wyoming area.
Jeff Davis
Lander, WY
Phone: 307-330-6368
Email: m1afiend@hotmail.com
Comments: Free Swarm Removal and Relocation to Local Beekeepers. “We find good homes for wandering swarms.”
Buck Wells
Powell, WY
Phone: 307-899 4143
Email: zbikerwy@hotmail.com
Website: https://www.facebook.com/BuckarooHoney
Comments: We remove and relocate that swarm or existing colony for you in trade for a jar of the honey they produce :), we also make and sell a variety of honey and wax based goodies for all seasons.
Scott Reinert
Wheatland, WY
Phone: 307-331-2483 or 307-322-4764
Email: sbr46@hotmail.com
Comments: Honey bee hive/swarm removal and or relocation in the south eastern portion of Wyoming.


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